To tame a horse, strategy it with nothing in your hand and also right click it. You will currently be riding the horse&emdashfor a second or two, until it throws girlfriend off. Try again, and also again, until ultimately you see some red hearts and also the steed lets you continue to be on.

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It typically takes 3–5 attempts, yet you might be luckier or unluckier 보다 that. You deserve to make the process quicker through feeding the steed first.

Horse Abilities

Different steeds have various health, jump strength and speed. You have the right to see a horse’s wellness once you tame it, as you deserve to ride it and count its hearts on your screen.

There is no means to phone call a horse’s speed and jump toughness at a glance, you will do it just need to have a go.

Jump strength

Most horses can jump end obstacles that space 3 blocks high, but some are worse at jumping 보다 that and also a couple of are even better, through the really best horses able to run high fences.

Running Speed

The rate horses deserve to run in ~ is very variable; most horses go around 10 blocks per second, but they can be as sluggish as 5 blocks per second, or as fast as 14 blocks every second.

Faster isn’t always far better though: a really fast equine is hard to control, and if your computer isn’t quite powerful enough to store up, it can be difficult to view where you going.


Horses have between 7.5 and also 15 hearts.

Horse perform Screen

Once a horse has been tamed, you have the right to hold down SHIFT and also right click to open the horse’s inventory screen. There room two tools slots; one for a saddle, and also one for armour.


Riding Horses

To ride her horse, you will need a Saddle; these have the right to be discovered in treasure chests in dungeons, mine shafts, desert holy places or fortresses. Ar the saddle in the correct slot that its inventory, and also then you have the right to ride!


In survival setting (but no creative) you deserve to see the horse’s wellness next to her own.


Hold down an are to build up power, then relax to jump. (You will watch the power construct up in the little bar over your tool bar.) You deserve to jump over fences and even 2-block-high walls.

Horse Armour


This too have the right to be found in treasure chests. Place the armor in that is slot in the horse’s inventory and your steed will certainly be looking mighty fine!


Horse armour come in Iron, Gold and also Diamond varieties.

Feeding Horses

Horses eat sugar, wheat, to apologize (normal of golden), bread or hay bales. Right click the horse to feed it.

Feeding a steed will restore its health. The will likewise make wild horses much easier to tame, and also will cause horses to prosper if they space not currently adult.

Breeding Horses

Only domesticated horses have the right to be bred. Come make equines breed, feeding them golden apples. Lock will enter “love mode” and also make a baby.


Baby horses normally take 20 minute to grow into adults, however you deserve to speed increase the process by feeding them. It looks pretty funny.

What will certainly the steeds you each other be like?

Horses usually obtain their colour and markings from among their parents, although occasionally a foal will certainly look rather different.

Speed, Health and also Jumping

These statistics are related to those that the parents in a facility way: the brand-new horse will be like the median of that parents, however with a tiny random element.

The random facet will usually, however not always, do the baby horse much more “Average”.

For example, if you breed two fast horses together, many of your babies will certainly not quite fast, yet not as fast as the parents. If you shot often enough you might get one that’s also faster, however.

Two slow horses will mostly have babies that space a little faster than they are.

Donkeys and also Mules


Donkeys and also mules are special horses that can not wear armour, however can carry stuff for you.

Donkeys have the right to be uncovered in levels biomes as with regular horses.


Mules have the right to be bred by getting a donkey and a horse to breed v each other.

Using Donkeys and also Mules to carry your stuff

Once you have domesticated a donkey or mule, right click on it whilst stop a chest and it will certainly sprout part uncomfortable-looking saddlebags.


Now once you look in ~ its perform screen, girlfriend will check out that the huge blank area in the inventory screen has turned into item slots you can load her stuff into.

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Leads and Name Tags

Don’t forget that you deserve to use name Tags to provide your steed a name, or a result in tie it come a fence-post.

You can additionally ride one horse while using leads to pull part others along after you. Similar to having a train of load mules!