You can’t simply use any glue for felt! feeling is fuzzy and also sometimes challenging to work with, particularly when it comes time to adhesive it down. You need to pick the ideal glue as soon as sticking felt come a material, even if it is it be an ext felt, wood, metal, or plastic.

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What is the finest glue because that felt? The finest glue for felt is tacky glue. However, hot glue and also permanent adhesives choose super and also fabric glues likewise work. When picking glues because that felt, girlfriend should think about the dry time, aesthetic finish, ease of use, and perhaps kid-friendliness.

There are numerous different adhesives to select from, but only a couple of work well as soon as it concerns gluing felt, and those have their pros and cons.

Which is the finest Glue because that Felt?

The finest glue for felt would certainly be tacky glue. However, girlfriend can also use hot glue, a long-term adhesive such as super glue, or towel glue. The type of adhesive you usage will depend on what you space sticking your felt to, the dry time, and also the consistency that the glue.

Using the best glue will only advantage your feeling projects, maintaining them glued down properly, and without any damage being excellent by using the dorn glue.

To help you choose the ideal glue for your felt projects, us have produced a list of features you’ll desire to look for when picking a glue, and also the 7 finest felt glues because that you come use!

How To select The finest Felt Glue

There room so plenty of different craft glues on the sector that promise come stick just around anything together, yet you do should be selective when choosing a adhesive to use for felt.

To ensure that you choose the ideal glue feasible for your felt project, below are some facets to look for and also consider before choosing a glue:

Drying Time

If you favor your craft jobs to it is in ready and finished in a short time and don’t reap waiting because that them come sit and also dry, girlfriend should think about purchasing a adhesive with much shorter drying time. Some glues require a few seconds to dry, while others need to be left overnight.

Make sure to examine the dry time that the glue you room considering, and then decide if you space happy come wait that long, or if it might delay the remainder of your project too much.


For felt jobs you room doing with your kids, you need to pick a kid-friendly glue. This method that the glue have to be non-toxic, easy to clean, basic to occupational with, and probably no a warm glue, relying on your child’s age.

It can be simple for the youngsters to spill some glue here and there, therefore you desire to make certain the glue is not just easy come clean up however that it will not hurt or damage your children skin if they perform mess a bit.

Aesthetic Finish

Different varieties of glue dried differently, which method they have actually various aesthetic differences after they are dry.

If the glue will certainly be visible as soon as your task is completed, girlfriend will likely want to pick a glue that dries clear, and also one which will not dry up or harden the felt. Particular glues are nearly invisible once dry, yet others turn opaque or also yellow, which can ruin the look at of her project.

Ease the Use

Working v felt can end up being quite frustrating fairly quickly if the fuzzy feel ends begin sticking come the glue and everything gets clogged up. Make certain the glue you choose is straightforward to use, and also that the applications won’t bring around too much stress.

Whether the glue comes in a bottle v a nozzle, a brush, or a to express applicator, make sure it is reasonably easy come use and the glue won’t dry out if left for too long.

The 7 best Glues because that Felt

Hot glue, tacky glue, at sight glue, and also fabric glue are an excellent choices when it pertains to felt. Below are the finest 7 of these glues, which will be good with your felt handmade projects!

Rank7 best Glues for FeltKey Features
1.Aleene’s initial Tacky GlueDries clear, won"t saturate felt
2.Elmer’s handmade Bond Tacky GlueStrong, rapid bond, dries clear
3.AdTech 8’’ Mini hot Glue StickDries fast and also clear, rapid bond
4.Gorilla Super adhesive GelStrong bond, dries fast and clear
5.Loctite Ultra Gel manage Super GlueSuper strong, heat resistant
6.Aleene’s Fabric combination Permanent towel AdhesiveMachine washable, dries clear
7.Tear Mender instant Fabric and Leather AdhesiveDries fast, strong bond, waterproof

1. Aleene’s original Tacky Glue


If girlfriend are trying to find the the strongest bond possible, then the Loctite Ultra Gel control Super Glue would be ideal.

The rubber-toughened, prompt adhesive resists influence and vibrations, and also even high temperatures.

