Many civilization have trouble in figuring out just how to remove drawers from their filing cabinets. The main reason to remove the document drawers is to relocate the cabinet to a new location, together drawers lug a lot of weight.

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Drawer removal is an important process come repair, repaint, and renovate a filing cabinet. Conventionally, the many common way to eliminate a drawer from a submit cabinet is to absent it. It entails pulling the drawer all the way out, and also then pulling the again so the its wheels come out of the rails. Similarly, the rear wheels the the drawers will come out as you apply an ext pressure. However, this method can only work with steel filing cabinets that have particular drawers with wheels. Together a reason, it can’t be supplied on drawers with ball bearings.

In addition, there space some filing cabinets with a rocker lever current at the bottom or ago of the drawers. You have the right to push the lever to detach the drawer from the key body that the submit cabinet. It is important to know that rocker levers might be existing at the bottom, ago or side of the drawer rails differing as per the style of the cabinet. Plenty of steel filing cabinets have a certain release latch current inside the drawers. Intrinsically, the is existing on the next panels of every drawer and by pulling it, the whole drawer can be easily removed.

Different methods of Removal

There are several species of submit cabinets the require details techniques through which a drawer deserve to be removed. The distinction lies in the structure of the cabinets and also how the drawers are attached come the main body that the submit cabinet. Some of the important methods used to exactly how to eliminate drawers are:

1. Friction Disconnect

This technique is the simplest technique by i beg your pardon you deserve to remove a drawer from the submit cabinet. It just requires you to pull out the drawer far enough so that the slides gain disconnected on your own. There have the right to be part resistance in the direction of the end, however, it is as result of the ball retainers the safeguard the drawer from falling under on that own. This mechanism is usually set up on the drawers with fill ratings less than 50 lbs.

2. Bar Disconnect

The bar disconnect an approach is among the most durable techniques. Removing document cabinet drawers with a lever disconnect mechanism requires the up and down motion on the spring-loaded lever, current on the inside member that the slide to disconnect. Generally, together mechanisms room fitted with lock-out and stop-out features that are provided in pull-out trays in plenty of workstations.

3. Push Latch Disconnect

It is a simple an approach in which girlfriend will have to push a solitary button the is responsible because that triggering the latch. When the latch is triggered, the within member the the on slide is disconnected from the outer member. Thus, remove the drawer successfully.

4. Rail Disconnect

This technique includes attaching and detaching all the on slide members that comprise for a simple drawer removal. Such drawers are available with or there is no the latch. The rail disconnect slides are typically found in sleeve furniture and also filing cabinet with display cases.

The Process

In this section, we have discussed the process of drawer removal from the main filing cabinet in detail. The ar covers 5 different varieties of drawer solution in detail: Side-Mount submit Cabinet, Lateral document Cabinet, Self-closing Drawers, hardwood Glides, and also Drawers through Stabilizer Screws. All 5 of this drawer systems require the use of various techniques to eliminate the drawers native the document cabinet.


1. Because that Side-Mount submit Cabinets

Many contemporary filing cabinets utilize side-mount runners equipment with safety and security locks that avoid the drawer from falling the end from the cabinet as soon as pulled outwards. The key purpose of such a style is to allow the drawer to come out completely to permit easy storage of files and documents. Technically, side-mount runners provide much more durability and also strength come the structure of the cabinet to hold an ext weight as contrasted to the bottom-mount runners. However, you perform not require any particular tools to remove them from your filing cabinet together they can be easily removed by your fingers, only. Although, if the drawers are heavily loaded, climate you can ask the assist of an assistant.

The process involves pulling the drawer out till it stops, climate placing both your hands on the opposite political parties of the drawer. Friend will have to locate a little horizontal bar on both the sides of the drawer where the two runners room connected. The bar will have two various oval shaped tabs, friend will need to push them down. When holding the tabs through your fingers, you will have to pull the drawer in the direction of your body. As quickly as you traction the drawer towards yourself, you will certainly hear a small sound of clicking together the runners on the drawer disengage us from the runners top top the filing cabinet.

As soon as you pull the end the drawer, make sure to organize it firmly through both hands. As soon as removed, girlfriend can conveniently reinstall that by advertise the tab on the back. Countless times, the drawer have the right to tip sideways, which method that that is lock has not correctly disengaged. In together a scenario, girlfriend will need to push the tab to relax it and also easily eliminate the drawer. Generally, the side-mount runners have particular oval-shaped tabs that can be situated easily.

2. For Lateral record Cabinets

Lateral file cabinets play crucial role in every office or workplace. The is practically to use lateral file cabinets as contrasted to any kind of other submit cabinet as they offer a huge storage equipment in a small space. You have the right to save hundreds of documents in a single lateral filing cabinet. In addition, they have a solid build quality that permits them to keep heavy records for a long duration of time. However, due to their huge size and weight, they are nearly impossible to it is in moved around without emptying them. Hence, it is essential to understand exactly how drawers can be gotten rid of from such heavy filing cabinets.

