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If you had to list all of the traits you're trying to find in a masculine partner, it can read something like, "awesome feeling of humor, sexy smile, and a common love that tacos, hiking, and also Ozark." dick size is pretty low on the list of must-have characteristics. 

Still, many of men fear their dick size is listed below average. For this reason what's that defined as? "In the sex-positive world, we like to use a broader spectrum for penis size," says Amy Baldwin, sex educator, sex and relationship coach, and also co-host the the Shameless Sex Podcast. "We consider the average cock size in the U.S. To be around four to six inches in length when erect. For this reason a dick of below-average size can be anything much less than 4 inches." 

It additionally bears noting that different world prefer various sizes and fits, claims Baldwin. "Penises and also vaginal canals come in all different shapes, lengths, and also sizes," she notes. "Someone v a smaller sized vaginal canal may be happier with someone who has a smaller penis."

If your partner's dick happens to loss into the "smaller" category, there space plenty of moves that will maximize your pleasure.

If you're a vulva owner, many of the nerve endings you want to hit during sex are located externally — in the clitoris, labia, and an initial inch the the vaginal canal, points out Baldwin. "Beyond the point, there are usually fewer nerve endings, v the exception of the G-spot and also cervix, but those points respond more to pressure," she adds.

For the many part, stimulating these external spots will lead to orgasm, therefore a smaller cock can easily offer lot of of pleasure to these spots through the appropriate movement and also technique, states Baldwin.  

For instance, positions in which body are much more closely connected will not only amplify stimulation the nerve-ending-rich zones yet leave much less room for the cock to slip out, notes Shan Boodram, a certified sexologist and also K-Y's intimacy educator.

Finding your go-to, hottest, most pleasurable place is always going to it is in a matter of exploration and experimentation to view what works finest for you. However Baldwin and other professionals recommend giving the complying with sex positions and techniques a whirl must your partner have actually a smaller penis. 

Porn stars commonly bust out a advertise or pounding motion, yet Baldwin suggests grinding instead. "This works well with the vulva-owning companion on top, face-to-face through the penis-owning partner," she explains. "Bring your bodies close with each other so that you aren't also perpendicular — a smaller penis may slip the end if you aren't close enough. The vulva owner have the right to then obtain comfortable, place their pelvis top top the penis, and also grind their body versus it." relocate your hips earlier and soon or even try some spirals. 

Not just will grind hit the exterior hot clues of the vulva, but it should benefit your partner's pleasure together well. "Because the head of the dick has the most nerve endings, that will obtain plenty of activity even through this readjusted position," note Baldwin. 

Gigi Engle, SKYN Sex & Intimacy Expert, certified sex coach, sexologist, and also author, secs this move and also recommends putting a pillow under your hips because that a bit of extra lift, which have the right to offer a emotion of deeper penetration. You can likewise spread your butt cheek throughout the drive to connect even much more nerve endings and sensation, she notes.

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Rachel Sommer, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist and also co-founder of mine Sex Toy Guide, recommends lying on your ago with your legs large open, pulling her knees towards your chest. Her partner deserve to then kneel in front of you and enter girlfriend from above. "This position permits for a direct strategy to penetration," she explains. Plus, it pipeline room because that clitoral stimulation. If your partner holds your thighs in place, friend can include a clit vibe come penetration.

You probably currently know that doggy format lends itself to depth penetration. If your partner has a smaller sized penis, girlfriend can gain a higher sense of fullness by changing this position and lying level while bringing your legs together, advises Engle. 

"You can grab your favorite vibrator, and stick it in between your legs, under her body, for this reason you're riding that while your partner is talk you," says Engle. (She likes SKYN's Thrill for this.)