In the following 30 days, will certainly discontinue Tickets. This is just one of the biggest changes we have ever before made to our platform. While many of you will certainly welcome this change, I recognize that many of you will certainly be concerned. I desire to describe our reasoning here, and also share details of the procedure we will go with with this migration.

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Nine years back Erik Cassel, john Shedletsky, Matt Dusek and I design the original economy. At the time, virtual currency was a brand-new concept, and also typically only provided in virtual MMO’s. Virtual human beings like second Life and Club Penguin were popular, and also social platforms like Facebook were simply coming right into existence. Smart phone cell phone gaming did not exist.

In creating our virtual economy, we made decision on two creates of currency, Tickets and also ROBUX. ROBUX developed the backbone of our economy, while Tickets to be designed come reward authorized (building stuff and also playing the game) without providing out totally free ROBUX (which would reason inflation because that all individuals who purchased them). In ~ the time, it was a typical practice for numerous games to have two currencies.

We have actually come a long way since the time. Today, the economic situation in is an ext and an ext driven by developers, who create imaginative and an imaginative games. Numerous of these games have their own currencies, and also many of these games carry out their very own retention bonus systems. We’ve introduced a organize of methods for our developers to make ROBUX. The ticket bonus for location visits has end up being a very tiny factor to most developers loved one to the ROBUX economy.

Our directory is going v a comparable expansion end the next year, together we begin to permit developers to sell body parts, hats, gear, animations and other items.

We room removing tickets for a number of reasons. Although familiar to plenty of of us, they room confusing come first-time users. We believe removing tickets will simplify our product in every areas, from the UI to the magazine to user-accounting.

We have plenty of things in store for the bulk of football player who carry out not want to become associated with the ROBUX economy. In the catalog, us intend to administer more cost-free items, so that avatar customization without ROBUX proceeds to be an imaginative and rich. Today, we have introduced two free packages for your character. Walking forward, us will attribute the work-related of height creators in the ar as we migrate to a fully community driven catalog.

There will no longer be any type of Ticket bonus for logging in daily. As our platform has matured, we think the reason to concerned have to be the desire to experience incredible things with your friends. We execute not desire to incentivize human being to “check in” every day.

For our deeply engaged users we want to have the ability to provide more valuable rewards that room not directly tied come login. While we space going through this 30 job transition, we will be making numerous gifts obtainable to our users based upon their engagement. We will certainly be announcing these gifts tomorrow ~ above the

There is one more benefit come removing tickets, and that is it gets rid of the incentive to create alt accounts. We don’t think it renders sense to carry out a currency bonus to having multiple accounts, as this drives habits that is no at the main point of

The motivation behind removing ticket is not to make an ext money. The major reasons have always been product simplicity, botting, and also not incentivizing specific behaviors.

For those of you that are clothing developers, we think that over time you will have actually a richer possibility as we expand our directory to a next generation avatar. We will certainly be lowering the ROBUX price floor top top shirts and pants to assist increase the volume the sales of these items for our creators. We have a roadmap because that the future that avatars ~ above, and as these new features role out, brand-new opportunities for clothing designers will certainly follow, making the catalog more robust and also high quality.

Users will have actually 30 work to spend down your Ticket balances on commemorative Ticket items, user ads, or to trade them utilizing our currency trading system. In addition, will certainly be awarding gifts over the next couple weeks. By completing tasks on, specific playing and also creating, you will earn virtual items.

Here is a perform of the existing changes:

Developers will no longer receive tickets on ar visitUsers will certainly no longer get Tickets for logging inPrice floor is lower on shirts and pants come R$5First gifts show up in the catalog shortly (future announcement)

After 30 job the following will happen:

Trade money will close. Users will no longer have the ability to exchange currency with one another.User ads will be available for purchase in ROBUX only.Users and developers have the right to no much longer sell items because that Tickets. Items with a Ticket and also a ROBUX price will be obtainable for the ROBUX price. Items through a Ticket price will have actually their price convert to ROBUX at a rate of 17:1Tickets will no much longer be clearly shows or usable.


Over the next 30 days we’ll be marketing exclusive, commemorative items together a sendoff for Tickets.


Q: I provided to spend most of mine time top top earning the login bonus, and also then shopping for shirts and also pants in the magazine for mine avatar. What can I carry out now?

More and also more, the future of will be around experiencing things with her friends. Most of our job-related at is focused on make more immersive, and obtainable on more platforms, and easier to play with friends. Removing tickets simplifies our initiatives to increase in all directions. And it will simplify the arrival of our new articulated avatar. We setup to be cost-free forever, for this reason you will accrue this benefits together we broaden to the life room and also VR, and as us make ours mobile experience increasingly an ext social and also spontaneous.

