The Sunset end Cairo, the landscape of Cairene Egyptian Arabic

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There’s the Egyptian Arabic unit volume we learn in textbooks, and also then there’s how civilization speak. We’ve been focusing on how world speak, particularly in Egypt — and we uncover that this Egyptian Arabic paragraph are among those the are commonly used however that don’t often show up at the start of a textbook.

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It’s really funny to see just how different talked Egyptian Arabic can be from textbook Egyptian Arabic (or textbook contemporary Standard Arabic) — even though the entirety language is “slang”, according to a lot of people.

For example, in English, how often do friend hear human being greet girlfriend in person with “Hello”? no often. Most people say “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hi there” or some various other variant.

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That’s what we’re trying come show: colloquial Egyptian Arabic phrases world actually say that sound a lot an ext natural. These knife you points!

Our favourite way of discovering Egyptian Arabic is still… utilizing a book! It’s no the fanciest app, but the content is way much better and much easier to understand. We uncovered the self-teaching book from Routledge to it is in the best development to colloquial Egyptian Arabic.