Drug test happen much more commonly than you think—whether you’re who looking to gain into your first job, who hoping come jump into your dream company, or who trying not to get fired. Let’s confront it, act coke or heroin isn’t the ideal life decision you can make. But do you yes, really deserve to shed a job just because you prefer to light a joint up top top a Saturday night v your buddies?

That’s why artificial urine kits are easily accessible and why civilization actually require them.

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These points actually have directions on how to use them and also frankly, you have to follow them to a T. That’s because there’s a trick come passing your medicine screening utilizing a fake piss kit—you need to acquire the temperature right.

The an essential is to keep your fake piss in ~ 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit because that’s the selection that real human being urine generally plays within once it’s submitted for a test. Take it from us when we say the you’ll fail the screening if your “pee” doesn’t have the correct temperature.

So here’s the big question: exactly how do you store your fake piss warm for your medicine screening?

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How to keep Urine Warm and also Fresh

The thing about synthetic to pee is you have the right to keep that on the shelf till you should use it. Once your screening is coming up, you’ll need to do her due preparations. For starters, you have to turn ~ above the heating pad and put it in between the urine pouch and also the adjustable belt.

The instructions will tell you that the product should be pressed versus your body because that an hour before you submit it to the lab. What numerous users execute is they press the pee pouch versus their own bodies because that two hrs just so they can gain the best temperature.

The fact is that the heater pad lasts for up to eight hours, for this reason there’s yes, really no have to worry around it not doing that job.

You need to keep in mind that the tube demands to be face down when the pee bag is worn through the flexible belt. If her tube is too long, girlfriend can cut it with a pair the scissors. Yet be careful due to the fact that if you reduced the tube too short, you might run into a few hiccups follow me the way.

How to gain the Temperature Right

If you desire to pass your test—and we’re assuming you do due to the fact that why would you it is in reading about fake to pee otherwise—your fabricated urine need to be kept at human body temperature. Remember that the sample will certainly be tested for temperature immediately after you submit it come the lab technician. If the doesn’t autumn within 98 come 100 degrees, it i will not ~ fly and you’re certainly failing the test.

Here are some tips to save your fake pee in ~ the desired temperature. The very first on the perform is to attach your offered heating pad come the container holding your artificial urine.

How to keep Pee heat (for Both Males and Females)

Here’s a rapid list of things you can do to gain the temperature the your artificial urine at just the best range.

Hand Warmers

You can obtain hand warmers at many different department stores and also hardware stores. When you’re prepared to usage them, simply open the package, take them out, and then line the chemicals with each other in the pouch. If you require to warm the container up, just put the pouches up versus the container of synthetic urine.

The common practice is to start with one pouch. However there are various other users that would introduce using two hand warmers at the same time. They’re cheap anyway, and they duty much prefer heating pads. So if the heating pad isn’t working and also you’d like, then you have the right to resort come the hand warmers.


Begin the heating procedure by placing the fake piss into the microwave. Us can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you be careful when utilizing the microwave due to the fact that you won’t desire to overheat the synthetic urine. Check first how an effective your microwave is. If that pretty strong, then you can start by making use of 10-second intervals.

Remember that you desire the pee come be about 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’ve accomplished the wanted temperature, strap top top the heater pad and also then place the flask versus your body. The idea is to keep the fake pee at the ideal temperature by utilizing both your body temperature and the heating pad. Simply watch out and don’t overheat the sample and also you’ll it is in fine.

Heating Pads

You can obtain heating pads in every shapes and sizes. If you’re utilizing them for your synthetic urine, the kits that girlfriend buy virtual will usually incorporate the heating pads. Lock are easy to use because all you should do is mix the chemicals within the pouch and they will have the ability to produce heat. Each heating pad must be great for around eight hours, i beg your pardon is sufficient time to store the pee warm.

You can also use hand warmers in case there is a difficulty with the heater pads. Or far better yet, quick Fix and also Monkey Whizz kit (read review here) space two of the alternatives. After all, there are a many of means to obtain the fake pee’s temperature right. Therefore don’t panic in the occasion that the heating pad is no working and also you would like.

Quick solve Bundled Heater Packs

You can get bundled heater packs in addition to your Quick settle Plus 6.2, especially if you want to make certain that the artificial urine is at the ideal temperature for testing. Purchase the bundled heater load will likewise give you that included sense the security, especially due to the fact that we understand just how these medicine tests can make or break her career.

These heater packs are made with certain chemicals that, once mixed, will cause a heat reaction. They will last for eight hours, too, so there is no should worry around whether or not they will avoid working before they should.

It will aid to purchase your synthetic urine kit ahead the time just so you will certainly feel much more confident about that new job opportunity.

These days, there yes, really is no need to get paranoid over passing a conventional urine medicine test, specifically with all these new options available on the market.

You have the right to just bespeak quick fix synthetic urine kit online from an authorized store and also have it delivered to your house the next day. As soon as you obtain the package, make certain to open it and also check if the kit is included. After ~ that, you’re an excellent to go.

Best the all, the quick Fix go together heater package will obtain the project done and also have her fake pee at the ideal preferred temperature for your screening. If you are worried about hiding the fake pee, don’t; these kit come through a flask. So friend can easily hide that on your human when you get in the lab.

Plus, friend can connect the rapid Fix come the urine flask and also it will automatically begin to heat it up.

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Synthetic urine kits have end up being a godsend to human being who need a method to pass medicine tests while no necessarily kicking the habit of lighting up. ~ all, nobody really deserves to shed a project over weed of every things. As soon as you’ve chose to buy part fake piss to acquire you v that screening, you have the right to rest assured the there will be accuse to guide you through the process.

Not only that, however there are sufficient ways to assist you store your synthetic pee fresh and also warm so that it overcome off as the real thing. Make certain you follow the direction closely and also you’ll it is in fine. Good luck!