It can be supplied to pole felt come felt, metal, rubber, ceramics, leather, paper, plastics, and also wood, so over there are beside no restrictions for her craft project.

The side squeeze design bottle allows for maximum regulate so that the only area gift glued is the area you intend to it is in glued!

Being quick-drying, you do not have to clamp the glue to dry, and it dries clear and practically invisible, so there will be no stains or marks on your finished project.

The Loctite Ultra Gel regulate Super glue is the glue to usage if you want your feel to be glued, and also to remain glued, no issue the surface it is glued to!


Ultra-strengthDries clearQuick-drying

6. Aleene’s Fabric fusion Permanent towel Adhesive

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Fabric adhesive is definitely an alternative to use to adhesive felt, but it is best used as soon as sticking felt to felt. The Aleene’s Fabric blend Permanent cloth Adhesive is among the far better options, providing a irreversible bond!

The fabric glue can be provided to adhesive felt to felt, yet can additionally be offered to stick small embellishments ~ above felt together well, providing a permanent, solid bond. The glue will not string once applied, for this reason the applications is make super easy as well.

Being non-toxic, it is for sure for children to use, and also is an equipment washable together well, continuing to be flexible ~ washing. The is a an excellent choice for making feeling costumes or hats, i beg your pardon will need to be washed ~ use.

Once applied, the glue dries clear, leaving no stains or yellowing end time. If there are any spills, it have the right to simply be washed up v some soap and also water!


Machine washableRemains versatile after washingNon-toxic and safe because that childrenDries clearNon-stringing formula

7. Tear Mender immediate Fabric and also Leather Adhesive

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The Tear Mender Instant cloth Adhesive supplies an instant, long lasting bond the ensures your felt will stay securely glued!

Once dried, the bond remains flexible and wearable, dry in only 3 minutes. The fast-drying adhesive can also be inserted in the washing maker after 15 minutes of application, and also still host its solid bond!

The adhesive will kind a permanent and also long-lasting bond between felt and also other fabrics, with the glue gift waterproof, flexible, and UV-resistant, helping to safeguard the feeling from any kind of damage. Over there is also little saturation and running v the glue.

While this glue deserve to be provided for various other surfaces, that is best used for felt come felt, providing a link that just will no be broken. Being a non-toxic glue, that is for sure for the whole family!


Quick-dryingWaterproof, flexible and UV resistantSuper solid bondNon-toxic

Felt glue For different Surfaces

Choosing the ideal glue will depend on the surface you will be difficult the feel to. Below are the different surfaces v the glues that would certainly work best for them:

Felt come Wood

For sticking felt come wood, tacky glue would be the finest option. It will create the best bond between the feel fabric and also the wood surface, and will not leave any type of stains, or harden the felt in ~ all.

Felt to Metal

When difficult felt to metal, at sight glue would be best. This creates an instant, strong bond that is very complicated to break apart. Superglue will type a permanent bond in between felt and metal beads or embellishments.

Felt come Felt

Gluing felt to felt is best done with towel glue. Cloth glue will certainly bond the 2 pieces that felt material together, without leading to stains or yellowing over time, and also the glue will certainly be washable and flexible, not losing strength after being placed in the washing machine.

Best Spray Glue for Felt

If you space wanting to use a spray adhesive for her felt, the Aleene’s Tacky Spray would certainly be your finest bet.

It dries decision clear and also dries in ~ 2 minutes. The tacky spray have the right to be provided to mite felt come paper, cardboard, and light wood, and is good to usage for bigger surfaces that need gluing.

Related Questions

Can friend Glue document to Felt?

Yes, you can glue record to felt. Usage tacky adhesive to accomplish a good bond, there is no the adhesive seeping v the paper.

How lengthy Does Tacky Glue require to Dry?

Tacky glue deserve to take up to 35 minutes to dry when applied, i m sorry is much faster than the 2 hrs white adhesive takes to dry.

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What is the Difference in between Tacky Glue and White Glue?

Tacky glue has a thicker consistency 보다 white glue, which provides it the much better option because that felt. The does no run and seep right into the felt choose white adhesive would, which can harden the felt and also ruin the area wherein the glue has actually been applied. Both space non-toxic and dry clear.