You can search because that and add friends in 8 round Pool very easily, it\"ll will require just a couple of moves!

If you logged in v your on facebook profile, on facebook friends that additionally connected your 8 sphere Pool account are automatically shown in the girlfriend tab.

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Bear in mind that facebook friends are also the just one that you can send and also receive presents from!

1. In bespeak to add a player through the distinctive ID, click on the \"Friends\" symbol on the bottom left corner.

On the following screen, you can see the girlfriend you right now have.

2. push \"Add by distinct ID\" (if your account is linked to Facebook) or \"Invite friends\" (if her account is linked to Google/Apple ID) and you deserve to search because that players through their unique ID and send them invites. You simply need to search for their distinctive ID.

3. Tap on \"Add Friend\" and also you will have actually a brand-new friend to challenge!


After you\"ve sent out the request, you\"ll see the player on her friends list.

How to remove

When accessing her friends list, you\"ll watch a tiny cross on each player\"s profile. If the player has no cross, it means that that is a girlfriend from Facebook.

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You will need to confirm that you great to remove the friend and restart the browser/app in order because that the girlfriend to be removed.


‼️Facebook Friends‼️ :If you wish to delete facebook friends from your game,first you must delete them from your on facebook account climate log the end from her game and log in again.Kindly notification that the application may take part time to refresh this information, so please be patient!