It’s time to start your own little Spanish fluency development story. If you’re interested in reading la palabra de Dios (the native of God), you deserve to combine theological studies and also language researches with the scriptures in Spanish.

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While Spanish-speaking countries are home to a range of religious practices, Christianity was and is a vital player. Mexico’s population is around 95 percent Christian, for example, while Spain’s believer account for about 79 percent of the population.

More to the point, Christianity is culturally common for Spanish speakers, which is observable in the language through usual expressions like Vaya con Dios (Go v God) and in heritages such as Las Posadas (“the inns,” a commemoration that Mary and also Joseph’s Christmas pilgrimage).

The research of religious beliefs is a great access allude for any culture you care to discover about, and reading the bible in Spanish is no exception. It’s one enriching and direct an approach of discovering just how millions that Spanish speakers prayer while boosting your language an abilities by reading a publication you may currently know.

We’ll provide you whatever you should start finding out Spanish through the Bible and also get friend on the course to fluency.

Just don’t suppose it to only take seven days.

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Palabra de Dios: how the scriptures Can aid You find out Spanish

Best Spanish Study approaches Using the Bible

You can absolutely pick up a Spanish copy the the Bible and also read that from finish to end, but there are much easier ways to carry out it without burning you yourself out, particularly if your goal is language learning. Below are a few language study approaches you can try with her Spanish Bible:

Do you have actually a favourite verse or prayer you have the right to say indigenous memory? have actually you ever before wondered exactly how it might sound in Spanish? Memorizing verses you currently know lets you choose your material, and also can be an ext interesting than memorizing yet an additional vocabulary list.If you want to shot something a small longer, look up a acquainted passage—maybe a story indigenous Sunday college or a analysis that stop some personal significance because that you. Choose a story you know well will come in handy as you conference unfamiliar words, due to the fact that you’ll have some familiarity and also context.If reading the holy bible in English is already part of her routine, friend can include a tiny Spanish to that by reading the same passage when in English and also again in Spanish, or angry versa. Or, you deserve to start in one language and finish in the other.Want to take it it a action further? try comparing English and Spanish translations. Consider how different or comparable the translations are and also ask you yourself why a passage might’ve been analyzed differently.

Reading proposal to get You Started

Whether you’re planning to read entirety chapters and also books in Spanish or just look up a pair of verses, choosing the right publication of the scriptures is vital part that the process. Part that are useful for language learners include:

Genesis: Yes, we established reading the scriptures from start-to-finish isn’t the ideal idea, however sometimes the start really have the right to be a very an excellent place come start. The book of Genesis is essentially a quick story collection that changes its cast as it moves v the generations native Adam to Israel, and also it has some pretty memorable offerings (and not simply the providing of Isaac together a human being sacrifice).

These kinds of quick stories make for an excellent reading practice—they’re a manageable difficulty that’ll host your attention.

Proverbs: With a poetic style and insightful verses created memorizing, the publication of Proverbs is a an excellent way to choose up some wisdom v your Spanish practice.

And if friend need additional wisdom, of course, there’s constantly the publication of Wisdom.

If you’re stuck deciding which Gospel you desire to try reading in Spanish, the Gospel of Mark—the shortest of the four—is a safe place to start.

Spanish holy bible Translations to select From

As surely as English speakers have the “King James Version,” the “New Revised conventional Version” and the “New American Bible,” the bible has been interpreted into Spanish many times with various intentions and also results.

Which translation you pick is greatly a issue of taste, but as a language learner, you’ll also have to take right into account whether the language is too an easy or too complex for your skill level. You might want to try out a couple of different version so friend can acquire a feel for them and also determine i m sorry one is best for you. As always, the best Bible is the one you actually read.

Below, we’ll cover three principle Spanish translations you can use for her studies. To provide you a sense of their unique tones and also styles, we’ll also carry out each version’s translation of the following passage:

“The mr is mine shepherd; ns shall not want. That maketh me to lie under in environment-friendly pastures: that leadeth me next to the tho waters.”

