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Do your kids (or you!) love playing with stretchy, gooey silly putty? If so, you’ll love this post—I’m going to show you how to make silly putty…with just TWO ingredients!

There is miscellaneous satisfying about playing through silly putty. When I to be young, i remember spending hrs molding, squishing, and also stretching the little balls of stunner putty. Whenever I had actually a spare dollar, I always spent that on brand-new silly putty.

My kids share a comparable obsession with silly putty and slime therefore it’s only natural that us make our very own DIY stunner putty. I’ve stumbled across dozens of silly putty and slime recipes and also we’ve been gradually making lock all. Girlfriend can uncover quite a couple of varieties here at living Well mom too.

The beauty beauty of do your own DIY silly putty is it’s super simple to make and much cheaper than buying it pre-made indigenous the store!

Is This DIY silly Putty choose The One at The Store?

Sort of. The silly putty you have the right to purchase has actually quite a different collection of chemicals, plenty of of which would certainly be quite daunting to reproduce as you learn exactly how to make silly putty.

I want to save this DIY as an easy as feasible so you might quickly make it in ~ home. Due to the fact that of this, the structure is slightly different.

Due to the ingredients, the final texture the this stunner putty will be comparable to an oobleck quite than the kind of stunner putty you acquisition in the store. The cornstarch keeps the putty from sticking to her fingers, yet the texture will be a little bit doughy.

How to make Silly Putty

This tutorial on how to do silly putty is even much easier than most, together it only has two ingredients (three if you want to color your silly putty).

Within about 30 seconds, you will have satisfying DIY silly putty that will keep your kids entertained for fairly a while.

DIY stunner putty Supplies

What You’ll Need:

A small bowl and spoon for mixing

An crucial note on the soap: Certain types of liquid soap will NOT work-related for this silly putty. Clear, gel-like soaps or soaps that have the consistency that hair gelatin or conditioner will job-related the best.

We used method Gel Hand Soap because that the stunner putty in these photos and I’ve also used Target brand strawberry shampoo with great results.

We additionally used gelatin food coloring and had no concerns with dye sticking to our hands once the job was over.

How to do Putty


Let’s acquire started.

Dump your cornstarch and also soap into your bowl and mix up.

If you want, include a pair of fall of food coloring.

I recommend that you start out through a smaller sized amount and include a little more until you acquire the color you (or more likely) your kids want. Don’t include a ton of food color at first to your silly putty or friend may end up with stained hands.

You really only need a tiny bit of shade to dye your DIY silly putty. The much more coloring friend add, the depth your color will be.


Mix the ingredients along with the spoon till it is too hard to mix, then usage your fingers.

We discovered that we could mix utilizing a spoon till our mixture turned into crumbles, and after that, we had to mix using our hands.

You might need to adjust the lot of soap used relying on the humidity of her room. It was dry in ours house, so us used practically a complete cup that soap.

If you do this silly putty throughout the hot summer months, you might not need as lot soap.


When her silly putty is moldable and still a little slimy, however no longer sticks to your fingers, that is prepared to go!


How to use This DIY silly Putty

My girl were very excited around playing v this DIY stunner putty and they battled over who gained to play through it first.

Eventually, I broke the silly putty into two pieces and also let each of them have actually one.

The girls to be fascinated by how the silly putty kept its shape favor play dough, yet only because that a small while. Within a few seconds, the silly putty would lose its shape and become a solitary blob.

Our silly putty did begin to dry out quickly. Together it dried, the would come to be flaky. Adding another pump the soap to the putty moistened it up again and also made it playable. You have the right to keep adding soap until you room done play for the day!

This DIY stunner putty task is straightforward enough because that older children to make and also quick enough to please tiny kids, too!



DIY silly Putty Troubleshooting Tips:

Certain species of soap space not suitable to this activity. Clear, gel-like soaps execute best. You’ll have the finest results through soap that has the consistency the hair gel or conditioner.

Due to the ingredients, the final texture the this stunner putty will certainly be similar to an oobleck quite than the type of silly putty you acquisition in the store. The cornstarch keeps the putty from difficult to your fingers, but the texture will be a little doughy.

Humidity and also the brand of your individual ingredients can alter how much of each ingredient girlfriend need.

If her silly putty is also runny: Keep including cornstarch one tablespoon at a time until your mixture stiffens.

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If her silly putty is too crumbly: include a bit an ext soap until the putty have the right to stretch again.