Are girlfriend looking for basic song to play ~ above the recorder?Do you want a little an ext help mastering B-A-G?Whether you’re a teacher or a player yourself, tenderness Sleep is a beautiful and also straightforward tune you’ll want to check out. But you might want some aid in the process of discovering this song. We’ve got you extended with this an easy guide for exactly how to play Gently Sleep ~ above the recorder. Gently Sleep – Recorder Karate is a straightforward song making use of B-A-G, which room the most usual notes to start discovering recorders. This recorder melody uses largely step-wise movement with a skip at the finish of every phrase. Let’s destruction in! 
Gently Sleep – Recorder Karate NotesHow come Play tenderness Sleep top top The Recorder#1 very first Two Measures#2 affix To 2nd Phrase#3 grasp The B-G Leap#4 placed It TogetherVideo For learning Gently SleepFinal Thoughts

Gently Sleep – Recorder Karate Notes

In this version v recorder, we’ll usage the notes B-A-G. For assist with a basic recorder fingering chart, click the link.Here’s a brief explanation of exactly how to play each note.Because this song provides only three notes, it’s among the best easy songs on the recorder. Click the attach to inspect out more. 

gently sleep recorder notes

How to Play gently Sleep top top The Recorder

While this no a trick song to learn by any means, you may want a tiny help through the finding out procedure. Below are the actions I’ve provided with mine students for over a decade. 

#1 very first Two Measures

It’s always good to start at the beginning or with the ar you’ll be many successful at. Because that this song, the both. Take a look at the B-A-G-A-G-A and also put it together. Take treatment each keep in mind sounds great by making sure you: Cover the holesUse soft airUse a tenderness “T” tongue to start each noteLearn much more at my video clip on just how to do the recorder sound good. 

#2 connect To 2nd Phrase

With this expression mastered, I constantly like to have actually my students recognize once musical aspects occur again. This is a vital skill for any type of musician and also makes discovering all songs easier. For this instance, the precise phrase appears again in the 5th measure, and the opened is the same as the 2nd pairs that bars in ~ 3 and 7. 

#3 master The B-G Leap

Next, you need to master the tricky B-G leap. It’s not that hard, but it may take some concentrated practice relying on your ability. Go back and forth from B-G-B-G to obtain those two fingers (the middle and ring) moving together to make the leap smooth. Then, put it in addition to the A because that the totality line. B-A-G-A-B-G. 

#4 put It Together

Finally, the time to put it every together. If every little thing so far had to be challenging, I’d recommend you to start by fingering and saying the letters without playing. This will aid you grasp the coordination there is no worrying once the sounds aren’t fairly right. Then, give it a shot with playing the entirety thing. Reflect and also practice the facility parts together needed. Congrats! friend did it!

Video For learning Gently Sleep

I don’t right now have a video on this song (yet), so because that now, inspect out this basic video on play the music. 

Final Thoughts

I expect you enjoyed learning tenderness Sleep. That a an easy but an excellent song come learn. Make certain to check out our various other recorder questions, information, and song travel guide in the part at the top of the page. Keep on playing! 

Zach VanderGraaffZach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher v Bay City Public schools in Michigan. He"s a Past-President of the Michigan Kodaly Educators and also Executive Secretary of the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association.

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