To open your vehicle hood, find the bar inside the passenger cabin and pull it. Find the hood relax latch in the grille to open up it every the way.

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Step 1: Look because that a relax hatch inside the cabin of your vehicle. More recent models of vehicles have a latch to relax the hood somewhere within the cabin.

Finding the latch deserve to be a little tricky if friend aren’t certain where come look. The relax latch may be found in one of the following areas on your vehicle:

Under the dash by the driver"s doorOn the bottom that the dash under the steering column

On the driver"s side floor

Tip: The release latch usually has a snapshot of a vehicle with a open up hood ~ above it.


Step 2: Look because that a relax latch outside of the car. Older models open up by releasing the latch under the hood.

You’ll should search for a bar at the front of the car beside the grille or front bumper. You deserve to peek v the grille to discover the lever or feel approximately the edges because that a latch.

Warning: Make sure the engine is cool prior to you begin feeling about around the grille.

Tip: If you can’t find the lever, examine your owner’s hand-operated to see where it’s situated or asking a mechanic to show you wherein it’s positioned and how to obtain it open.

Part 2 that 4: opened the hood

Step 1: position yourself by the hood. As soon as you have actually released the latch, girlfriend will must be on the external of the car to open the hood.


Step 2: operate the exterior latch. You’ll only be able to lift the hood a couple of inches till you move the exterior lever under the hood to completely unlock it.


Step 3: Prop the hood open. To organize the hood in place, usage the steel prop rod located on the inside of the engine bay, near the former of the car. Some models don’t require a rod and also the hood will stay in ar by itself.

Part 3 of 4: opening a stuck hood

At times, the hood won’t popular music open also when did you do it released the within latch. Usage the following steps to loosen the hood and open it.


Step 1: use extra press on the hood. Press down top top the hood with open palms. Girlfriend may have to slap down on it, however don’t use hefty force, such similar to your fists, or you danger denting her hood.


Step 2: get some assistance. If girlfriend have assist from a friend, gain the other person to sit within the vehicle, release the interior lever, and hold it in the release place while girlfriend lift the hood in ~ the very same time.

This technique often functions if the latch has actually rusted or has grime or dust on it.

Step 3: heat up the engine. Cold weather often hampers the hood’s capability to open up as frozen condensation holds that in place. Revolve on the engine to allow the frozen components to thaw. As soon as your vehicle is warm, shot to open up the hood again.

After you open up the hood, clean the latch. It is likewise a an excellent idea to contact a mechanic to inspect the latch and either lubricate it or change it, if needed.

Warning: protect against using a lubricant on your own because the wrong form can contaminate the oxygen sensor, i beg your pardon will impact your engine performance.

Part 4 that 4: opening a hood through a failed latch

Sometimes, the latch might fail come work due to the fact that it has been stretched or damaged.

Step 1: shot applying pressure to the hood. Pushing down ~ above the hood when someone rather releases the internal lever can permit the latch to engage also if that isn’t working correctly. If this step corrects the problem, the hood will raise contempt so you deserve to open it increase normally.

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Step 2: try tugging ~ above the cable. If using pressure doesn’t work-related or friend don’t have actually someone available to help you, find the cable it is attached to the internal lever and tug on it. It is in gentle and also don’t pull also hard.

If the hood opens when you carry out this, that probably means the cable demands to be replaced.


Step 3: shot pulling the cable v the fender well. Girlfriend may need to pull the latch cable through the fender well on the driver’s side. Eliminate the fender clips and reach inside the fender fine to grab the cable and pull it.

This technique will work-related if the cable is attached come the external latch. If you feel no anxiety at every on the cable, it indicates that the cable is not attached to the former latch.


Step 4: try using a hood relax tool. If every else fails, you deserve to use a small hook tool to reach under the hood and also grab the cable or the latch come unlock it.

Warning: Make sure the engine has actually cooled turn off to avoid your hand from getting melted when you with in.

If you have trouble locating the latch or bar for the hood the your auto or if it’s an overwhelming or impossible to open, enlist the help of a skilled to open up it for you. Friend can also get a certified mechanic, such as one native, come lubricate the hood hinge and also replace the hood supports, if necessary.