“Hey” is a really popular blog post sent by message or date apps, such together Tinder or Bumble. If someone states “hey,” what is a good way come reply? just how to respond come “hey”?

The simplest means to respond come “hey” is to say “hey” back. If you desire to accomplish or day the person, you could say something much more such as “How are you?”

Before responding to a “Hey” message, you have to consider the sender the the text and the condition of your relationship. If you nothing send the ideal response, you could be offering the other person a wrong signal.

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Read on come learn an ext about just how to respond come hey, including 33 different examples of what to respond with.

How to Respond come Hey

The simplest method to respond come “hey” is come say “hey” back. If you want to fulfill or day the person, you could say something more such as “How are you?” or “What’s up.

First of all, “Hey” is not the best means to begin a conversation by text article or on a dating application such together Tinder or Bumble. However then, it relies on who sent out you that text. If that is her crush, then suitable or not, friend are simply happy to get it. Yet if it was sent by who you right know, climate that could be a rude way to start a conversation.

So, your relationship with the sender that the message will largely identify the tone of her response.

Whichever form of connection you have with the message sender, below are 7 different ways come respond come “Hey.”

1. Respond with “Hey”

How come respond to hey on Bumble? exactly how to respond to hey top top Tinder “Hey” is just one of the most usual messages on date apps or as soon as texting. Responding with an additional “Hey” will put the ball on his or she court. Someone who texts “Hey” top top Bumble or Tinder is in reality putting push on girlfriend to begin the conversation.

If the is her crush, then you would certainly be happy come respond through a “Hi, those up?” However, if that is someone the you’re not interested in emerging a relationship with, simply text “Hey” right ago and then see what will happen.

2. “Hi, how’s her day going?”

This would certainly be the right response if her crush sent the text. Obtaining a text from your crush must naturally do you happy. So, you would desire to prolong the conversation as much as possible.

Since you really don’t know why that or she texted you the way, you can then fish because that the reason. You deserve to even include a trusted emoji reflecting that you are open up to a conversation.

3. Carry out a clickbait

A clickbait is a kind of reply the creates one itch that the reader need to scratch. It is a three- or four-word an answer designed to gain him or she to crave an answer. Right here are 2 examples:

“Hey (name), carry out you understand what makes civilization attracted to you?”“Hey (name), carry out you understand what provides you interesting?”

4. “How long have actually you to be biking?” (or some various other sports activity)

If it’s a friend, it is in the one to start the conversation. Asking them, “How long have you been biking? ns love law that, too.” when they answer, it will certainly be simple to acquire the sphere rolling.

5. Witty, sarcastic response

If you room feeling witty, you might respond v a witty, sarcastic an answer such as “Wow! that’s the most motivating thing anyone has said come me this day.”

The trick below is come encourage the girl or man to respond back with a an ext meaningful message next time. Usage caution v this response because if you are too witty or sarcastic, it could scare the other person away.

6. “Hey, what’s up?” or “Hey, how are you?”

If friend respond through “Hey, those up?” or “Hey, just how are you?” you can encourage the other person to be more articulate around what they want to say.

It increases the likelihood the their following answer will be longer than just the “Hey” they sent earlier. This an answer is a little of a cliché, yet at the very least you will be able to get the conversation rolling.

7. Ask a fun question

If you don’t want a boring response, questioning a fun concern that the message sender will not expect. Here are part examples:

“What is one point that you would certainly change about yourself if you had actually the power to perform so?”“If you desire to look your best, what clothing would friend wear?”“What is the ideal thing about you that you would prefer your friend to understand about?”“What advice would you give your younger self?” (or “What date advice would certainly you offer your younger self?”)“Do you have actually any huge goals?”“What’s the first thing the you notice in a person?”

So just how to respond to hey text from a guy? Or just how to respond to hey text native a girl? select from the above examples based on the human being messaging you and how you feel about them.

Next, let’s look especially at how to answer if you want the conversation to continue.

How come Respond to Hey If You desire the Conversation to Continue

How come respond come a message that claims hey if you desire the conversation come continue? If it is your crush or a close friend who has actually sent friend a “Hey” text, naturally, girlfriend would desire to proceed the conversation. However, you are not yes, really sure exactly how to respond.

Below space 14 means to respond come “Hey” if you choose the person and want to proceed the conversation v them.

1. “Hi”

“Hi” is a little more friendly and also intimate than “hey.”

2. “I to be just around to text you!”

Send this answer if you space really reasoning of texting your friend. Possibly you have actually not talked with each various other for a while. Girlfriend can likewise add, “What a coincidence!”

