Is there anything an ext marvelous than butter? It perfectly complements every foods and also makes also the many ordinary recipes taste like out that this world. Over the years, that has end up being an all-time favorite ingredient, and also many world cannot imagine your lives—or fridges—without it. 


Measuring butter, on the various other hand, is not as dreamy and pleasant together is that taste. Did you do it probably found yourself in a instance where you cannot measure up the exact amount the butter and also you include too little, or also much, and the odor is just not right. Well, we are below to help! 

Read on to discover out how to measure up butter there is no a scale with ease, how plenty of tablespoons are in one stick of butter, and also all various other butter measurement information.

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How to measure up Butter there is no a Kitchen Scale?

Cooking and baking through butter can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. Although butter is the can be fried ingredient that boosts the flavor of each recipe and makes it even an ext delicious, it create a little of a sticky mess around the kitchen, and also it can be really tough to measure to add to recipes, particularly if you don’t have a kitchen scale.

However, there room three straightforward and easy ways to measure up butter without making use of a scale:

Melted butter measure up method

Measuring melted butter is pretty straightforward. First, friend let the butter soften, scoop it with a measure up spoon, and level off. The very same goes for measuring whipped butter.

Water-displacement method

This method is a good solution because that measuring cold butter there is no a scale. Take a bigger liquid measuring cup and fill it through water equal to the amount of butter you require for the recipe. Include chunks that butter until the water doubles in volume. Be sure that the measure up cup is huge enough to take care of twice the volume the you wish to measure up out. For example, if you require a 1/2 cup the butter, to fill in the cup v 1/2 cup that water, include butter until it doubles to 1 full cup. 

Butter twist method

Butter Twist has markings in ~ 1 tbsp increments, which provides it easy for girlfriend to measure the butter amount accurately. Collection it to the right tbsp amount and simply rotate the cutting ring 180 degrees to cut and dispense your butter. 

Not just does it assist you monitor the recipes by accurately adding butter, but it also makes kitchen clean a whole lot easier since there’s no more sticky mess!

Butter Measuring make Easy

Most butter wrappers are published with measure information—this keeps the procedure simple. That is, if the cooking recipes calls because that the same measures as composed on the wrapper. But, what happens when a recipe calls for ounces or grams?


By adhering to this conversion table for butter, girlfriend will be able to accurately measure up the appropriate amount to add to her recipe every time. 




Table spoons

Tea spoons

Weight (oz)

Weight (g)






2 oz.

57 g


1/2 + (1 1/3 Tbsp)

5 1/3







4 oz.

113 g


1 + (2 2/3 Tbsp)

10 2/3



1 1/2




6 oz.

170 g






8 oz.

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227 g






16 oz.

454 g

If you’ve ever before wondered how many tablespoons room in a stick of butter or how many teaspoons are in a cup of butter, this switch table will certainly surely do it clear. You can write these dimensions down and also keep castle in your recipe binder, so the following time you find yourself in together a situation, you will know exactly how to measure the exact amount you need. 

Butter Twist have the right to be of great help once it concerns dispensing, measuring, and also spreading butter. That is a must-have kitchen device for all busy cooking aficionados as well as, well, pretty much everyone! get yours today and start buttering!