Howard is a continual lucid dreamer. He likes finding means to boost his lucid episodes and enjoy the dream world.

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How to Dream around What (and Who) You want to Dream about

During a lucid dream, it’s feasible to watch someone specific—whomever friend want. If you’re interested in learning how to dream about a particular person, it’s necessary that girlfriend have currently had some success in afford lucidity. Having actually lucid desires at the very least semi-regularly, will provide you the avenues you must practice the following techniques.

If lucid dreaming is brand-new to you, or girlfriend still battle to reach or keep lucidity in a dream, there’s too many of good information available to assist you job-related on this. Usage your favorite lucid dreaming source to learn the basics first. I additionally have an article on lucid dreaming because that beginners the will help you get started if you're new to the people of lucid dreams.

When friend think you’re sufficiently competent in those skills, here’s the following step ns suggest. Simply don't asking me anything about the waking world; i don't know a thing about it.

How come Dream about Someone Specific

An important prerequisite is to collection it firmly in her mind that as soon as you’re dreaming you will view this human being whenever you want. Tell yourself that once you end up being lucid, it will certainly be basic to find this person. This should be done multiple time a day till it pertains to mind in your dreams.

Achieving a level the dream control probably won't come easily or easily. This is due to the fact that you should view the dream human being in the opposite means you normally view the world. Concerning dream manipulation, Daniel Love, in his excellent publication Are you Dreaming? trying out Lucid Dreams: A comprehensive Guide, states "All you have to do is to genuinely expect and also believe such things to it is in possible." He additionally points the end that this is daunting and will take practice. This book is one of the many thorough lucid dreaming resources I've ever before seen.

Once you’re lucid, you should stay relaxed. If you’re it is too dirty or worse yet, desperate, it won’t work. Remember the your dream step is being created by her mind, so her emotions impact what happens. If you’re worried the it won’t work, your mind will find a means to create endless obstacles until your dream time runs out or it division down.

I’ll go over the various approaches now, and then summary a brief pre-bed routine to assist prime her mind because that success.

6 approaches for Dreaming that Someone

All that the techniques must be done with confidence and also calmness. Try not to get too discouraged if you only make that partway, or fail to acquire anywhere. It’s not unusual to have to make numerous attempts at various stages prior to you have the right to stay in the right framework of mind to succeed.

Once you come to be lucid and also stabilize your dream, any kind of of the complying with methods could permit you to watch a specific person. Experiment through them all, or focus on the one or 2 that appeal come you the most.

Here are six different methods for getting someone you choose to appear in her dream. Store in mind that these space not guaranteed to work and also you might need to practice using lock a pair of times prior to they begin to pay turn off for you.

Spin a scene.Imagine a scene.Tell yourself the they room behind the door or around the corner.Ask whereby they are.Go come them.Ask them come take her hand.

1. Spin a Scene

Spin approximately for about 5-10 seconds. During the spin, photo the scene you want to enter, including your human of choice. Prevent spinning, persuaded that the scene and person will materialize.

2. Imagine a Scene

Close your dream eyes and also imagine the room or venue through the person of your an option in it. Wait until the photo is strong, then, open up your eye with complete expectation the you will enter the scene.

3. Behind a Door or approximately a Corner

If there’s a door in your dream, call yourself the ____ is behind the door. Open up it v the expectation that you’ll watch them.

Another way to carry out it is come knock ~ above the door. You can think that the person will answer. Or if girlfriend prefer, have no expectation around who will answer, and instead, call that human being that you’re below to check out ____, believing that they’ll get the person and also be ideal back.

A recurring location in mine lucid dreams is the hallway of an apartment building; so countless doors, so numerous chances for this an approach to work.

Another method is to walk come a corner, expecting the person to it is in on the other side.

4. Just Ask

If there room other world present, ask one of them wherein your human of selection is. Have actually the expectation the they will suggest the person out directly or allude to a location an extremely close by.