“La Biblia Reina-Valera” (“The Reina-Valera Bible”)

With popularity and also a pedigree that’s comparable to the “King James Version” in English, “La Biblia Reina-Valera” takes its name from the theologian who analyzed it in 1569 and also the guy who revised it in 1602.

The text has actually been re-edited transparent the years for language updates and also the like, yet it stays a trusted and also authoritative version.

“Jehova es mi pastor; nada me faltará. En lugares de delicados pastos me hará yacer: Junto á aguas de reposo me pastoreará.”

“La Biblia de ras Américas” (“The holy bible of the Americas”)

As with any type of couple-thousand-year-old spiritual text and its accompanying few-hundred-year-old translation into a provided language, one has to ask whether it can be feasible to come up with a translation that feels more modern while maintaining as much or an ext faithfulness to the initial texts.

Thus we have “La Biblia de ras Americas,” which was completed in 1986 and also is additionally widely recognized.

El Señor es mi pastor; nada me faltará. En lugares de verdes pastos me hace descansar; junto a aguas de reposo me conduce.

“Dios Habla Hoy” (“God speak Today”)

Similar come the “Good News Translation” and “The living Bible” in English, “Dios Habla Hoy” is thought about a paraphrased rather than literal translate in of the Bible.

While obtained from the same ancient texts together the literal versions, “Dios Habla Hoy” focuses not on an accurate meanings yet on clarity of blog post for that is readers.

El Señor es mi pastor; nada me falta. En verdes praderas me hace descansar, a ras aguas tranquilas me conduce.

What makes a valuable Edition?

In enhancement to the variety of translations you have to select from, there are miscellaneous editions the the same texts the end there with little differences that have the right to make a big impact because that language learners.

Many an excellent editions that the scriptures have extensive footnotes that clarify the definitions of passages and can be helpful for major study. This sort of clarity is doubly important when reading in your 2nd language.

If you choose that format of learning, give a shot in between Bible analysis sessions. provides real-world Spanish videos—like movie trailers, news clips, inspiring talks and also more—that come with interactive captions you deserve to click for an immediate translation and definition. It’s a great way to absorb really Spanish while proactively boosting her vocabulary (and, again, without having to above a thesaurus every couple of words).

There are also videos covering Christian topics, such as Spanish-language clips that Pope Francis and also a holy mass in Barcelona, Spain. takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them right into personalized language discovering lessons.

other sites usage scripted content. offers a natural approach that helps you ease right into the Spanish language and society over time. You’ll find out Spanish as it’s actually talked by genuine people. has actually a wide range of videos topics, as you can see here:

\"*\" brings indigenous videos in ~ reach with interactive transcripts. You have the right to tap on any kind of word to look it up instantly. Every meaning has instances that have actually been written to assist you understand just how the native is used.

Plus, if you watch an exciting word you nothing know, you can add it come a vocab list.


evaluation a complete interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and phrases provided under Vocab.


discover all the vocabulary in any video clip with’s robust learning engine. Swipe left or ideal to see more examples of words you’re on.


The best part is that keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and also gives friend extra practice with complicated words. It\"ll even remind you once it’s time to review what did you do it learned. Every learner has actually a truly personalized experience, also if they’re examining with the very same video.

begin using top top the website v your computer or tablet computer or, better yet, download the iOS or Android app.

The holy bible can be a an overwhelming study device in any kind of language, not just because of its length but also because that its complexity—the sort of complexity that’s been causing conflict for millennia.

As with examining the good book in your aboriginal language, utilizing the holy bible to discover Spanish needs a bit of strategy and some genuine dedication, however if you store at it, you’ll uncover that the palabra de Dios is more accessible than you might’ve guessed.

Download: This blog write-up is accessible as a convenient and portable PDF the youcan take it anywhere. Click right here to gain a copy. (Download)

If you liked this post, something tells me that you\"ll love, the best means to learn Spanish through real-world videos.

suffer Spanish immersion online!

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