I just finished city hall this cinematic and also at about 3 minute in, it mirrors Arthas walking increase a ton of actions to do it come what we know as the Frozen Throne. In ~ the finish of that scene, it is over ground and also is a enormous pillar. I'm suspect it was under ground before Arthas put the helmet on his head?

TL:DR Is The Frozen Throne able to be reached in WoW and also if so/if not, wherein in Icecrown is it located?


It's best in the center of Icecrown Citadel. Difficult to miss. All three of the upper wings are centered roughly it and also we struggle Arthas in ~ the really top that it.

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Arthas had actually the Icecrown Citadel built around that spire; you can see it in ICC. That's why friend can't find it in the overworld.

TECHNICALLY you deserve to fly to the peak of ICC in the overworld and look at it, yet it's much much more impressive to reach it native the raid.

This is among the key reasons i disliked the Icecrown Zone/ICC raid. The spire of ice and the Frozen Throne were iconic. Encasing it in a citadel go nothing because that me. It destroyed the feeling of the zone.

I had hoped perhaps in the raid it would certainly be better. A gauntlet fight up the twisting spire? Fighting tide of Scourge as you fight to the top? The peril of slipping off?

But... No. No. None of that. Teleporters and gunships. Okay, then. Whatever.

That wouldn't really have actually worked. Whereby would every the various other bosses stand if the entire raid to be a small staircase?

The whole "Citadel" always felt prefer a cop-out and a way to entice in some world who like Lord that the Rings. I typical the Lich King also looks like Sauron and the ICC is an extremely reminiscent the Everything-Mordor.

I was never ever a huge fan that ICC together a raid. The would've been means more outstanding if every one of Icecrown (or a giant component of it) would've to be the raid. You'd gallop from door to gate, take under the large boys one after ~ another and also reclaim the suckiest and coldest part of Azeroth little by bit until you with the Icecrown's most necessary piece, the Frozen Throne.

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When friend fight Arthas the literally descends from the Frozen Throne. It's basically right prior to you, when you hit him. Bolvar sit on it and also Tirion locations the crown on his head. You're able to walk as much as frozen Bolvar after ~ the cinematic, but there's nothing come interact.