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Sizzling Rice Soup attributes a light broth with vegetables, chicken or shrimp, and also topped through toasty crispy rice. The sizzling and crackling sound of the piping warm crispy rice together it is poured into the soup is certain to impress your guests. Currently you can make this Chinese restaurant favorite at home!


I had never heard of Sizzling Rice Soup till I relocated from Malaysia come the joined States! from what ns understand, this soup originated in Taiwan but has become very popular in American Chinese restaurants.

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The soup is usually served family-style in a big bowl. As the crispy rice is poured right into the soup right at the dinner table, it starts come sizzle and also crackle.

Sizzling Rice Soup features a really light broth in stimulate to allow the very delicious toasty seasonings of the crispy rice to shine through. This offers the soup an impressive flavor and also texture.

Having moved ago to Malaysia, ns have had to learn exactly how to make it at home since it is still not popular also in Chinese restaurants here.

How to do Sizzling Rice Soup

There space three components to make Sizzling Rice Soup:

Baking the cook rice to dry itPreparing the soupDeep-frying the rice to do crispy rice puffs

Preparing the Rice for Sizzling Rice Soup

There space a pair of ways in i m sorry the sizzling rice have the right to be prepared and served. The crispy rice is either packed and then cut into square cakes (like slim rice crispy treats) or served loosened (as pictured above).

The an initial step is to cook the rice, then dried the cooking rice by baking it in the oven. (Side note: If you perform not have actually an electrical rice cooker, click below for a step-by-step overview on exactly how to chef Rice without a Rice Cooker)

Square Crispy Rice Cakes

To make these square crispy rice cakes, pour 1 cup of cooking rice onto a baking sheet, then usage a spatula come spread and pack the rice not more than 1/2 an inch thick end the baking sheet.

Bake at 300 levels F for around 1 hour till dry. Permit the rice come cool fully before cutting them right into 2-inch squares. Just before you are ready to offer the soup, deep fried food thesquares till puffy and slightly gold brown.


You can also find prompt Sizzling Rice Crackers at asian supermarkets or online.

These pre-made rice crackers are convenient together you can skip the baking. All you should do is come deep-fry lock just before serving.

Loose Crispy Rice

Personally, I choose my crispy rice to be loose in mine Sizzling Rice Soup (as protest to the square rice cakes) for a couple of reasons – it takes a lot much faster to bake/dry the rice in the cooktop (20 minutes as opposed come 1 hour), and I choose a little bit the crunchy rice in every bite, quite than having to break apart the big piece of rice cake as soon as it’s in the soup.

This is the an approach that will certainly be outlined in this recipe.

Preheat the oven to 300 levels F.

Line a baking sheet through parchment paper, then spread out 1 cup of cooking rice on the sheet in a an extremely thin layer. Utilizing a fork help ensure the rice remains fluffy and separated so the bakes evenly.

Leftover rice is perfect because that this together it’s not too clumpy and also will separate well.


Bake because that 20 minutes.

The rice more than likely will no brown much, yet you will notice that the rice grains will certainly be really hard and virtually translucent. No each grain of rice will certainly be fully dry however this is adequate for deep-frying.

Allow the rice come cool, then pick up the parchment record to pour the small rice right into a bowl.


Set the baked rice aside come prepare the soup.

Tip:This small rice have the right to be ready ahead of time and also stored in the fridge. If you will be save on computer the rice for more than a couple of days, boost the baking time because that a few more minute or leave it out on your kitchen countertop because that a couple of hours to ensure that each grain is fully dry before storing.

Preparing the Soup

Since the Sizzling Rice Soup will certainly be served family-style (so you can pour the crispy rice right into the soup for that sizzling effect) together opposed to separation, personal, instance bowls, i recommend making use of a pot that you can cook and serve the soup in, just so you won’t need to worry about transferring the warm soup right into a large serving bowl as soon as it is ready.

Some an excellent options include clay pots, ceramic stockpots, and dutch ovens.

Bring 4 cup of chicken stock to a boil over medium-high heat, then include one carrot (sliced). Click right here to check out the step-by-step guide on how to reduced the carrot into flower-shaped slices.

Of course, you can slice the carrot however you like, however this provides the food look so pretty 🙂

Add one teaspoon of soy sauce, one teaspoon of Shaoxing wine (optional), and also 1/2 a teaspoon of salt to the soup.


Add 2 stalks of infant bok choy, chopped right into bite-sized pieces. Friend can add just around any vegetable to this soup but I would recommend limiting it to 3 kinds to save the soup simple. Infant corn, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots are some good options.


Bring the soup come a cook again, then include 8 – 10 medium shrimp. Permit the soup boil for a couple of seconds, turn off the heat, climate cover the pot. The shrimp will continue to cook so turning off the heat right now will ensure they don’t overcook.

Tip: This soup can quickly be made vegetarian through swapping the chicken broth for vegetable broth and omitting the shrimp.


Leave the soup pot covered until friend are all set to serve.

Making Crispy Rice for Sizzling Rice Soup

The an enig to do the rice sizzle is to pour the crispy rice right into the soup while it is still piping hot.

Just before you are prepared to serve, heat roughly 1 cup of cooking oil (just sufficient to deep fry the rice) in a wok end medium-high heat.

Before you to water the rice in, check the oil to make certain that the is ready for deep-frying by placing a wood chopstick in the wok. If it starts to bubble immediately, it is ready.


Pour a tiny batch the rice into the wok. After just a few seconds, the rice grains will puff up and turn brown.


Use a stainless steel soup skimmer come scoop increase the rice native the oil.

Scoop up any type of stray seed of rice with your wok spatula and place the on the skimmer. It’s essential not to leave any type of grains the rice in the oil as they will burn quickly.

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Place the crispy rice ~ above a offer plate, then fried food up the following batch as quickly as possible. You’ll be doing 2 – 3 batches in full to deep-fry every one of the rice. Work as fast (but safely!) as feasible to ensure that the rice continues to be hot enough to sizzle once it is poured into the soup.

Pour all of the crispy rice into the soup and also watch that sizzle and also crackle! Enjoy!