If friend live in Thailand or have Thai friends, you might wonder exactly how to speak ‘Happy Birthday’ in Thai and also how Thais celebrate their birthday.

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Whether over there is a huge party, coco cake or many presents, what else execute Thai people do come celebrate a birthday?

This blog short article will teach you exactly how to say ‘happy birthday!’ and various date of birth wishes in Thai language. Besides, you will likewise learn the cultural part of just how a Thai date of birth party looks like.


How come say ‘Happy Birthday’ in Thai

You can actually say ‘Happy Birthday’ like in English yet it comes v a Thai accent, so that sounds choose แฮปปี้เบิร์ธเดย์ (hap-pi-berd-day).Well, that was not that fun. Friend should additionally learn exactly how to speak it in Thai: สุขสันต์ /suk-san/= Peace, delight วันเกิด /wan-gued/= Birthday

Birthday Wishes

The most typical wish is มีความสุขมากๆนะ /mii kwaam-suk maak-maak na/ which way ‘I great you happiness.’Oftentimes, we would use words ขอให้ /khoor-hai/ together ‘I great you’ and also followed by details wishes.
There are plenty of different methods to great Thais ‘Happy Birthday’. These wishes below are categorized follow to the ages and also the relationships in between you and them.Common wishes because that friends โชคดี /chook-dii/= good luck! กิจการรุ่งเรือง /gid-ja-gaan rung-rueng/= company goes well! ประสพความสำเร็จ /bpra-sob-kwaam-sam-red/= succeed ได้แฟนสวย /dai faen suay/= get a beautiful girlfriend (finally) ได้แฟนหล่อ /dai faen lor/= gain a handsome boyfriend (finally)Common wishes for kids เป็นเด็กดี /bpen dek-dii/= it is in a good kid เรียนหนังสือเก่งๆ /rian nang-sue geng-geang/= Be great at school!Common wishes because that elderly civilization สุขภาพแข็งแรง /suk-ka-paab kaeng-raeng/= be healthy! อายุมั่นขวัญยืน /aa-yu-man kwan-yuen/= Live long!

Thai Happy date of birth Song

How have the right to I be so straightforward to song the Thai Happy birthday song! since it’s actually in English. Again, that comes through the Thai accent. 

Watch the video below to see how the two tiny kids sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in the Thai way. Just how cute!

How Thai world celebrate a birthdayLike in the western world, we perform celebrate a birthday v a cake. We adopted the western societies to sing Happy date of birth Song, punch candles, obtain presents and throwing a party.
Some people likewise received a surprised birthday cake or cakes at work by colleagues, by household or by your partner. However, not everyone master a date of birth party every year.

Thai means to storage a birthday

As you recognize the majority of Thais room Buddhists. We typically go to a temple in the morning to make merit or ทำบุญ /tam-bun/ by donating money, food, irradiate bulbs, or anything the is helpful for the temple also as releasing fish and also birds (give freedom) in bespeak to start a brand-new age with great karma.
Besides, gratitude toward parents is just one of the best values in Thai culture. Us would say thanks to our parental to give life to us. So I normally took mine parents for a pretty dinner on my birthday. If ns cannot really invest my birthday through my family, I always call them and tell them how I’m thankful to be their daughter.

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Birthday is one of the most essential days because that Thai people to celebrate. We embraced the western means to celebrate a birthday with a happy date of birth song, cake, and also party. Not to mention, we even say ‘Happy Birthday’ in English as a usual thing. 

Nevertheless, there space many world who don’t really hold a party at the exact same time, still being thankful and show gratitude towards their parents. I think it is a beauty beauty of Thai worth that family comes first.

I expect you learned just how to wish your Thai girlfriend Happy date of birth in Thai language and know a little of the social part come celebrate a birthday in Thailand.