In the an initial step, friend will have to empty every the drawers by acquisition out every the stored documents, files and also items, carefully. Besides that, the is likewise important to eliminate the hang rail bars and handles as well.

Then, you have actually to closely extend the optimal drawer completely and look because that a block and rope assembly. ~ locating the block, girlfriend will have to use a driver to eliminate the 2 screws current inside the drawer. ~ removing the screws, the rope attached to the block will also be separated. Generally, the rope is a part of the filing cabinet’s anti-tip device that avoids it from falling over.

After removed the anti-tip mechanism of the cabinet, you can easily remove any kind of desired drawer from the cabinet. To do this, you will have to pull out a particular drawer completely, and also then locate two plastic tabs that are present on both the sides. You will need to press both the tabs while lifting the drawer in the increase direction. This movement will effectively remove the drawer from its on slide assembly, and then you have the right to pull out the drawer to remove it.

In plenty of filing cabinets, there room no plastic tabs located on the drawers. Hence, for such cabinets, you need to proceed through a different methodology. Girlfriend will have to place one of your hands on the outer component of the drawer and push it while lifting the bottom of the drawer with the 2nd hand. Friend will need to proceed this inward and upward activity to release the drawer from the slide mechanism. Moreover, you can likewise use a flat-head driver in the on slide to relax the drawer. However, the is important to proceed with precaution as the process of removing the drawers can cause the room to tip-over. That is why it is far-reaching to understand that one need to only take care of one drawer at a time to stop an accident.

3. For Self-Closing Drawers

Many high-end filing cabinets are fitted through self-closing drawer guides. In comparison to roller-rail based systems, the self-closing drawer travel guide safeguard the drawers from being slammed shut. In addition, such systems additionally close the drawer in ~ the last couple of inches the travel, also if the is no pushed hard enough.

To remove such a record cabinet drawer, you need to open the drawer until its travel guide are totally extended. Further, you will have to locate a locking bar or clip at the drawer guides. Friend will need to push the bar in up or under direction, and then traction the drawer out. Finally, you will have to fully remove the drawer out of the rails through tilting it downwards indigenous the back.

4. For hardwood Glides

Wooden drawer slides space only found in the old furniture. The common feature of such drawers is that they don’t open up as smoothly as their modern-day counterparts. To remove such a drawer, you have to start native the top and move in the direction of the bottom. This methodology additionally safeguards native the top-heavy furniture to topple over, as the basic of the cabinet deserve to be heavy without an issue.

In the next step, you need to pull the end the optimal drawer as difficult as you can. Girlfriend don’t need to worry about the drawer falling end you, together the wooden drawers have actually a herbal stopping point. By making use of both her hands and also some force, you will have to tug the drawer in an outside direction towards your body.

If your wooden filing cabinet has only a single main wooden track, climate it will require a bit of extra initiative from your side to eliminate a drawer. However, if the cabinet provides wooden glides, climate your project of removing the drawer will be a little bit easier.

5. Drawers with Stabilizer Screws

In many modern-day cabinets, the drawers space fitted with stabilizer screws. These screws must be manually removed prior to trying to eliminate a details drawer. Initially, you will have to start from the height of the room to avoid it from toppling over.

In the following step, friend will have to grab a certain drawer by both hands, so that you space able come touch both the political parties of the drawer. Further, friend will have to slide the drawer in the outside direction as much as you have the right to or if the drawer has actually hit a protecting against point.

In the subsequent step, friend will need to locate the stabilizer screws fitted inside the human body of the drawer. Generally, there are two screws which you need to remove v an suitable screwdriver. After removing the screws, friend will have to locate the capture tabs which will be present on both the sides of the drawer.

You will need to release the catch tabs through pulling lock in the increase direction. After that, friend will be able to pull the drawer out of the cabinet.


The article educates the reader around the different pre-requisites and also considerations that the drawer removal process. Intrinsically, there room different varieties of filing cabinets that room fitted through drawers working on various principles. For instance, part drawers deserve to be just removed through pulling out the entire drawer, while many drawers need a fixed collection of activity to disengage the slides. Hence, the is crucial to know each type so the they have the right to be gotten rid of with ease.

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The article additionally details the precautions the are necessary to safeguard you yourself from any kind of accident or hazard throughout the drawer removal process. For example, it is very important to empty the entire drawer prior to initiating the remove process. It should be excellent in order to prevent any accident in case the filing cabinet tilts or topples over. Similarly, the removal process should be started from height to bottom to prevent the filing cabinet indigenous falling or toppling over.Check out our finest office accessories to make your ownproductive workspace right away.