I just made a large pot the soup. It"s a mexican Caldo de Res. I added a bunch that lime juice, and also thought, hey, maybe i"ll litter the lime rinds in there also for a bit. This was a substantial mistake. Currently the whole thing has actually a really bitter flavor. I"ve removed the rinds, room there any suggestions on exactly how to conserve this?



D'oh! I just did the really same point making Caldo de Res also...thank God I found this post. I've included bunch of peppers and lil salt...tastes better...can proper taste the bitterness :)
You might have the ability to counter-balance that with other flavors (salt, sour, sweet, hot), however you"re most likely still going to have actually some bitter note come through, it"s simply a question if it"s bearable or not, and some civilization dislike bitter more than others. (I can"t understand how human being can drink beers various other than lambics)

In looking in ~ a similar thread top top Chowhound, among the references is a little bit of milk or cream. If you"re not lactose intollerant, it might be worth a try.

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This could additionally be a chance for one experiment -- ladle it into a bunch of glasses, shot some various things (sugar, vinegar, soy, hot sauce, milk, worcestershire, combinations of them, etc), and report back to us with what friend think operated best.


This isn"t a direct answer, however rather an anecdote from personal experience.

One time ns made garlic parmesan mashed potatoes for a firm thanksgiving pot-luck lunch. I"ve do this ubraintv-jp.com recipes a few dozen time before. However, this time I made decision to get an imaginative and go v parmesan, asiago, and romano cheeses instead of simply parmesan. I additionally committed the cardinal sin of no tasting as I went. Well, i didn"t realize just how much much more salty asiago and romano cheese were than parmesan. Needless come say when I finished and also tasted it, the was virtually inedibly salty. Salt being a tough thing come counteract, and also me being reluctant to throw the end 5 lbs that mashed potatoes, I made decision to try dilution.

I made around 7 lbs more of potatoes, omitted every the salt, and also used just parmesan. Surprisingly it functioned rather well. They to be still a little on the salty side that things, yet delicious.

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In short, maybe shot doubling or diluting her recipe next time you make a mistake. The in combination with several of the milk/cream methods said by others could save your dish.