In Kingdom understanding 3 the Ultima Weapon is the ideal keyblade weapon in the game. This guide shows you how to acquire the Ultima Weapon in KH3. Unlocking this weapon also offers you the “Ultima Weapon” trophy or achievement. There room two measures to it. First, you must unlock the recipe. Then you still have to craft the which calls for some distinct materials dubbed Orichalcum+. This is endgame content, girlfriend can’t in reality craft this until having beaten the story because that the first time.

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How to Unlock Ultima Weapon Recipe

To unlock the Ultima Weapon cooking recipes you must collect 58 different synthesis materials. These space dropped by enemies, discovered in endowment chests, and also from destroying room rocks through your gummi ship. Girlfriend must supply them to any kind of Moogle Workshop. Girlfriend can additionally keep track in the Moogle Workshop under Colletor’s Goals. There you watch the Ultima Weapon as an unlock, as depicted top top the screenshot below.

Go come Moogle Shop (found in every world) > Workshop > Collector’s objectives > acquire 58 different synthesis materials.


How to craft the Ultima Weapon

Now the we have actually the cooking recipes unlocked the hardest component is still before us – recognize the products to handmade the Ultima Weapon.

Required Materials:

7 Orichalcum+2 Wellspring Crystal2 Lucid Crystal2 Pulsing Crystal

The tricky one to acquire is Orichalcum+.

How to gain Orichalcum+

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This is a unique material is earned together a reward for the complying with activities:

Gummi Ship: Omega an equipment Boss in “The Eclipse” Galaxy. This is the last (third) galaxy girlfriend visit top top your way to The Keyblade Graveyard. Defeat the various other high-level spaceships in this galaxy to expose the Omega an equipment at the optimal of the main structure. It’s a challenging boss and also you should carry a decent ship for this fight.Moogle Shop Postcard: as you spend money at the Moogle Shop you will certainly earn Postcards together a free bonus. Article these cards beside the Moogle Shop in Twilight town for a possibility to knife Orichalcum+. This is random and doesn’t insurance Orichalcum+. However, you deserve to make a hands-on save before mailing the postcard and also if friend don’t acquire Orichalcum+ reload the save from the title display screen to retry.

After you got all the required materials, the Ultima Weapon deserve to be crafted in the Synthesis ar of the Moogle Workshop.

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