Is your skate shop closed? Learn exactly how to change or apply a new grip ice on a skateboard deck in much less than 10 minutes through this DIY tutorial.

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Need to download a new grip ice cream on your favorite four-wheel plank? room you one of those who constantly grips his or her own board?

Find a comfortable bench or chair come sit on and get all set to carry out it.

The first thing you have to do is to take it the trucks and hardware off the skateboard. Then, remove the old fixed tape using a hairdryer and clean the deck.

Have you got yourself a new board? It"s currently time to take the plastic off and also get ready to put your grip tape down.

Remember that a mistake during this phase will expense you somewhere in between $5 and also 20$.


Applying the tight Tape

Peel turn off the sticker from the grip tape sheet.

Know wherein you"re gonna place it, so girlfriend don"t apply it off-centered.

Remember that, normally speaking, the sleep of a skateboard is bigger and wider than the tail.

Now the you"ve peeled turn off the sticker, organize the grip tape straight and slowly reduced it toward the deck, laying it down as gently as possible.

The ultimate goal is no to have any parts not spanned with grip tape.

If needed, measure up the extra fixed tape ~ above both sides prior to you peel it off to have actually an idea of where to stick it.

Once you"ve reduce the sticky grip, autumn the palm of her hand on the center of the board and also press the sheet under firmly.

The center of the tight tape has been glued to the skateboard.

Now, it"s time to use both hands to apply the remaining part of the ice by progressively moving over the edges and out towards the tail and nose.

This procedure will eliminate all the air balloon that could have formed.


Cutting the Excess tight Tape

Time to cut the excess.

Use an adjustable wrench - or any kind of other hefty tool - come scrape the edge of the skateboard deck extended with fixed tape until you a white line.

Ideally, you have to scrape it off until you view the sticky part and the sandy grippy parts disappear.

By law so, it will be easier to reduced the overabundance with, because that instance, a energy knife or a razor. The an ext you scrape it, the simpler it will certainly be to reduced everything off.

Now, do some small cuts top top the edges to aid you reduced the overabundance grip.

Hold the board secure with one hand and also slowly cut the tape about the deck.

Scrap the edges once again come get everything glued down.

One last tip: usage the excess fixed tape to sand under the edges of the skateboard deck because that a nice and also smooth feel and also avoid peeling up.

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The fixed tape has been successfully applied to her board. Now, you have the right to start mounting the trucks.