Known because that its solid bonding and quick dry properties, superglue is regularly the adhesive of selection when patching damaged items. Unfortunately, superglue doesn"t discriminate among surfaces and also will adhere to almost any material, including surfaces that inadvertently come in to contact with the substance. If while piecing together a busted article a couple of drops of the glue fall onto your wood table, use acetone to remove the dried spots. Sanding the area is an additional option, yet be conscious that both methods have the potential to damages the wood"s finish.

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Moisten a cotton swab with acetone.

Apply the acetone straight to the dried glue. Always work native the external edges toward the center of the dried adhesive to minimize damaging the surface external the affected area.

Blot the area instantly with a towel until the softened adhesive no much longer transfers to the cloth.

Repeat applying acetone and also blotting with the towel until all the adhesive is removed.


Protect areas about the dried glue through strips the masking tape.

Sand the glue gently in a circular activity with the 600-grit sandpaper until the surface is level.

Sand far the staying glue with the 1,200-grit sandpaper, working gently and in a circular motion.

points You Will require


Cotton swabs

Soft cloths

Masking tape

600-grit sandpaper

1,200-grit sandpaper


Use a tiny paintbrush to use the acetone if you prefer.

Wear gloves once working v the acetone to minimize dry out your skin.

Check hardware and also home-improvement stores because that superglue remove products.

If you reach because that a party of nail-polish remover, inspect the ingredients to view if the product includes acetone. Details nail-polish removers space acetone-free.

If your wooden surface had actually a glossy finish, eliminate sandpaper scratches through rubbing compound, adhered to up through an application of furniture polish.

If the surface had a satin or dull finish, apply paste wax to the sanded area and rub it right into the timber in the direction that the grain through super fine stole wool.

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Wear a mask when using acetone to prevent breathing in fumes.



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