After the grooming process is complete, it is time to saddle up. This might seem challenging if you have never done it before but through a small practice you will learn just how to saddle a equine safely and also efficiently.

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I should note the for the grooming and tacking procedure your steed should it is in securely tied in overcome ties, or through a rope tied with a fast release knot.

First make sure the back and girth area is clean and free of any type of sores. Also, be sure that the saddle you will certainly be making use of fits the horse properly. If in doubt, questioning a knowledgeable person. If the horse has injuries ~ above its back or has actually an ill-fitting saddle the ride will likely not it is in pleasant, and also unfair come the horse.


Far Side and Near Side:In equestrian lingo, the “near side” refers to the left next of the equine while the “far side” describes the appropriate side that the horse. Traditionally civilization only saddled or bridled steeds from the close to side, yet ns don’t watch a valid reason for complying come this rule and also I like it as soon as my equines are comfortable with me saddling, and mounting for that matter, on both sides.

Phase One: Saddle pads and blankets.The very first step in saddling is to position the saddle pad or blanket effectively on the horse’s back. Calmly elevator the pad and place it same on the back, above the withers, and also then slide it backwards just above or contempt behind the withers. This reasons the hair top top the back to lie naturally flat. If you space using a west saddle blanket, it may be urgently in half. Make sure the fold line adheres to the spine the the horse. One English saddle pad, either saddle-shaped or square, may have actually attachments that affix to the D-ring ~ above the English saddle to keep whatever in place. Take treatment not to placed the pad on upside down so the straps wake up the horse.


Adjusting a western saddle

Phase Two: put the saddle.Place the saddle onto the pad. If you room using an English saddle, make sure the stirrups are run up. The girth should be put over the saddle so the nothing will certainly accidentally smack the horse and spook it. If using a western saddle, fold the stirrups ~ above the saddle and also loop lock on the horn. The very same rule uses with the girth, or “cinch”. Very closely lift the saddle clear end the horse and also gently location it on the pad or ceiling taking treatment to be gentle. Choose the pad, the saddle must be inserted slightly forward then driven slightly back into place. Make certain the saddle is centered. When a horse is resting a hind leg as soon as putting ~ above a saddle, you will notice that once you begin walking the saddle will certainly be turn off balance. Keep in mind that western saddles can be fairly heavy, so make sure you can successfully lift it over a horse before attempting come saddle one.

Phase Three: inspect for problems.Look in ~ the saddle and pad position. Space there any wrinkles? Is the saddle and pad even on both political parties of the horse? currently you deserve to gently let the girth hang loose.

Phase Four: The girth or cinch.It’s time to close the girth or cinch. While next to your horse, with underneath and also grasp the hanging girth. Pull it up and either buckle or tie it come the saddle. Begin with it loose, and also gradually tighten it there is no making the equine lose it’s breath. The girth, as soon as fastened, must lay around a hand’s width straight behind the suggest of elbow. It should be in this place on both political parties of the horse. Make sure the girth is simply tight sufficient to store the saddle in place.

Phase Five: Finishing touches.If over there are any kind of fasteners indigenous the pad come the saddle, execute them up, and also well as the back cinch (if their is one top top a western saddle). Never do increase a earlier cinch strictly — this may cause a equine to buck. The ago cinch is expected to droop a pair inches beneath the horse’s stomach. Now is a an excellent time to put on the bridle.

Phase Six: Re-check and also tighten the girth.Check the girth and tighten it if necessary. Numerous riders want to tighten the girth as lot as castle can because they think this will store the saddle native slipping. Mental your equine needs to breathe, and that if the saddle fits properly and also you space riding fine balanced, over there is no must choke the horse. Fairly snug is sufficient. Also, pull your horse’s front foot forward and far together you can like a stretch, as this will remove any kind of wrinkles or pinches resulted in by the girth.

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Important Note:

Always go your steed a moment prior to riding, and also re-check the girth before mounting. You will likely find that it it more loosened than before due to the fact that the equine bloated itself up. The is way the check the girth again ~ riding because that a minute. Prior to mounting, make certain the stirrups changed correctly because that you. Be careful leading your saddled horse through doorways, stall doors, small spaces etc. Because anything protruding from the tack (like a stirrup leather) might get snagged on something and also this might frighten the horse and also cause it come leap forward. Try to keep the pet straight v doorways and make certain there is many of clearance because that the horse’s sides. And don’t be afraid to ask because that help! If you have never done this before, acquire someone to aid you the first few times. It is much better to tack up a horse properly than have a negative or perhaps dangerous experience.

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