The nation of Madagascar is just reachable through sea. This method that if the country closes the shipyard before I with it there is no way I deserve to possibly win… or is there?

How can I work roughly this?



Okay, for this reason it"s been a while since I to win Pandemic 2 and also got Kongregate"s chairman Madagascar Assassin Badge, but I"ll shot to answer with what i remember.

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Be Infectious, yet not Deadly

You can transform your infectious an illness at will. Since infected civilization never become uninfected, it"s a completely valid strategy to infect together many world as feasible and then mutate right into a 100% mortality rate disease.

Be Infectious, yet Invisible

You do need to be cautious however, due to the fact that even decidedly non-deadly diseases may spark airplane / harbor closure, which might make Madagascar the human"s ideal hideout. Don"t walk for the High Infection, High visible symptoms, it"s counteractive to her goal that INFECTING EVERY PATHETIC human being ON EARTH.Remember - transmissions result in closures!

Be a Virus

The benefits of quick mutation far outway the services of the other vectors.

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Start in Madagascar

Or Canada, new Zealand, Cuba, Greenland, or West Europe. The suggest is, because these countries tend come be simplest to close, girlfriend may as well start there, to reduced out on part headaches later. You have the right to simply remake brand-new games until you gain one of this countries.

And finally, a TLDR native the Kongregate comments:

Pick Virus.Start in Canada, new Zealand, Cuba, Greenland, WestEurope, or Madagascar. If you execute notget there restart.Sell thestarting symptoms, and buy sneezing(unless that is what you began with,just keep it).Buy 1-1-1-0resistances but no transmissions (theytrigger closures).Once fourcountries space infected, offer sneezingto remove visibility.Waituntil all countries are infected. IfMadagascar closes itsshipyards/borders or is no infectedin 30 days, restart.Buy all fourdrug resistances and sneezing,coughing, and also vomiting.After a fewdays, unlock tiers 2-3, (do no buytier 4 ever!) keeping whateversymptoms it offers you.Buy fever,fatigue, diarrhoea, pulmonary edema,and hypersensitivity. Then save forkidney failure and ataxia.