You can also tell everyone is there to go acquire the human being you want to see. (I discover this come be really reliable.)

5. Walk to Them

If your dream is collection near a place that your person would be, walk there. It can be your home, school, location of work—anywhere you’d suppose to watch them.

I just recommend this an approach if the location is yes, really close by. If possible, fly to the location so you get there quickly. If the travel takes too lengthy it’s straightforward to gain distracted follow me the way; in ~ worst you have the right to lose her lucidity, at ideal it provides up your dream time.

6. Take My Hand

Close your eyes, expand your hands and also say “Take mine hand ____.” Wait happily and also expect the person to take your hand. As soon as you feeling it, open up your eyes and also there castle are.

If girlfriend Succeed

When the human being is in sight, it’s vital to remain calm. Don’t acquire stressed the the human doesn’t want to watch you. Don’t take it any action that argues the human wants to get away from you, choose running towards them, or trying come sneak increase on them.

Greet the person happily and fully expect the they’ve been waiting for you and also are glad to view you.

If you make it this far, congratulations! It have to only get much easier the an ext you try.

Prime her Mind

As you’re lied in bed, prior to going to sleep, imagine a dream scene whereby you end up being lucid, to speak “I’m going to watch _____ now”, and also with a patience attitude, spreading the technique of her choice. Snapshot the human appearing and greet lock cheerfully. Imagine castle greeting friend happily, in whatever means you choose—with a smile, a hug, or everything seems most natural.

Keep Trying

Being able come dream about whomever friend want through some regularity isn’t easy. The information offered here is just a starting point. Keep thinking about your dreams, consisting of where things tend to walk wrong.

At first, ns recommend law the pre-bed visualization through all the methods, therefore they’ll concerned mind if an opportunity presents itself; in ~ the really least, you’ll gain experience indigenous the attempt. After a while, you might find that one of the approaches is far better suited to the type of desires you usually have. If so, by all means, focus on the one once you remind yourself through the day and also pre-bedtime. (I have actually the many success through #3 and also #4, and sometimes #6)

As you obtain experience v this kind of dream control, you could even think that a method yourself that’s well suited to her dreams.

Ideally, you’ll gain the entire process of lucid dreaming and dream control, without gaining too irritable (and I understand it can be terribly frustrating, particularly when you lose the dream or human being at the last moment), maintaining in mind that you have actually a lifetime to practice and explore.

I hope this helps, and also keep in ~ it!

This article is accurate and true to the finest of the author’s knowledge. Contents is for informational or entertainment functions only and does not substitute for personal counsel or skilled advice in business, financial, legal, or technological matters.

© 2014 Howard Allen


Howard Allen (author) top top June 22, 2020:

Yes. Periodically they just happen.

human the loves BTS and TAEHYUNGGG ~ above June 22, 2020:

Can you randomly have actually a lucid dream?

Howard Allen (author) on march 19, 2020:

Yes. You have the right to tell them. That wouldn't be bad, yet it could distract friend from her lucidity if you gain into an discussion with someone. It deserve to be interesting to tell world in your desires that they're not real. You'll probably obtain a variety of reactions.

Taehyung on in march 19, 2020:

Can friend tell the civilization in your lucid dream that you room lucid dreaming ? If girlfriend tell them would certainly it be bad to perform it ?

Howard Allen (author) on march 03, 2020:

Yes. You deserve to make things appear just favor people. It's no easy, though. You have actually to fully believe that the object will appear. For many people, it would take lots of practice and also failed attempts prior to getting proficient.

The 23rd doctor on march 02, 2020:

Can I provide myself anything in the dream realm. Choose the ben10 clock or the TARDIS or the bttf delorean. Or the amour the iron man l, the shield of captian America, Thor's hammer or battle axe, shazams powers eco-friendly arrow's bow and arrows?

