Fossil watches room a huge worldwide watch brand and component of the Fossil team which additionally owns clock brands choose Relic, Skagen, Misfit and Zodiac.

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If you own a fossil watch and looking because that a battery replacement, this is the perfect guide for you.

Most Fossil watches, if not complete smart watches, will use a standard battery which can be replaced, keep reading to discover out more.

Battery Replacement for Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches

If you very own a Fossil hybrid watch, the battery you have to purchase is a cr2430. This batteries are very common and also easy to buy in offline and also online stores prefer amazon.

The CR2430 battery is a 3v lithium battery, view the shape below. This instance is made by Renata, however you can additionally get the produced by Duracell, Energizer and most other huge battery manufacturers.


There is one exemption to the over rule, the fossil hybrid fb-01 needs a CR2025 battery.

Some that the Fossil hybrid watches execute not require replacement batteries, the batteries are chargeable prefer in cabinet phones. If you see the product web page of her watch (find the SKU number) ~ above the Fossil website, friend will be able to see the battery form in the dropdown menu. If the battery number starts with ‘SP’, it will certainly be rechargeable. Check out some renowned models below and the batteries required:

Popular Fossil Hybrid Watches and batteries that need replacements

Sku: FTW1166 – CR2430 BatterySku: FTW1165 – CR2430 BatterySku: FTW1180 – CR2430 BatterySku: FTW1194 – CR2430 Battery

Model instances with battery charging capabilities:

Sku: FTW7007 – SP380922SE BatterySku: FTW7009 – SP380922SE BatterySku: FTW7022 – SP390919 BatterySku: FTW7019 – SP390919 Battery

Other models model Chart

Note: all the mechanically watches do not need batteries, they automatically wind themselves. The mechanically watch range includes the Townsman Automatics, FB-01 automatics, Grant and Neutra.

Here’s few of the Fossil clock movements and the battery required:

Quartz Chronographs – SR621SW battery

Quartz Thee hand movements -SR626SW battery

Multifunction  – SR927SW Battery

How lot does it cost to change a Fossil watch Battery?

These small button batteries are very inexpensive, many of these have the right to be to buy on Amazon for under $5.

Obviously if you take it it come a shop they fee you at the very least $25 because that this service.

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How to adjust your Fossil watch Battery

Here’s a handy guide how to adjust your Fossil watch battery when you have actually bought your replacement.

Place your watch confront down on a towel to protect against the face scratchingIf the watch has a slot top top the earlier insert a coin and rotate anti clockwise (left)If the the clock does not have actually a insert, push down through your thumb and also twistVery very closely remove the old battery with a small screw driverReplace through your brand-new battery