Learn how to make an point of view Costume v this DIY point of view Costume indict and cost-free pattern!


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DIY point of view Costume

When ns asked my little missy what she wanted to be because that Halloween, she said she want to be an Angel. I’m not precisely sure whereby she acquired the idea, yet it sounded great to me! (and easy, haha) ns knew it would certainly be relatively simple to make her an angel Costume with just a white sheet and also one of mine existing patterns…

I had a white sheet, elastic and also wooden dowel already in my stash, so every I needed to acquisition for the point of view costume was a small gold lame and some wings. (I splurged a tiny and purchase the wings and halo set off Amazon – entirely worth it. They are GORGEOUS in person.)

She loved exactly how it rotate out! i still want to figure out just how to paint a challenge mask likethis one. Us played in my makeup a small bit to watch if I had actually anything yellow that can work, but I don’t… ns think I’ll need to hit Party City and also pick up part gold challenge paint.

Close up of the standing collar. I think the is so pretty!


I make this dress using my complimentary peasant dress pattern and I will show you the changes I made come the sample to create the tiers and also collar.

Find comparable angel wings and also halo here.

Are girlfriend ready?

How to do an point of view costume:

Materials Needed:

At the very least 2 yards of fabric- I offered a flat sheet.1/4 customs elasticBasic Sewing suppliesiron/sprays starch

These indict are based upon the presumption that you already have an easy sewing skills like developing casings, gathering cloth and adding ruffles. (If you need help, this dress is a combination of my modern-day Peasant dress tutorial and my tiered pillow situation dress tutorial, for this reason visit those two write-ups if you should refresh your skills.

Step 1: print pattern and also cut the end pattern pieces.

Fold your towel in half and line up the bodice sample on the fold. Use a leader and add 4.5 inches come the top of the bodice pattern. (If you are making a dimension 7, add secondary .5 inches to the neckline.) reduced out 2 (a front and also back).

Fold your towel in half again and line increase the sleeve pattern on the fold. Usage a leader and include 4.5 inches come the height of the bodice pattern(If you space making a size 7, add secondary .5 inches come the neckline)and 3.5 to the bottom of the pattern. Cut out 2.

For the tiers, reduced 3 strips of towel to these dimensions:

2t: 1st tier: 5.25 through 48 inches, 2nd tier: 7.25 by 78 inches, 3rd tier: 10.25 by 108 inches3t: 1st tier: 5.5 through 48 inches, second tier: 7.75 through 78 inches, third tier: 10.5 by 108 inches4: first tier: 6 by 48 inches, 2nd tier: 8 by 78 inches, third tier: 10.75 through 108 inches5: 1st tier: 6.75 by 48 inches, second tier: 8.75 through 78 inches, 3rd tier: 11.25 through 108 inches6: first tier: 7.5 by 48 inches, second tier: 9.5 by 78 inches, 3rd tier: 11.75 by 108 inches7: first tier: 8 by 48 inches, 2nd tier: 10.25 by 78 inches, 3rd tier: 12.5 by 108 inches

(If you room not utilizing a level sheet, you will require to reduced several pieces and also sew them with each other to gain the broad needed.)

Step 2: Assembling the dress.

Sew the sleeves and bodice together the normal way for a peasant dress. Go below for more in-depth instructions.

Gather the second tier come the broad of the an initial tier and attach it to the bottom that the 1st tier.

Gather the third tier to the width of the second tier and also attach come the bottom of the 3rd tier.

Line up the political parties of the tiers and sew the skirt together.

Gather the peak of the first tier come the width of the bodice and also attach the skirt come the bodice.

Step 3: producing the was standing collar and also casing.

Finish the top edge that the neckline v a serger or zigzag stitch on her sewing machine.

Fold over the peak of the neckline 2.5 inches. Iron well and use spray starch. (Just pretend mine bodice to be sewn together and also the top edge was finished in the photo below…)

Sew a 3/8 inch casing around the neckline, around 1/8 customs from the bottom that the urgently neckline. Don’t forget to leaving a n opened to thread the elastic into.

Thread the elastic with the casing and try on the dress and readjust the elastic as necessary for the perfect fit.

Sew the elastic together and also casing closed.

Step 4: Hemming the dress or optional trim.

Optional sleeve and bottom hem treatment. You can hem the sleeves and also bottom through a an easy 1/4 inch small hem or add twin fold predisposition tape come the edge. (Sandwich the sheet of the cloth in the double-fold prejudice tape and also see follow me the edge.)

If you room using yardage to do the trim, the an excellent news is the cloth does not need to be reduced on the bias.

Cut your fabric strips 1 7/8 inches broad and use this technique to make the trim:

Step 5: create the sash.

Or, if your bow is in the front, you could select to sew with each other two piece of fabric, cut the width of the fabric. It simply depends on whereby you desire the ar of the seam.

And her dress is done!!

Do you want to do a magic wand too? It’s easy.

You need a long dowel, fabric, stuffing warm glue and ribbon.

Cut out 2, 5.5 customs stars indigenous your towel (I published a star form out, for this reason it would be pretty.)

Line up the stars with the cloth wrong sides together and sew a zig zag stitch approximately the edges. Leave a 1 inch opened for the stuffing and dowel. Trim any type of excess fabric and also use a tiny fray check where necessary.

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Stuff her star through stuffing. Include the dowel and use a generous amount of hot glue to host it in place. Sew the rest of the opened closed if you have to after applying the glue. Reduced a few ribbons to around 24 inches (Or however long you want them- mine were muck longer because I cutting wrapping paper ribbon.). Sew or warm glue them together at the middle and hot adhesive to the wand.

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