Even despite the promise ring is no the same as the engagement one, i m sorry announces marriage, it to represent a deep commitment level. The symbolizes the infinity that love, fidelity, deep friendship, and intent concerning a future wedding. Therefore, friend shouldn’t simply hand over the ring, but try to develop an i can not forget memory the fits her promise.

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However, be aware that offering such a ring is not as main as an engagement one, so there is no have to kneel while offering it. There is no special model you have to buy for this purpose, and also it’s approximately you to select an enough style and also setting. However, the is important to think about how to offer a promise ring and make that moment special.

History the Promise Rings

The promise ring represents a explain of promise among two people who want to commit to each other.

The first promise, the so-called ‘posy’ ring, appeared in England in the 16th century. Civilization engraved your names or a verse of their favorite poem on the band’s inside. It to be not unusual to engrave favorite phrases choose ‘love conquers everything’ or ‘only fatality can part united hearts.’

During the Georgian and Victorian Era, human being exchanged acrostic rings. They used gemstones to send a message. The put gem order developed a word produced from the very first letters of every stone’s name. Because that instance, the lovers will certainly spell the word ‘love’ developed of the lined-up lapis lazuli, opal, vanadinite, and also emerald.

Reasons to offer the Promise Ring

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When you should live apart

When you must live far away, however don’t want to permit the distance to ruin your relationship, you can exchange promise rings. The way, the will signify the toughness of her commitment while living in various cities or even countries.

When you space too young

It is no a commons situation, but you are probably the pair that has obtained the romance everyone desires of. Once you room sure that you desire to share her lives regardless of being under 18 years old, the promise ring can symbolize your faith in a shared future.

When you are together because that a short time

Sometimes, two human being feel the their connection is a distinct one, however they know each various other for a really short time. In together a case, the promise ring is terrific solution prior to time passes, and they come to be prepared because that an engagement.

When you can’t afford one engagement ring

Unfortunately, periodically young human being haven’t got enough money for an expensive engagement ring, for this reason they decision to exchange promise rings instead. It will be a pledge of their love till they earn sufficient money for the ideal thing.

Promise Ring Styles

You deserve to wear the promise ring on any kind of finger, but the standard way is to put it ~ above the 3rd finger of her left hand. The favorite formats include:

Heart-shaped ring – This option will combine her v eternal love they have actually read in favorite books or watched in romantic movies.Small gem pieces – A team of tiny diamonds will carry out a wanted brilliant look.

How to give a Promise Ring?

In the past, guys usually offered promise ring to women. Nowadays, couples often exchange them. Moreover, over there is a practice in some eastern countries for couples to choose these ring together. Then, lock wear your jewelry top top the ring finger to present everyone the meeting to each other.

You can provide the promise ring to her beloved Lady top top a one-of-a-kind occasion, such together a date anniversary, birthday, or holidays favor Valentine’s day. There are numerous ways to give it, yet make certain your girlfriend doesn’t think the is one engagement ring. Such confusion may ruin the moment you have actually planned to it is in unique.

1. Theorem a treasure hunting

Create a sweetheart map and also take your love v the promise ring hunt. The map have to contain miscellaneous pirates’ clues that will guide her to the target. Make sure that the hunt is not too difficult or tedious.

There space two methods to theorem this. It deserve to be the map of your house, and also the task have to be come hind the treasure inside among the rooms. Another way is come organize external hunt through a regional park, favourite restaurant, or a beach. Take treatment to choose your special ar for the final scene.

2. Hide it within a cup the wine

It may sound corny, however an old-fashioned girl will discover this way highly romantic. You can pick out among the two approaches available. You deserve to put the ring into her glass after offer wine. One more option is to make a attend to the waiter to bring the ring in a bottle.

3. Hide the in a bouquet

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Purchase the ostrich of she favorite flowers or roses, together a universal flower the love. Then, hide the ring amongst the rosebud’s petals. As shortly as the flower opens up wide, she will see the ring in the flower’s smooth folds.

4. Hide that in a heart-shaped chocolate box

It is a romantic and an imaginative option, especially if your girlfriend likes chocolate. To buy a heart-shaped box with coco for Valentine’s work or her birthday, closely unwrap the package, and also put the promise ring in location of one chocolate.

5. Hide it in between a poem publication pages

If you are a city lover, recite a poem while offering her the ring. One more option is to place it in between the publication pages and also ask she to review a city from a particular page.

6. Hide that under a pillow

Put the ring under she pillow so that she can discover it quickly in the morning. If she is a caring young lady, you have the right to place the on her auto seat without fear of getting lost.

7. Hide that in a misleading packaging

The an option of this package will depend on her style and also imagination. Offer your girlfriend a promising ring in one unwrapped matchbox or a crate for an electrical iron or kitchen mixer. I like the choice with numerous boxes of different sizes. Put one inside another, so she will should unwrap every one of them to find her gift.

8. Wrap it up through ribbons and a bow


There is no need to put the ring on her girlfriend’s finger. You deserve to make a surprise and also nicely pack it in the box with many ribbons and a huge bow.

9. Hide it within a fortune cookie

If her girlfriend enjoys Chinese food, go to the restaurant and also offer she a personalized luck cookie through the promise ring and also best desire inside.

10. Hide that in a Cracker Jack box

Since Cracker Jack is renowned for that prizes in each cracker box, you have the right to use it come hide the promise ring inside. Then, let her girlfriend uncover her award in between crackers.

11. Ask someone to help

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It is a extremely surprising means to offer your girlfriend the promise ring, particularly if you choose someone unanticipated to carry out this job. You can hire a shipment person, engage your dog, or questioning her boss for help.

There is additionally an choice to attend a comedy show. Ask the comedian to song a love song while brining her girlfriend the ring. In any type of case, make sure to be existing when the chosen person finishes the job.

12. Offer it through a breakfast

Choose this romantic method to offer her the promise ring while saying great morning and serving breakfast in bed. Prepare her favourite meal, set it up on a tray v a flower in a vase, and enclose the ring on a little plate.

13. Offer it while to sing a serenade

If you have actually a pleasant voice, sing a romantic serenade of guarantees for her Lady while offering her a ring. If you room not candid Sinatra, you have the right to ask your friends for help and do a tape for that unique occasion.

14. Offer it in a Hollywood movie’s style

Pick out among the unbelievably romantic scenes from her favourite movie and copy it right into real life. Organize adequate scenography and also play the main male character’s role. Friend can likewise be a Prince Charming who provides the promise ring come his heroine.

15. Give it during a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Organize your own adventure, bring your love with you, and take advantage of that unique occasion to provide her a ring. The sort of experience you choose will depend solely on her imagination and budget.

16. Provide it under the stars


Prepare a romantic dinner and also serve it under the Milky Way. Provide your girl friend a ring served alongside champagne, strawberries, and also chocolate.

17. Offer it from the large screen

If you are sports fans, organize reflecting a sweet post on the big screen in the stadium. Then, offer your Lady the ring. It is a bit cliché, yet many girls will enjoy such attention.

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18. Be traditional

Make an covenant with her girlfriend and also exchange her promise rings in a quiet place that is an especially special for you. Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, and keep that moment sweet and straightforward.