4 Easy measures on just how to Reset the maintenance oil reminder on Honda public 2006-2011

About this model: 

The eighth generation was released in September 2005, for the 2006 design year. For the eighth generation, Honda separation the model right into two different platforms, one because that sedan and coupe, and one because that a hatchback designed mostly for the European market using a much easier rear suspension native the Honda fit and more aggressive styling. As of 2006, a full of 16.5 million Civics had actually been marketed worldwide, v 7.3 million of castle in the joined States. Although the phibìc American and also the house market version differ externally, they are mechanically identical. The hatchback is easily accessible as a three and five-door. Both Si and type R trim levels ongoing although the Japanese and also European form R, while share the very same engine size, are mechanically different.

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In the US, one improved, sportier variation of the public Si 4-door tuned by tuner Mugen was offered, featuring cosmetic alterations and changes come the suspension, wheels, slight exterior differences, and also exhaust system. A Canadian only Acura design received a new nameplate, changing from the Acura EL to the Acura CSX. The end of this version generation also significant a hiatus the the Civic kind R in Japan, through no follower model till the later tenth generation, going on sale mid-2017.

Resetting the Engine Oil Life Display.

Your dealer will reset the display after perfect the required maintenance service. You will see‘‘OIL LIFE 100%’’ top top the information display screen the following time you turn the ignition switch to the ON (II)position.

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If maintenance company is done by someone various other than her dealer,reset the maintenance minder as follows:

Turn the ignition switch to the ON(II) position.
Press the SEL/RESET button consistently until the engine oil life indicator is displayed.
Press the SEL/RESET switch for about 10 seconds. The engine oil life and the maintenance article code(s) will certainly blink.
Press the SEL/RESET button for more than 5 seconds. The maintenance item code(s) will certainly disappear, and the engine oil life will reset come ‘‘100.’

Important maintain Precautions

If you have the required business done however do no reset the display, or reset the display screen without law the service, the system will not display the proper maintenance intervals. This deserve to lead to serious mechanical problems because you will certainly no much longer have an accurate record of once maintenance is needed.

Your authorized Honda dealer to know your car best and can administer competent, reliable service.

However, organization at a dealer is not mandatory to save your warranties in effect. Maintenance might be done by any type of qualified business facility or human who is experienced in this kind of automotive service. Make sure to have actually the business facility or human being reset the screen as formerly described. Save all receipts as proof that completion, and also have the human being who does the occupational fill out the maintenance record. Inspect your guarantee booklet for much more information.

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We recommend using Honda parts and fluids whenever you have actually maintenance done. These are manufactured to the very same high top quality standards together the initial components, therefore you have the right to be i was sure of their performance and also durability.

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