I recently finished several doors in ours house, using 2 coats of stain - one every of a various stain - and also polyurethane come finish. Because that one door, ns forgot to put on the second coat of stain by accident before finishing.

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Is it feasible to eliminate the poly, without removing the stain so I can "simply" add the missed 2nd coat and also then re-finish?

This is a bag door the doesn"t appear to have actually a straightforward method to remove it there is no busting it the end of the wall. Bonus points if the method can be excellent while the door continues to be in place.

I have no reservations around chemicals, establish some affect may befall the stain, and also understand this isn"t walking to it is in a pleasant suffer no matter the method.



Mix equal parts of lacquer thinner and denatured alcohol and also stir well. Use the mix with a paint brush and also in little sections because you can"t leave it top top long and it has to be gotten rid of fast. After around 10 to 15 seconds remove automatically with #0000 stole wool. To wash off through a lumber cleaner, rinse and pat dry.


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