A genuine image and also a virtual picture are different forms of image. The key difference between real and virtual pictures lies in the means in which they space produced. A real photo is created when beam converge, whereas a virtual image occurs whereby rays only appear to diverge. Let united state look at more differences in between real images and virtual photos in this article.

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Difference between Real Image and Virtual Image

To obtain a real photo the light source and the display screen must be put on the exact same plane. Real images are derived using a converging lens or a concave mirror. The dimension of the real image depends top top the location of the object.

A virtual image is an upright picture that is achieved where the light ray seem to diverge. A virtual picture is created with the assist of a diverging lens or a convex mirror. A virtual picture is found by tracing real rays that emerge from an optical maker backward to regarded or noticeable origins of ray divergences. Because the rays never really converge, a virtual photo cannot it is in projected top top a screen.

Difference in between Real Image and Virtual Image
Real ImageVirtual Image
Real photos are invertedVirtual pictures are erect
Convex lenses kind a genuine image Concave lenses form a digital image
Real pictures are formed on the screenVirtual images show up to it is in on the lens or the mirror itself
Real images are formed by a concave mirrorConvex mirror kind a digital image
Real images are formed because of the actual intersection of irradiate raysVirtual photos are formed due to the imagine intersection of light rays

Therefore, we have the right to say the the difference in between real and also virtual pictures is the the genuine image can be acquired on the screen whereas the virtual image cannot be acquired on the screen.

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Following is the beam diagram of actual image:


Following is the ray diagram of virtual image:


These were some differences between the real image and also virtual image. If you great to find out more, download BYJU’S The discovering App.


Image formed by lenses: Concave and Convex lensConcave and Convex Lenses:Image Formation