3. “Hello”

If you want to sound much more formal, you can reply v “Hello.” it is ideal for someone you really don’t recognize well, for example, a co-worker or boss. By saying “hello,” it is a cue for them to say what they want.

4. “What a pleasant surprise!”

This is your solution if you get a text from a friend you i can not use heard native in a long time. The sender will be happy to know that you room glad to hear from him or her.

5. “Howdy”

If you recognize that the friend who texted friend is a funny person, you deserve to respond v a “Howdy.” gift funny, your friend will check out the humor behind your reply.

6. “What’s popping?”

This reply is an alternate means of asking, “What space you doing?” or “What’s up?” it is one appropriate solution to a human whom girlfriend know really well.

7. “How room you?”

Get right into asking around them rather of responding with an additional “hey” or “hello.” This response opens the door for a lengthy conversation.

8. “Hey, what’s up?”

This response is another method of gaining other world to open up up and also give their reason for text massage you.

9. “How’s your night going?”

This an answer is details about the time, but you can readjust it come fit the time when you received the text. It is a an excellent response to a friend.

10. “Good morning. I’m glad girlfriend texted me. How’s every little thing going?”

Again, this is a time-specific solution that you can modify to suit the time you obtained the text. It is the an answer you need to make if you are really interested in talk to the various other person.

11. “Hey, how’s your day going?”

This solution shows the other human that you are really interested in what they room doing for the day. It plainly shows the other human being that you are willing to listen to everything it is that they desire to say.

12. “Hey, what room you doing?”

This an answer is a variation of the above response. It shows that you room interested in what the sender is doing for today.

13. “What took you therefore long?” ns really to let go you!”

This is the right solution to a really close girlfriend you have actually not really checked out or heard in a while. It shows how happy you are hearing from him or her again.

14. “Hi Their Name, how is that going?”

This one is an additional perfect an answer to a an extremely close friend. If you use their name, you will certainly really personalize her message. It mirrors the person that you space really happy that they made an effort to with out.


How to Respond to Hey If You want the Conversation to End

If the message came indigenous a person who you really don’t recognize or simply a level acquaintance, and also you don’t desire the conversation come continue, below are some responses the you deserve to use.

Below room 12 methods to respond come “Hey” if friend don’t want to chat with the person.

1. Nothing respond

Ignore the message, and the other human being will gain the hint.

2. “Leave me alone”

If the various other person fails to take the hint, send the other person this text. That will plainly and absolutely show that or her that you don’t want to it is in bothered.

3. Answer later

Don’t reply appropriate away. Message the other human after several hours or even one job after you receive the message message. A late answer will offer them a hint the you’re not interested in communicating.

4. “Out with friends, will message you soon.”

You deserve to make this pardon if friend don’t desire to connect with the other human being but likewise don’t want to hurt their feelings.

5. “I don’t feel favor talking appropriate now.”

If you have actually a an individual problem at the moment you obtained the “hey” text, give this response. It’ll yes, really be challenging for girlfriend to lug a conversation if her mind is deep bothered through a problem that the human being knows nothing about.

6. “Hey, i’m busy, let’s conversation later.”

This solution is a clean indication come the other person that their timing is not appropriate. The sender will acquire the hint and will not try to obtain you to talk.

7. “At work, message you in a few.”

This answer is a sports of the above response. If you are at work, that is inappropriate to message someone who is not related to your job. The other human would not want you to acquire in problem at your ar of work.

8. “Can’t talk now.”

“Can’t talk now” is a short and straightforward response that cannot be misinterpreted by the other person.

9. “What do you want?”

This response is really straight to the point. Actually, that a little rude to respond through this question–unless that or she is yes, really unfriendly. Send this just to those who you yes, really don’t want to communicate with.

10. “It’s nice late.”

If you think the it is yes, really inappropriate because that the other human being to text you late at night, this is a good response come send to them.

11. “I’m supervisor tired, going to bed.”

If you space going to bed, that way you room sleepy and should not continue the conversation till the next day.

12. Block the various other person

If this person just can’t take it a hint and keeps bothering you, take the last resort: block that person.

Conclusion – exactly how to Respond to Hey

The simplest method to respond to “hey” is come say “hey” back. If you want to accomplish or day the person, you might say something much more such together “How are you?”

Your an answer will count on the human being who texted you. If you like the girl or guy, girlfriend will want to continue the conversation.

How to respond to hey text native a guy? exactly how to respond come hey from a girl? her reply should be, “What’s up?” or “How are you?” If the or she is someone who is not willing to take it much effort to talk with you, just kind “Hey” ideal back. In effect, you space tossing the ball in the various other person’s court.

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Use the example responses above to know exactly how to respond if you desire the conversation to proceed or not.