There is constantly fresh music each day, and also you need lots of an are to store all your favorite songs. Alas! iPod does not come v a storage slot so the you can add songs there is no deleting the old ones. Girlfriend will need to remove song in order come add new ones native time come time.

Part 1: Delete song from iPod via dr.fone

dr.fone provides you the ability to copy music from your iPod come the computer system or desktop computer without the require for the iTunes. Dr.fone provides you the chance to carry all her songs indigenous iPod to iTunes library or computer in a single click. You do not want to bother around the duplicate produced in the library that iTunes. The software application will to compare the song automatically and filter the end the already present songs. This way, you will not only save time but likewise gain the capability to deliver music without any type of hassle. Furthermore, the application enables you come delete every the unwanted songs from her iPod Nano/touch/classic easily. Thanks to the excellent attributes that the software program requires, which provides it straightforward for you come select and also delete song conveniently.

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The essential features of the software program are:

It supports multiple paper formats, making it simple for girlfriend to carry music, photos, playlists, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, et cetera from your iPod.You carry out not call for iTunes in order to move photos, music, and also videos to your iPod. Dr.fone breaks the obstacle of the apple warning, “data will be erased” on share music, allowing you come copy or delete songs from her iPod there is no synchronizing with iTunes.The software likewise gives you the capacity to produce backup and manage records are your iPod.The software permits you come copy media files between different Apple devices without the usage of iTunes. Every you chandelier to carry out is affix the two tools to the computer, export her media files, and also send them come the other device.It supports iPod Nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod touch 5, and also iPod touch 4.
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Step-by-step overview to delete songs from iPod making use of dr.fone

dr.fone is one of the leading iTunes companion, which makes it basic for friend to control your music life. One of the ideal characteristics of the software program is its capacity to delete songs directly from your iPod. You can choose either a single song or a collection of songs! The selection is yours.


Step 1. Download the latest version of dr.fone software program for your desktop (Windows pc or Mac) and install it. After completing the installation, connect your iPod to the computer via the listed USB cable.

Free Download totally free Download

Step 2. In the height menu, click the "Music" madness to watch all the songs current on her iPod. Friend can pick a track individually or collections by an entire album, artist, year or genre, and also click “Delete”. If girlfriend would prefer to remove the song by an artist, click on "Artist" to screen all the songs. The software program will type out every the music collection in alphabetical order. Friend can choose all the song by one artist and also click the "Delete" button. The exact same procedure is valid for removing songs by album, year, or genre. In other words, deleting song from your iPod with the aid of dr.fone is the simplest means and obtain storage space.

Part 2: Delete song from iPod via iTunes Sync

It is also feasible for friend to remove songs from your iPod utilizing iTunes. You have the right to remove the song from iPod but keeping lock in the iTunes library Apple go not give the direct duty to delete music straight from the iPod. It is vital that you have iTunes set up on the computer and follow the listed below steps:


Step 1. use the USB cable to affix the iPod come the computer.Make sure your iPod associated to your computer system successfully.

Step 2. click the maker symbol of your iPod. Click summary. Check “Manually regulate music” in the alternatives column.

Step 3. click “music” under on my an equipment column. Right click the songs that you great to delete native the best window. Click “Delete” to erase the songs from your iPod nano/touch/classic.

Part 3: Delete songs Manually from iPod touch

Unlike the predecessor, the iPod touch tools give girlfriend the use of remove songs directly without the need of iTunes. The is feasible to delete individual song one by one indigenous the music app or construct a collection of songs from the settings app on the iPod touch.


*Deleting songs on iPod touch running iOS 8.3 and also before:

Step 1: open the “music” app and also pick “my music”.Step 2: select the songs that you wish to delete native the list.Step 3: discover the song that you want to remove.Step 4: Slight in the direction of the right until you watch the delete button. Step 5: insanity the red fancy "Delete" button to eliminate the song.

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*Deleting song on iPod to run on iOS 8.4 and also later:

Step 1: open the to apologize music appStep 2: pick “My Music” native the bottomStep 3: choose the tune that you wish to deleteStep 4: insanity the tune that you want to remove Step 5: Click “…” next to the name of the song Step 6: Click “Delete” and also confirmed the you want to delete the track from your iPod

Now that you construed the prominence of the deleting songs from her iPod, the is time for you to pick an appropriate an approach or the usage of dr.fone to manage your music life, delete songs, and also transfer song from computer to her iPod, carry media files between two iPods without using iTunes.