The23rd doctor on march 02, 2020:

Can I develop something then have actually it in the dream realm

Howard Allen (author) on January 18, 2020:


It's possible but it's no a reliable means to affect your dreams. Act something you commonly do, prefer eating, more than likely won't be far-reaching enough.

For various other things, it generally takes a few weeks because that it to present up in your dreams. Because that example, if you start playing basketball, most most likely you will certainly dream around it eventually. In my experience, it's usually about 3 weeks prior to something brand-new I'm doing reflects up in a dream.

Ender ~ above January 18, 2020:


I just uncovered this and also I'm yes, really excited to try this tonight! but I understand I need to keep make the efforts so ns will try to store myself indigenous not gaining too excited around it and also I have a question.

Can you possibly do something in actual life and also it goes right into your dream???

For example: eating some cereal prior to bed then you will have actually the same cereal in your dream.

Is this possible???

Howard Allen (author) ~ above November 21, 2019:


All the methods here require friend to be in a lucid dream first. For this reason you're closing and opening her dream eye in the example.

Thomas Phelps on November 21, 2019:

what perform you median by open your eye if you execute you wake up. Duhhhhhhh!

LucieK on October 24, 2019:

i didnt check out the entirety article, yet i occasionally can speak to out a dream about my crush... If its far-reaching enough. Never ever remember exactly how i walk it.. Except thinking around them a lot. Additionally I had many lucid dreams and dreams i might come ago to. Its fascinating.

Howard Allen (author) top top June 03, 2019:

You only have to know what they look like.

Maria top top June 03, 2019:

Is the true the in order because that someone to show up in your dream, you need to at least see castle or understand them??

Howard Allen (author) top top June 02, 2019:

Yes. You can dream about fictional characters as with you can dream of anyone else.

Cookie ~ above June 02, 2019:

Ello. Is it possible to dream about fake characters, due to the fact that I would favor to dream about me and Jimmy neutron. And if I select what I desire him to do with me in mine head, would certainly he perform it v no problem? If so, you re welcome get back to me when you gain the chance. ~Cookie

Howard Allen (author) on might 21, 2019:

If you're dreaming, your dream self will certainly be standing up while doing this. If you're doing a mental rehearsal, you'll be imagining a dream scene wherein you're standing and also spinning, yet you can be in any kind of position while doing this.

I want to lucid dream on might 20, 2019:


For the turn a scene space you physically expected to stand up and spin while thinking around your dream scene or what are you intended to do?

Meleniel on might 20, 2019:

Hey Howard and readers, Melissa again.

Your tips have actually made a breaking allude in mine attempts at lucid dreaming, I've told girlfriend so 2 weeks ago.

Now I'm in front of a second hurdle where I dream that ns am lucid dreaming! have the right to you think this? i will job-related my method through.

I feel choose I'm so much closer to being in charge of my subconscious. Give thanks to you so lot for your guidance.

To anyone analysis this: if you are placing your mind come it, you can make it. Go for whatever you want in your dreams, and also in life.

Sleep well everyone.


Howard Allen (author) on might 07, 2019:

Sounds favor you did really well. How strongly you think the person will appear certainly influence the result. But there space no guarantees. The suffer you had actually is a great start. Next time, you'll probably acquire further. Try not to be also concerned about it, though. This things deserve to be really hit and also miss, even for those who've to be there before.

Melissa on might 07, 2019:

Just around two main after analysis this and being conscious of how it works, I had a lucid dream critical night.

Total regulate over a dream is mind blowing. Say thanks to you so much for the tips and tricks!

However, i wonder... Also if I hosted my hand back, they did not take it, and also when i asked a passerby whereby they would be, he avoided answering.

Are over there rules to meeting special people in our dreams? Or is the my will certainly that was rather lacking? If so, i'll acquire them following time, or proceed trying until I do.

Thank friend again.

