The procedure of gluing hair weave come a stocking cap is dubbed a fast weave or cap weave. Gluing weave come a autumn cap enables you to develop a hair weave style that is similar to a wig. Since the weave is glued to the cap and not to the hair, it can be quickly removed and replaced at any type of time. Producing a lid weave permits you come experiment through a different style, color, length, and also texture that hair there is no causing any type of damage come your natural hair.

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Wash, condition and also blow dried the herbal hair to make certain it"s free of any dirt and oils. Apply a moisturizer come the organic hair and also comb it thoroughly.

Braid the organic hair into a beehive design. Start at the nape that the neck, start cornrowing the hair in a circular activity until you with the crown the the head. For sure the finish of the cornrow come the head utilizing a bobby pin.

Put a plastic shower lid or bag over the organic hair. This is excellent to safeguard the herbal hair from any glue that might soak v the stocking cap. A mannequin"s head may also be offered if it"s similar in dimension to the human being who"ll undertake the cap weave.

Slide a stocking lid over the plastic cap/bag. Make certain the stocking lid is pulled under to the forehead and fits snugly.

Remove the weave indigenous its packaging and place it against the head. Start at the nape of the neck, large the weave indigenous ear come ear to determine just how much weave you will need. As soon as you"ve measure the weave, use scissors to reduced the excess.

Apply weave bonding adhesive to the underside the the weave and also place that on the stocking lid atop the head. Push firmly on the weave come be certain the adhesive adheres to the fall cap.

Continue measuring, cutting and gluing the weave in a circular activity until you reach the crown of the head.

Cut a piece of weave the is around 2 inches long. Apply a tiny amount of weave bonding adhesive to the underside of the weave and roll it tightly (as you would roll a rug) v your fingers.

Allow the rolling weave to dried thoroughly, then separate the hairs down the center of the roll to develop a peak closure piece, says the website Black ladies Beauty Central.

Apply weave bonding glue to the bottom the the rolling weave closure and also place it in ~ the crown that the head. Push firmly ~ above the closure to make certain it"s glued securely, then permit the weave to dried thoroughly. The lid weave need to be worn without the plastic cap/bag.

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