The nation of Madagasautomobile is only reachable via sea. This suggests that if the country closes its shipyard prior to I reach it tbelow is no means I have the right to perhaps win… or is there?

How deserve to I occupational about this?



Okay, so it"s been a while given that I beat Pandemic 2 and also acquired Kongregate"s President Madagasautomobile Assassin Badge, but I"ll attempt to answer with what I remember.

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Be Infectious, yet not Deadly

You have the right to alter your infectious illness at will. Because infected human being never before become uninfected, it"s a totally valid strategy to infect as many type of civilization as possible and also then mutate right into a 100% mortality price disease.

Be Infectious, yet Invisible

You carry out have to be cautious yet, bereason also decidedly non-deadly illness may spark airport / harbor closure, which may make Madagasvehicle the human"s ideal hideout. Don"t go for the High Infection, High Visible symptoms, it"s counteractive to your goal of INFECTING EVERY PATHETIC HUMAN ON EARTH.Remember - transgoals lead to closures!

Be a Virus

The benefits of quick mutation much outway the benefits of the various other vectors.

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Start in Madagascar

Or Canada, New Zealand, Cuba, Greenland also, or West Europe. The allude is, because these nations tend to be most basic to cshed, you might as well start tbelow, to cut out on some headaches later on. You have the right to sindicate remake brand-new games till you get one of these countries.

And finally, a TLDR from the Kongregate comments:

Pick Virus.Start in Canada, New Zealand, Cuba, Greenland, WestEurope, or Madagasautomobile. If you execute notget tright here restart.Sell thefounding symptoms, and also buy sneezing(unless it is what you started with,just save it).Buy 1-1-1-0resistances yet no transmissions (theycreate closures).Once fournations are infected, sell sneezingto remove visibility.Waittill all countries are infected. IfMadagasauto closes itsshipyards/boundaries or is not infectedin 30 days, rebegin.Buy all fourdrug resistances AND sneezing,coughing, and vomiting.After a fewdays, unlock tiers 2-3, (execute not buytier 4 ever!) maintaining whateversymptoms it provides you.Buy fever,tiredness, diarrhoea, pulmonary edema,and also hypersensitivity. Then save forkidney faientice and also ataxia.