Shadow top top December 30, 2018:

It's funny, the few dreams I had the ability to somewhat regulate where nightmares. Ns was like "its fine" and then i would certainly curl up, close my "dream eyes" and also think around music i choose or people/characters ns like. Ns once obtained Loki to show up in among my nightmares.

Btw, I would be terrified about technique 3; many horror gamings use that together a source and therefore my brain is similar to "nope"

Howard Allen (author) top top September 10, 2018:

You're in a little group come lucid dream the often! I'm not aware of any danger though.

A Person on September 10, 2018:

I always Lucid dream every night, it's quite cool, it's simply kinda Dangerous!

Faith on July 31, 2018:

I'm really happy come say this in reality worked. Thanks!

Howard Allen (author) ~ above July 13, 2018:


I'm no sure about how come dream more often. It can be a matter of remembering more of her dreams. Having desires on her mind end a duration of time can tell your brain they're an ext important. This can make it feel favor you're dreaming an ext often if girlfriend remember much more of them.

There are techniques of making your desires longer, if you're lucid. Engaging her senses in the dream civilization is the standard. Rubbing your hands and arms together have the right to ground you in the dream. One more really efficient things is come spin around. The turn is particularly good when you feeling the dream slipping away. It can propel you into a brand-new scene instead.

Karli ~ above July 12, 2018:

I desire to dream about a male I like yet I’m a light sleeper and also my desires are constantly really quick how deserve to I dream the him more often and also or longer?

Thanks- Karli

Maddy Skutt on June 23, 2018:

i remember lucid dreaming a few times, however one of lock wasnt yes, really a dream. Ns guess ns could call it a lucid nightmare. I was Surf boarding and i mental there gift a big shark and it little bit me. Then i woke up and my leg to be asleep, that was really weird.

Howard Allen (author) top top June 23, 2018:


I'm not mindful of any type of dangers or difficulties with lucid dreaming.

Ninucadvali ~ above June 23, 2018:

i have actually one question, is lucid dreaming danger or go it have actually dark sides?

Howard Allen (author) top top June 17, 2018:


That sounds like a #4. Nicely done. Happy you're having actually some lucid dreaming success.

LizzybethHeart ~ above June 16, 2018:

I've lucid dreamy before, however last time once he appeared, he stated why did i ask the to walk there at the time. The ar was mine school and he to be anxious at an initial because that the fans. We finished up video chatting. Also, i didn't mean to lucid dream, yet ended up saying that i wish he was there with me. One of the girls left class (we werent act anything in music) and got him, for this reason yay #4?

Howard Allen (author) on June 03, 2018:

Being lucid and exerting some manage over a dream while additionally letting that play out normally is a difficult balance come strike. It's difficult to experience the twists of a dream and also stay lucid at the exact same time. As the scene changes or the people readjust it's simple to become distracted and also forget you're dreaming. I can only suggest that you keep reminding yourself that you're lucid throughout the dream.

Rick ~ above June 03, 2018:

I sometimes have great lucid dreams, and other time I get into a lucid dream and also lose my manage pretty easily. I store doing truth checks and also make records of my most vivid dreams, what much more can I carry out to consistently have actually lucid desires where i am may be to meet someone? The critical time ns was successful, I had actually a really long and also vivid lucid dream, I collection the initial scene i wanted and also then ~ a storyline began to build, I chose to see where the dream would take me. I desire to proceed the dream through this person from specifically where i left yet have had difficulty doing so, since I additionally want to course of the dream to take place much more naturally as it did critical time. How have the right to I execute this?

stacy on might 29, 2018:

am gonna try this hope it works

Howard Allen (author) on may 12, 2018:


The fact that this is recurring is great news. You have the right to daydream this case repeatedly until you immediately doubt what your mother is informing you and also reality inspect instead. Photo yourself in a lucid dream. Have your mother get in the scene and tell you you're not dreaming. This will certainly be the create for you. Collection it in her mind that once your mom tells girlfriend you're no dreaming the you need to reality check. When you reconfirm that you're dreaming, phone call your mom you require to meet with ___ because that a while. Ask her to make certain no one bothers you. A common problem with seeing people in a dream is getting intruded top top by someone else. I uncover it reliable to ask one more dream personality to take treatment of this for me.

