Minecraft servers are great. They allow you to play with your friends and meet new people.

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If you are here, I am assuming you have probably wanted to play some sort of survival world or adventure map with your friends. Though, you don’t know how to. Or maybe you do know, you just don't have the capability to port forward.

Minecraft servers are tricky though. Unless you have an unused computer lying around, you will have to run the server on the machine you will be playing on. If you have a decent computer this shouldn’t be an issue.

I had a good solution to that though. I was given an old laptop that was unused. I already had a good computer, so this wasn’t of much use. I actually decided to turn it into a Minecraft server. It was fairly easy, and if you want to learn how to revive an old computer like this then check out my post about how to save a dying laptop.

Step 1. Install the Minecraft server.

If you are looking for what server software to install check out Yive’s Mirror, they have the most common server software. https://yivesmirror.com

Click on the downloads tab and a bunch of options should show up:



I will be using Paper 1.14.4 in this tutorial. I downloaded it and saved it in a folder called ‘PaperServer’

Now to install Paper open up a command window. Type WinKey + R and then ‘cmd’ in the box. Navigate to where you stored your server *.jar file using the change directory command (cd). E.g ‘cd C:\Users\Me\Downloads\Paper’

Simply type ‘java -jar Paper-latest.jar’ (replace Paper-latest.jar with the name of your server jar file). After you do that it will tell you to agree to the EULA. Open up eula.txt in a text editor and change ‘eula=false’ to ‘eula=true’.

Now you can run ‘java -jar Paper-latest.jar’ again. It should create the server and the world. Assuming that went without error we can go onto the next part.

2. Setting up the port-forwarding

Now we can actually expose the server to the internet so that your friends can play. We will use a very useful piece of software called Ngrok. Ngrok allows anyone to expose their ports to the internet using their domain for free. Simply sign up for an account and head to the get started page.

In step 3 you should see something that says ‘Connect your account’. Look to where it says ‘./ngrok authtoken XXXXX’ and copy XXXXX (XXXXX being your authtoken). Save this for later.

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Click download for ‘your OS’, in my case Windows. It should download as a zip file. Just unzip it in whatever directory you want. Similar to before, open up CMD and navigate to where you unzipped the Ngrok zip file.