Wearing long socks throughout a soccer video game is an important part of a player’s equipment. Yet if you’re new to the sport, you might not it is in confident around how precisely you’re supposed to wear these socks. In this article, I’ll offer you everything you should know.

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To wear socks in soccer, a player need to pull the socks up high sufficient to cover their shin guards. Putting tape approximately the optimal of the socks will help stop the socks indigenous falling down.

In this article, I desire to give you the confidence come know how to wear her socks throughout a soccer game. I’ll comment on how the socks work with shin guards, even if it is you wear your socks above or listed below the knee, and I’ll additionally give you part tips on how to keep socks up if they keep falling down.

Let’s get started.

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How to put on football Socks – action by Step

Over the years, I’ve played in more soccer games than I can remember. I have put on lengthy socks in every among those games before running the end on the ar to play.

Over this time, I’ve learned a few things about wearing long socks the I want to share through you.

First, let’s covering the essentials of exactly how to wear socks in soccer. Although there is little difference to putting on any type of other kind of sock, that is precious going over the basics to make sure you know the finest technique.

To placed on football socks, an initial place both her thumbs in the optimal of the sock and gather up the political parties of the sock until you acquire to the toe that the sock. Then ar your toes right into the sock and also pull the amount say up your leg until it is stretched yet comfortable.

Player placing on football socks

There is nothing too complex about wearing football socks, and also when you have done the a few times, it will easily feel natural.

What is more important, however, is how you wear football socks v shin guards.

How come Wear football Socks and also Shin Guards

Soccer socks and also shin safety go with each other at every times. Girlfriend can’t simply wear socks come play soccer, and you can’t simply wear shin guards. You require both.

So here’s how you wear them both together.

To wear football socks and shin guards, first secure your shin guard come your lower leg, next put on her sock, making certain it totally covers her shin guard. Lastly, ensure that your sock and shin security is fixed and comfortable.

There room three step to wear soccer socks and shin guards.

Securing your shin guard in placePutting your sock on correctlyFixing her sock and shin guard in place

Each of this stages has actually several various aspects, therefore let’s watch at every of castle quickly.

Securing the Shin security in Place

How friend secure her shin security will rely on what shin safety you plan on wearing.

There are several different shin guards out there the you can wear. Youth players typically wear shin guards v ankle support and also protection. In contrast, adults normally wear shin safety that just cover the player’s shin.

If you room using shin guards v ankle protection, you will should put her foot with the elastic fishing eye loop first.

Then make certain it is sit comfortably about your ankle before securing the difficult plate that the shin guard approximately your reduced leg through the protective component at the front of your leg.

If you space using slip-on shin guards, climate you will require to place the shin guards in place on the prior of her leg and also use any kind of straps attached come them come secure lock to her leg.

Putting Your sock On

Once you’ve resolved your shin safety in place, the following step is to put on your socks.

In soccer, your socks always go over your shin guards.

This is the many important part of put on socks in soccer.

Soccer socks end shin guards

To put the socks on, the simplest thing is to roll them down so you have the right to put your toes right right into the “toe part” of the sock. Climate pull the sock all the way up to your knee.

You can then role the top of the amount say over or cover her knee, relying on your personal preference, but I’ll talk about that more in the following section.

Fixing your Socks and Shin Guards

When her shin guards and socks are on, it’s necessary to make certain that they will not autumn down when you run out onto the field.

There are several means to do this, however the an initial thing you desire to do before fixing castle in ar is to make certain they space comfortable.

To settle them in place, you have the right to use tape, bandages, or also rubber bands. I’ll talk about this more below.

Do football Socks Go over the Knees?

For a football game, the socks must constantly cover the shin guards. I have already talked about this previously in my recent article –Why football players wear lengthy socks.

But girlfriend may have noticed that some players wear soccer socks in a different method to other players. Castle stretch their socks so that they covering the knee.

But countless other players don’t execute this, therefore you might understandably be a tiny confused about what is the ideal option here.

So, perform soccer socks go over the knees?

Soccer socks can go over a player’s knees. The socks soccer players wear room usually quite long and can be pulled over the knees. However, this is a matter of personal preference. Over there is nothing in the rules of soccer that need this.

As I claimed before, if you spend much time watching soccer, girlfriend will easily see this happening.

Some football player will favor to pull their video game socks over their knees. Others like to fold them under as low as possible, while others choose theirs to hit just below the knee.

This is every about an individual comfort and also style preference.

I will always wear my socks just below my knee. I discovered this the many comfortable position, and also it worked good for me.

If you’re trying to decide exactly how to wear long socks, I imply you try the various options.

It doesn’t take long, and also you have the right to even try all three options in one game.

Start the video game with her socks below the kneeThen partway through the very first half, traction the socks down as low as possible, ensuring they are still above your shin guardsLastly, at half time, or when the second half is underway, try wearing your socks over her knee.

The socks that space worn a couple of inches listed below the knee by soccer players room often dubbed calf socks.

Regardless of their preference, one thing is true for all players. Your socks should totally cover your shin guards. If a soccer player wears special shin guards, then long socks the a player deserve to be pull over the knees space ideal.

All in all, football socks have the right to be pulled above the knees. The choice to do this, however, is generally a an individual preference.

How football Players store Their Socks Up

Always having to pull your socks up throughout a video game can it is in frustrating. So you’re probably wondering exactly how soccer players keep their socks up and also only seldom pull them up. Well, I have actually the answer come that.

There space several ways soccer players save their socks up, consisting of using tape, bandages, or also rubber bands.

Soccer tape because that socks

Use Tape over and below the Shin Guards

Most players use tape to save their socks in place.

This have the right to be any form of tape, yet I introduce usingthis athletic tapefrom Amazon. Numerous soccer players use it; that is designed for the job and also won’t let friend down.

The most effective means to use tape to keep your socks increase is to placed on her shin guards and also socks first—next, wrap the tape around your ankle, below the shin guard. Then wrap the tape roughly the top of your calf, above the shin guard.

It’s vital to wrap the top tape around your leg prior to you fold the top of her sock under over it.

Remember no to do the tape too tight on her legs.

Before you leave the changing room, move around the room and also make certain the ice cream is comfortable.

Using Bandage over and listed below the Shin Guards

Another method some players use to save their socks up is come wrap bandages around their legs.

These players will cut strips turn off bandages and tie them about the peak of their legs, over the optimal of your shin guards. After this, they wrinkles their socks over the peak of the bandage. Once the game is done, they cut it off and toss it in the bin.

This method is essentially the very same as utilizing tape, but bandage fairly than tape is doing the work.

Use Rubber Bands

Another alternative is to use rubber bands. I’m not personally a fan of this option, but it is a opportunity if you desire to provide it a try.

Some players pull the socks up, put a rubber tape over them and also fold the top component of the sock under over the rubber band.

Again, this an approach is similar to the others. It simply makes use of a various product.

The fence of this choice is that it’s hard to find rubber bands the are simply the appropriate elasticity for her leg.

I wouldn’t introduce tight rubber bands because they may cut off circulation in the legs. But loose rubber bands won’t carry out the project you require them to.

If girlfriend can uncover a good rubber band for the job, see exactly how it works for you.

Moving Forward

Wearing your soccer socks and shin guards effectively is vitally necessary for any type of soccer player. Friend don’t desire to it is in worrying about them partway v a game due to the fact that you haven’t placed them ~ above correctly.

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Socks are not the just item that soccer equipment that you require to understand about, though.

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