You just bought a new handheld shower, and also it came v a holder that has a suction cup top top the back. As convenient together it looks, over there is a opportunity that it can just refuse to stick to the wall.

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How carry out you obtain a suction cup to stick to a tile wall surface in the shower?

To make suction cups stick come the wall surface without fail, make certain the cup and the wall surface are fully clean and free of dirt. Use some petroleum jelly ~ above the wall to enhance suction. Now press the suction cup ~ above the wall surface with together much force as possible. Hold it the push for around 15 to 30 seconds.

Bathroom accessories with suction cups are a godsend for civilization who carry out not desire to drill holes in your beautiful bathroom tiles. Drilling a hole in brick carries the risk of damaging the tile and also ruining the aesthetics of her bathroom.

If you find out to stick lock properly, girlfriend will understand that a suction cup is fantastic alternative to screws and also bolts. However, there are countless impediments to a suction cup’s sticking and also staying power.

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Another way to ensure a stronger grip is to usage silicon sealant or adhesive instead of petroleum jelly. Silicone seals prefer magic and also will keep the bond continues to be airtight because that years. You will be surprised byhow lot they have the right to endureif as necessary stuck.


Follow the ideal method, and you can get a suction cup to stick come the tile like magic. Remember, the crucial is to begin with a clean surface and also a clean cup. Best of luck!