Okay, friend are came to that the humidity in your home can not be at the many comfortable level and you desire to know just how to measure up humidity without hygrometer or other sophisticated equipment. Execute you know just how to make a hygrometer? would you prefer to know?

Don’t worry, there are a few easy methods you deserve to do that with day-to-day household items.

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This will assist you recognize if her home has actually high or low humidity level so the you deserve to act and improve it come a comfortable level, i m sorry is in between 40% and also 50%.

But first, being an knowledgeable meteorologist, I have to obtain you more familiar v the humidity itself so the you much better understand how to measure up it.


Humidity to represent the amount of water (moisture) in the air.

In most cases, the is measured with a hygrometer, i m sorry is a non-complicated maker that shows the percent of humidity in the air.

However, if girlfriend don’t have one at her disposal, there space other an easy ways of law so.



A Glass the Water
4 ice cream Cubes
The first and the most simple method I am going come cover is the ice cream Cubes Method.

As i said, this method is so an easy that anyone have the right to do it, and you simply need a glass that water, and also 4 ice cubes.

Of course, this an approach doesn’t carry out exact humidity values, however rather to represent a method of determining if the wait in your residence is humid or dry.


Now, exactly how do you measure up humidity v 4 ice cream cubes you can wonder.

Well, all you have to do is take a glass through water and put 4 ice cubes right into it.

Then, you place the glass in the room because that which you doubt the humidity levels are not together they need to be.

However, make certain you don’t location it in the restroom or the kitchen wherein the humidity levels room not consistent and differ each time you usage them.

Okay, let’s get earlier to the glass and the cubes.

Now that you room in the room, place the glass all over you want, and make sure you obtain out of the room because even your activity can adjust the factors and also influence the experiment.

Leave the glass in that room for some 5 minutes.

When the time is up, enter the room and check the glass.

If you uncover that over there is condensation on the outer surface the the glass, the levels of humidity in that room room high and also you might need to think about getting plants that absorb the humidity from the air.


On the other hand, if the glass is practically dry top top the outer surface, the waiting in the room is dry and you need to start making use of a humidifier, particularly if we room talking around a baby nursery room. You have the right to learn exactly how to pick the best humidifier because that the only in one of my other blog posts.

OPTION #2 – wet/dry bulb temperature difference


Another simple means to identify the humidity, just this time as precisely as with a hygrometer, is to perform the renowned wet/dry bulbs temperature difference test.

I fully understand if you are puzzled with wet or dried bulbs and to clarify, ns am talking around thermometers and also their bulbs, not light bulbs.

2 the same Mercury thermometers
Duct tape
1 Rubber Band
A Glass of Water


Another simple means to recognize the humidity, only this time as precisely similar to a hygrometer, is to perform the famed wet/dry bulbs temperature difference test.

I totally understand if you are puzzled with wet or dried bulbs and also to clarify, i am talking about thermometers and also their bulbs, not light bulbs.

For this experiment, friend will require two ordinary house thermometers (the old-school glass tube ones through mercury).

One, you will usage normally, and also that will be her DRY pear Thermometer.

While the various other will be the WET pear Thermometer and you will have to wrap a moistened piece of cotton roughly the bottom the the glass pipe (the bulb) and also fix it through a rubber band. Moisten the cotton with room temperature water.

But, don’t do it yet, this is simply the heads up because that what friend need. You will certainly wrap the cotton after the following step.

Before beginning the measurement process, make certain both thermometers have the Mercury all the way down into the bulb. You can do that by shower them.

Now, you deserve to wrap the bottom of among the thermometers with wet cotton.

When the wet thermometer is ready, place both top top the cardboard. But, make certain both bulbs are sticking out and also use duct tape come secure them in one place.


Go to the room you desire to examine the humidity levels, and use a pan to develop air motion, pointed at the thermometers. Leaving the fan functioning for about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, examine them both and also write down the temperatures.

In bespeak to acquire the humidity percentage, every you have to do is to subtract the wet-bulb temperature indigenous the dried one.

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For example, if the dry one is reflecting 22 degrees Celsius, and also the wet one is showing 14 degrees Celsius, the difference, the 8 degrees, is the so-called “depression”.