There are various methods you have the right to do to play old-school PS2 games on different platforms. Among the most well-known is utilizing the PCSX2 emulator for windows (PC). Besides Windows, you"re likewise able to run PS2 games with PCSX2 on various other platforms such together Linux and Mac.

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There are numerous motives why human being use these emulators, but some the the factor is the initial platforms of the gamings are not produced anymore and they have no money come buy a newer console because the price is reasonably expensive.

However, low computer specs make them discouraged come play PS2 gamings with the PCSX2. Since it will only cause lag the interferes with the gameplay.

Therefore, the finest PCSX2 setting is necessary to settle this lag problem.

How to settings PCSX2 without Lag on windows 10

The PCSX2 version that I usage for this setting is PCSX2 1.4.0. The display screen may be different for PCSX2 1.6.0 and the recent version. Follow this steps:

1. Open the PCSX2 software program on your computer.

2. Choose Config, then Video (GS), click the Plugin Settings.

Set it favor the below image:


For the adapter, pick the VGA you usage on her computer. If there is no Direct3D11 (Hardware), you can select Direct3D9 or Direct3D10 (Hardware).

3. Select Config, and also then Audio (SPU2).Set like the photo below.


Important note: If you don"t desire to lose the sound, perform NOT readjust the calculation settings, module: 1-XAudio 2.

4. Earlier to the construction again, but this time select the Emulation settings.

5. You deserve to use the default alternatives for EE/IOP and VUs since most game performances room fine.

6. Choose GS, monitor the setups as the screenshot below.


7. Pick GS Windows, it"s optional if you want to set it favor the below picture.


You can adjust the aspect ratio to Widescreen (16:9) or fit window to make the emulator fullscreen. Select the one that offers you the ideal experience.

8. Pick Speedh*cks, set it favor the screenshot below.


Most the the PS2 games that i play on computer using these setups run smoothly. But keep in mind the not every one of them will have actually the exact same performances, so you require to adjust the settings to perfect for your computer specs.

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That"s just how to setting PCSX2 without lag on windows 10. I hope you have the right to enjoy the weekend through your favourite old-school PS2 games.