Have you ever before wondered what Germans execute in the afternoon? “Kaffee und Kuchen” (coffee and also cake) is a German legacy that bring away place throughout the “Nachmittag” (afternoon). Your visit come Germany isn’t complete until you have actually participated in this cherished routine which bring away place during the “Nachmittag”, the time in between 3pm and also 6pm.

In this post, we’ll show you 5 ways to say good afternoon in German and also leave you prepared for your next adventure. Read until the end if you want to find out how to say an excellent afternoon in German in different regions of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Good Afternoon in German in ~ a Glance



Guten sign

Good day

Guten Nachmittag

Good afternoon

Schönen Nachmittag

Nice afternoon

Angenehmen Nachmittag

Pleasant afternoon

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Nachmittag

I wish you a nice afternoon


The Most usual Ways of Saying good Afternoon in German


Guten Tag

You could recognize Guten sign , a standard German Greeting. It means “Good day” in English. If this greeting isn’t strictly provided for the afternoon, it’s the most common method to to speak hello in the afternoon.

This functional greeting have the right to be used throughout the morning and afternoon hrs until the evening (when you would certainly switch come “Guten Abend” – “good evening”).

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Guten Nachmittag

Guten Nachmittag , German for an excellent afternoon is the expression that is the the very least used ~ above its own. When you enter someone’s residence or an facility it’s much much more common come say “Guten Tag” (good day) instead of “Guten Nachmittag”, even if it’s between 3pm and 6pm. It is not unheard of though, inspect out the following instances to learn exactly how to usage “Guten Nachmittag”:


Guten Nachmittag alle zusammen! Hattest du einen guten Nachmittag?Guten Nachmittag, kann ich bitte Herrn Meier sprechen?


Good afternoon everybody! (as you enter a room and greet a team of people)Did you have a great afternoon? (to ask about someone’s day)Good afternoon, may I speak v Mr. Meier? (to greet who on the phone)

Schönen Nachmittag

Schönen Nachmittag ‘, which have the right to be translated to “nice afternoon” is an expression friend will commonly hear in German-speaking countries. That is most regularly used come say goodbye, either in human or top top the phone and also can be accompanied by the word “noch” creating the expression “Schönen Nachmittag noch” i m sorry roughly method “have a nice remainder of the afternoon”

Angenehmen Nachmittag

Angenehmen Nachmittag means “pleasant afternoon” in German and can be provided like “schönen Nachmittag”. The time period of “Nachmittag” is regularly related come “Feierabend” (the finish of the workday) because most Germans end up work at roughly 5pm.

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Nachmittag

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Nachmittag is the perfect method of saying “I great you a quite afternoon”. You have the right to use it to say goodbye to someone or wish them a nice remainder of the day. “Ihnen” suggests a formal partnership with the human you room addressing. Instead of it with“Dir” in situations of informal relationships v friends and family. You can also switch out “schönen” through “guten” or “angenehmen”.

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Good Afternoon in north Germany

The above-mentioned expressions room all used and understood in Germany. There are yet some differences, unique to every region.

Germans from the resources (Berlin) favor it simple, “ hallo ” to say hello and also “ tschau ” to say goodbye are commonly used expressions – no issue the time of job or night. Girlfriend will additionally hear “tach” (day as in good day) and “ Guude ” (also great day) in the phibìc of the country. Nothing be surprised if girlfriend hear “ Moin ” throughout the day – although it refers to the morning, the is supplied all day long in some regions.

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Good Afternoon in southerly Germany

In Bavaria it is typical to to speak “ Servus ” come greet a person, no matter what time of day. In Baden-Württemberg (to the left of Bavaria) locals like to say “ Gruess Gott ” (it literally means greet god, but can be interpreted to “good day”.

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Good Afternoon in Austria and Switzerland

Since the German regions Bavaria and also Baden-Württemberg room close to both Austria and also Switzerland, it no come as a surprise that greetings are comparable too. In Austria “ Gruess Goitt ” and “ Servus ” are commonly used in the afternoon and also throughout the day. In Switzerland locals opt for “ Salü ” and “ Grüzi ” i m sorry can also be provided to greet someone every day long.


If you have actually read this post until the end you have learned the German speakers don’t treatment much what time of day it is, greetings are versatile and also frequently used throughout the entirety day. When nobody expects you to say “Guten Nachmittag” in the afternoon, that is always fun to learn brand-new vocabulary. No that you’ve learned just how to say an excellent afternoon in German, feel complimentary to shot it out and let united state know exactly how it goes!