Samantha on may 12, 2018:

I’ve has actually this recurring problem whilst lucid dreaming wherein my mother comes in to my dream and also manages to convince me that I’m no longer dreaming and also that whatever is real. Just how do I protect against this from happening? I’ve had actually a dream whereby I managed to meet the person of my selection and wished to proceed it, but last night i was stopped from law so because of this issue.

Howard Allen (author) on may 10, 2018:

Waking increase while lucid is always a possibility. It's yes, really disappointing. It sounds favor you to be doing well. The cat could have distracted you sufficient to wake up up yet it's difficult to recognize for sure. I discover the ideal thing is to remind myself throughout the dream the I'm lucid and stay concentrated on what I desire to do. The usual strategy is to interact your senses therefore you're totally in the dream world - look at around, listen, odor the air, and also touch other (rubbing your hands and arms is good). There are no assures though. Occasionally we're going to wake up.

Anonymous on may 09, 2018:

Hello again, and also sorry to store troubling you. So last night, ns was lastly able to have actually a lucid dream where the human I want to fulfill was exhilaration of their very own accord, there is no me consciously thinking about what they should do first. I discovered them go around, and then adhered to them and also they concerned a cornered room and simply as ns was about to speak come them, mine cat appeared. Ns was still aware I was dreaming in ~ this suggest but believed that summary petting mine cat wouldn’t delay me that lot in meeting the person, and also I believed that now I was lucid and also had a day wherein I knew ns did not have to wake increase as beforehand as usual, if ns felt myself waking up i would have the ability to pull myself back into the dream. The difficulty was, as quickly as i stood increase from petting my cat and was around to turn around and also meet the human who to be patiently waiting for me, i woke up so instantly the I could not protect against it. Ns felt really in manage of my dream as soon as with mine cat and felt like I wasn’t petting him for much more than ten seconds. What could have led to me to wake up, and how might I stop it in the future when it happened so suddenly? I understand usually that ns am limited on time come sleep, yet while lucid, i was fully aware that i could allow myself plenty much more time come sleep last night, so i don’t think that was because of that.

Howard Allen (author) top top April 26, 2018:

This sounds like a tricky one. Any dream character to know what girlfriend know, for this reason this is bound come happen. You're expectation to be right but things won't constantly go the means we desire in a dream.

Anonymous top top April 25, 2018:

Thank you because that your fast response. Complying with on indigenous that, I especially met them in ~ a time before a certain event happened, however, once I do a reference to the event, instead of the expectation that they would not know what ns was talk about, they seemed to know specifically what i was talk about. Is this again to carry out with the reality that my own thoughts were derailing them also much, or is it that I took trip to the dorn time?

Howard Allen (author) ~ above April 25, 2018:

This sounds prefer something you would have actually to set in her mind everyday until it sticks. I would tell myself that once I watch this person they will be relaxed and also enjoy themselves and everything will be normal. Ns would perform this until that thought occurred to me in mine dream. Reasoning of that prior to seeing this human should prevent other thoughts indigenous derailing their behavior.

Anonymous top top April 24, 2018:

So I’ve regulated to lucid dream, and to fulfill the human being I really desire to, however they seem exceptionally out of character due to the fact that they just act based off of points I think of. Just how do I stay lucid, yet not have as much regulate over lock so that they come across more naturally?

