If you"d choose to shot your hand at connecting with spirits, friend don"t have to head out to your nearest toy and also game keep for a talking board. Instead, you deserve to make your own Ouija board and planchette using a an easy design. With your DIY Ouija board, you"ll be ready to interact with spirits in no time.

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sample to make Your own Ouija Board

deserve to you make your own ouija board and will it work? correctly! You have the right to learn exactly how to do a ouija board with a finish pattern and design, consisting of the planchette. To perform this Ouija board DIY, click the photo to pull up the pattern and also then print. One page has actually the full board and the complete planchette. You have the right to use added pages top top the sample as aspects to produce a larger Ouija board. If you need help, top the guide for Adobe Printables.

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published Ouija board and also planchette architecture 1/4 inch hardwood piece, cut to 11x14 inches v edges sanded smooth special cardboard Foam handmade brush Scissors Pencil


publish the designs for the Ouija board and also planchette. Cut out the planchette design. location the wood piece on a job-related surface and brush top top a special layer of decoupage medium. Very closely place the published board style over the hardwood piece, lining up the edges. Smooth out any kind of air bubbles v your hands. Permit this to dried to because that about fifty percent an hour while you occupational on the planchette. ar the cut-out planchette design on the cardboard and also trace around it with a pencil. Repeat this procedure so you have actually two similar cardboard planchette shapes. Apply a class of decoupage tool to one of the cardboard pieces and also line increase the 2 pieces to adhesive them together for a more thickness planchette. Apply another layer that decoupage tool to the top of the cardboard planchette and place the printed planchette design on top, lining up the edges. Smooth out any type of air bubbles and collection it next to dry for half an hour while girlfriend go ago to working on the board. Liberally brush decoupage medium over the board, making certain you covering the edges well. Smooth out any kind of drip marks v your brush. Job-related to store the surface ar smooth. return to the planchette, brushing decoupage medium over the whole surface, front and back. Collection it increase on painter"s pyramids to permit both sides to dry. alternative between the board and the planchette till you have used four coats of decoupage tool to each. Enable them to dry completely for 24 hours. when the planchette is dry, put three self-adhesive felt pads on the bottom come act together feet and allow it come glide clear on the board.


usage the extra designs had in the printable or some fun art gives to customize your Ouija board even more. Shot these ideas:

make a bigger board by including the extra published elements around the edges of a bigger piece the wood. ~ you"ve pasted the paper printable come the hardwood piece, use paint or markers to add color aspects to the design. Enable the arts to dry and also then use the decoupage tool as usual. paint or stain the edges of the board a contrasting color before using the decoupage medium. repaint or stain the earlier of the plank for a nice touch. If you"re handy through power tools, usage a jigsaw to cut the planchette out of wood instead of cardboard.


Follow traditional Ouija board rules and guidelines for use. A couple of tips:

Only have two world with their fingertips really lightly top top the planchette. The touch need to be so light you have the right to slip a piece of document underneath the fingers with tiny resistance. have actually one person not poignant the planchette write down the letter as they are spelled.

how to do a file or Cardboard Ouija Board

For your DIY Ouija board, it doesn"t need to be so an intricate or complex. Because that a quick and easy disposable ouija board, create the board style on a item of record or cardboard and also tape it securely to the surface you"ll be using. Then, revolve a glass upside under to use as a planchette. Friend can likewise place the document or cardboard underneath a level sheet of clean plexiglass or certain it to the table through placing clean contact paper over the top and also use her upturned glass as a planchette. The plexiglass or contact record will safeguard the document and allow the glass to slide an ext smoothly. You"ll beat the document or cardboard Ouija board in the same way you would certainly with any type of other.

just how to make a soul Board

A spirit board is essentially a Ouija board by any other name. You don"t must use an official Ouija board design to produce a heart board. Use any type of placement that letters, correct or no, good-bye, and other style elements and you have actually a customized soul board.

exactly how to style Your very own Ouija Board

Many human being think the the design of the Ouija plank itself is what provides it work. In fact, most Ouija board professionals recognize this isn"t the situation at all. The seems many of the energies or power of the board come native people, therefore the design itself has very tiny impact on whether the board will work. However, there are a couple of basic accuse to follow if you desire to do your own Ouija boards. This guidelines will certainly ensure her board functions properly. Beyond the simple design, friend are free to add additional images or functions as you check out fit.