For those that you especially interested in personality dress-up, more and an ext developer gamings are supporting this. Several of our games, favor optimal Model, have made apparel purchased in the magazine less important, because dress-up can happen in-game, with your friends.

That said, we will certainly be making more complimentary items easily accessible in the catalog, not simply shirts and pants. We intend that every players will certainly still be able to customize your avatar for totally free in an innovative and systematic ways.

Q: will certainly anything replace the login bonus?

We want to continue to reward many of the other activities you do on We are introducing three temporary achievements on Check the tomorrow for details. We desire to proceed to celebrate your success – and also you males do so much much more than simply log in!

Q: I have actually a company making clothes on Will I make much less money walk forward?

We room reducing the price floor on shirts and pants from R$10 come R$5. We room reducing the price floor to ensure the creators have more freedom to offer items at lower prices, now that tickets will be removed. Us will additionally be holding constant contests for clothes makers walking forward. They will certainly be developing the clothes for our new users and also we’ll additionally be special their clothing in the magazine for every users.

Over time, our magazine will be largely stocked with neighborhood created item for all categories, including body parts, animations and also gear. All items in the brochure will go with a selection procedure where we choose the finest items for sale, together with the best items that space freely obtainable for everyone. Because that those items the are openly distributed, there will be terrific rewards come the directory developers.

Q: Tickets were a reward for developers who made great content. How can they be rewarded now?

Developers can now monetize their video game with developer products, gamepasses, and the affiliate program. developers can cash the end their ROBUX because that dollars which deserve to be spent in the actual world.

Q: without tickets, how deserve to developers come advertise their games?

In addition to user ads, has actually introduced sponsored ads which allow developers to more effectively advertise their games. User ads will continue to be accessible in the future for ROBUX and we believe this will increase the high quality of user ads on the site. Both develops of ads are profitable for users who are declaring virtual items and games that sell developer products. We will continue to work on both equipment to carry out you extr stats so that you know simply how lucrative running ads ~ above

Q: exactly how can new Developers acquire started without Tickets? is a location where countless game developers acquire their start. We are committed come making sure new developers gain their gamings discovered. To that finish we have produced a brand-new email attend to – featuredgames – because that you come submit your up and coming gamings to. This submissions will be the review by our marketing team and submissions that satisfy our editorial standards can end up in the featured gamings sort. We’ve additionally identified the top methods our developers space making money in their gamings and detailed this info to friend in the Developer ar of the site. Shortly we’ll release much more templates for budding designers to usage when creating clothes and items.

Q: just how will peak developer be affected by this? developers will no longer receive ticket on location visit. Currently, just a an extremely small section of our peak developers’ revenue is from Tickets.

We room committed to help our developer earn money.

We plan to expose additional stats on best-selling products so devs have far better insight into what is performing well. Us will continue to provide brand-new stats because that devs and brand-new platforms and also users to aid devs earn more. Us think that this change will boost sales by an ext than the income lost and also will end up being a positive readjust for developers long term.

Q: If it’s about simplifying the economy why no we gaining a little stipend that ROBUX for continued logins?

This would make the even an ext attractive to create alts and bots.

Q: If it’s about botting, why don’t you simply implement ways to against that, like just awarding currency for safety at least x minute in a game?

In general, anything we reward with currency will eventually be botted.

Q: is greedy for acquisition away free currency.

Every dollar we make in ~ gets poured back into the company. Unlike numerous other son (and adult) online worlds, MMOs, and social networks, us are growing rapidly and also have an substantial opportunity front of us.

Our vision is to strength the creative thinking of our community, and to perform it more immersively and much more socially. Removing ticket is not about greed. That is around simplifying the platform, removing bots and also alts, and also paving the way for a that is bigger, an ext engaging, and much more fun than ever before before.

Q: no care about base-level players, the majority of our Monthly active Users.

Every player who ever before supports us v ROBUX or home builders Club was initially a base-level player. We know this dearly. We understand that if us make much less attractive because that base-level players, with time we will have fewer monetizing players.

Q: Is in financial trouble?

We are financially rewarding and will be rental 40+ extr employees in 2016, 100% sustained by our profits.

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We have a lot planned together we make this transition. Every job will typical a new exclusive taking leave to ticket item – be sure to check ago in the directory or examine out our comfortable calendar through images, prices, and also on sale days for these interesting commemorative items.