Jimin top top April 19, 2018:

I desire to dream around BTS cuz i love them an extremely much and also I wanna check out them also when I'm asleep :D

Summer pll fan top top April 12, 2018:

I dreamed around my favourite people in the world and also it was troian belisario shay mitchell sasha peiterse however lucy hale and ashley benson werent there and idk why and also at the begin of the dream us were sharing a house and also hen we went out and some factor i became troian belisario and then i was saying how i i do not know spell mine on display screen name spencer but then we checked out this stage and also wanted to give thanks to the human being on pretty tiny liars and also I couldn’t discover troian and also after that us were laughing with eachother having actually fun i mentioned emison come shay and sasha lock were really happy and then my mum woke me increase cos ns didnt realise it was 3 pm i was angry cos it was going somewhere and i got to satisfy them in mine dream so i want to perform this again this evening so i can satisfy my fave people and also i hope this is every night and also if ns say take it my hand ... I feel like that will job-related so thx for this blog

jennifer on in march 24, 2018:


Howard Allen (author) on march 16, 2018:


Yes, (1) In my experience things feel genuine while lucid dreaming. Periodically they feeling even much more intense than when awake.

(2) No, you can't it is in lucid and also not realize it. Gift lucid method you are aware that you room dreaming. What you described sounds choose a lively dream yet not a lucid one.

Kai on march 15, 2018:

I have 2 questions.

1. Is it feasible to feel things (hit, pinch, kiss) when lucid

2. Deserve to you be lucid and not establish it.

I remember last night seeing my dream very, an extremely clearly. I felt choose I had actually a selection in what i did, however I wasn't thinking "I am dreaming". I was in a instance of the first time ns met who (It to be NOTHING favor the an initial time ns met them, however I mental it being something favor I was ago to the moment and I go something different. Then an unamed (because it's emberassing) thing happened. Appropriate then is when I felt like it was real, yet I didn't recognize I was lucid. Also, I was able to feel (physically favor it to be real) the point that happened. The is why i ask those two questions.

Howard Allen (author) on march 02, 2018:

It's an excellent to be in the habit of truth checking every time you wake up up. Climate you will catch these false awakenings and also get lucid.

From there you can shot breaking out of the paralysis by continuing to be calm and also moving your fingers and also toes. After ~ a while the motion should spread to your arms and also legs and then you'll be able to get up.

Nusi Limbu on march 02, 2018:

The very same pattern happens v me!

I am a very light sleeper, and can hear if someone around is speaking a little loudly. Sometimes my dream gets together with the topic people are discussing about me in their consciousness. Whenever i am lucid dreaming 5/10 possibilities of continue the very same loop through me. Usually beginning with lucid dream and ending top top the bed realising that ns am sleep paralyzied. As soon as one session ends. Ns think i woke increase this time, yet it keeps on happening because that atleast 7 come 8 times. Each time that takes around 2-5 minutes.

And once i finally wake to mine actual consciousness i discover myself in a an extremely coldest form. I would love to hear if you have anything that can assist me with tis stage.

Howard Allen (author) on February 16, 2018:

It sounds choose you have to experiment through lucid dreaming first. Acquiring comfortable with that is a necessary very first step.

Andrea Laughin on February 15, 2018:

I want to dream about someone i love. But I can't regulate my plot or thoughts in dreams.

Howard Allen (author) ~ above February 10, 2018:

Being nervous nearly always renders it impossible. I don't recognize what will help you be safe so ns can't imply anything. That's miscellaneous you have the right to experiment with. Ns would try to view the whole process as an experiment therefore there's no push to make it work.

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Nonename ~ above February 10, 2018:

I wanna dream v brendon urie but i canttt i acquire nervous and also i simply cant close my eyes any type of help?

W on January 05, 2018:

I want to see kelli berglund aka Bree from rap rats

Howard Allen (author) top top October 04, 2017:

Yes. I have dreamed around fictional characters like lock were genuine people.

Marlie Sosa top top October 03, 2017:

Is it possible to dream around a false personality from probably a video clip game or a movie?

Dragon lover top top September 24, 2017:

I desire to watch hiccup indigenous each just how to train her dragon I have actually tried everything however he is not in mine dream when I desire him so i hope this will work