There space a couple of basic architecture features the you"ll require to incorporate in your Ouija board design in order because that it to work-related properly.

include Letters and also Numbers

In 1891, Charles Kennard occurred one that the very first major execution of the Ouija plank in the united States. The plank was straightforward with letters in the middle, numbers underneath, the native "yes" and also "no" lettered along the top and "GOODBYE" in ~ the bottom. It likewise featured a couple of very simple designs sparsely decorating each corner of the board. Any simple Ouija board this particular day should, at a minimum, administer all letter of the alphabet, all ten numerals and also those 3 words for simple communication.

hardwood Works Best

while some people create Ouija boards out of assorted materials, including cardboard, countless occultists think wood is the finest material to use since it retains earth energy that serves to focus spiritual energies and foster an ext effective superordinary communication.

Embellishments Aren"t Necessary

The designs the adorned each corner of the initial Ouija board in 1891 room not crucial to the to work of the board. However, countless people think symbolism is a solid element that the heart world, and also that the moon, crescent, and stars are helpful in channeling spiritual communication.

Make certain It has a Smooth Finish

Another an essential element of a really active Ouija plank is the the planchette that rests on height of the board requirements to be able to glide effortlessly and smoothly across the surface ar of the board. This way after stenciling the design on the challenge of the board, girlfriend should apply a great clear cloak finish, or also a slim glass sheet, over the confront of the board.

include Your Own distinctive Touches

In addition to designing your Ouija board using those simple features, you deserve to also add additional touches that won"t influence the work of the board.

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Try different pictures and designs: Ouija boards throughout the years were produced with a wide variety of patterns and also even photos on the face. Today, people are supplied to the standard and well-known Parker Brother"s Ouija plank design. However, a couple of other designs throughout the years included Magic Marvel native the 1940s, Rajah featuring elephants and also snake charmers, and also even the Mystic Board native the 1940s featuring interesting Egyptian designs. Friend can use your very own designs, such together your zodiac indications or anything rather that"s meaningful to you, and the board will still work just as well.

Try various words: another interesting tactic many contemporary board designers use is to customize a board based on the heart they are communicating with. Because that example, if the spirit of a small girl mentions a "toy" often, some board designers may customize a plank with the word "toy" top top it. Girlfriend can incorporate as countless words together you can fit; just make certain to leave sufficient room because that the planchette to glide end it conveniently so words will display in the indicator window. Find a planchette the glides: The an equipment that human being place your fingertips on that glides across the face of the plank is a tiny more difficult to design. You might create your very own using a tiny regular shame or pointed piece of wood. Cut a hole in the facility for viewing, connect four tiny legs and also place felt pads ~ above the feet to protect against scratching the board. Use the lightest timber you can discover for best results. One more option is to use the planchette out of an old store bought Ouija board. Some world even use an overturned shot glass in location of a planchette.

will a Homemade Ouija board Work?

There"s no factor why a homemade Ouija board wouldn"t work-related in the very same manner as a purchased one as lengthy as you produce a lightweight planchette the slides smoothly follow me the board"s surface. Nevertheless of which architecture you pick for your customized Ouija board, just be sure that before you usage the board that you understand how it works and also what"s associated with interacting with the spirit world. There"s a great deal of debate surrounding the security of such communication, so it"s always much better to educate you yourself first. Developing a Ouija board design that mirrors your own interest and tastes have the right to give secondary sense of energy and also a personal touch into the procedure of interacting with the spirit world.

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