Permanent markers space designed to be permanent! So when they come in call with surfaces that they are not wanted, it can be challenging to remove.If you erroneously left a long-term marker bleeding your hardwood floor, or your boy decides to express your artistic skills on your wood floor surface, friend are definitely searching for how to obtain permanent mite off hardwood floor because it completely ruins the watch of your floor.Fortunately, friend can quickly remove permanent marker from hardwood floor v a couple of cleaning solutions you probably currently own.

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How To get Permanent marker Off timber Floor

Table the Contents1 how To get Permanent mite Off lumber Floor1.1 Rubbing Alcohol1.2 Baking Soda and also Toothpaste1.3 nail Polish1.4 dry Erase Marker1.5 Magic Eraser1.6 WD-401.7 instead of The Board2 Conclusion
If, after ~ trying the end all the provided out methods and the stain persists, replacing the floorboard can be the only way out.

Rubbing Alcohol

Before making use of this top top your timber floor, you need to very first test the end the reaction the would have by using a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol come a small inconspicuous area of her floorSimply one-quarter cup that rubbing alcohol onto a clean cloth, and also wipe the test area v the cloth. Enable the rubbing alcohol come sit on the floor for at least 5 minutes.Then use one more clean fabric to wipe the area and also check out the reaction. If the rubbing alcohol has removed the finish on her floor or left behind a stain, don’t usage this stain remover method.But if over there wasn’t any type of reaction, you deserve to go ahead v the application.Take a clean rag and also pour one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into it, then usage the rag to rub the irreversible marker stain. Allow the rubbing alcohol to sit ~ above the stain because that at least 3 minutes.Read: how to gain sharpie out of carpetThen soak a clean rag or sponge through some water and clean the area through the wet rag or sponge. You need to use firm yet gentle pressure once scrubbing the stained area v the sponge or rag so that the marker will come off.If the stain persists, you have the right to repeat the process until you attain your wanted results.

Baking Soda and Toothpaste

Before we acquire into the preparatory stage, the is crucial to note that you need to not exploit gel toothpaste because that this.Simply combine one part of white toothpaste with one part of baking soda in a small dish and mix thoroughly with a spoon it spins it develops a paste.Spoon few of the paste unto a clean cloth and apply the baking soda-toothpaste dough to the permanent marker and also scrub the area v the towel using a circular motion.You desire to proceed scrubbing the area it rotates the stain is lifted, applying much more toothpaste and also baking soda paste right into the rag as needed.Once the stain is off, gain a clean rag and dip it into a bucket with heat soapy water and wring out the overfill water. Remove the baking-soda toothpaste dough from the floor with the wet and soapy rag.Allow the area come air dry effectively to protect against moisture damage.

Nail Polish

Like the rubbing alcohol, you also want to check this ~ above a small inconspicuous area the the floor. To perform this test, apply the pond polish come the floor by pouring ¼ teaspoon of nail polish remover ~ above a clean cloth and wiping the test area v it.Allow the product come sit ~ above the floor for approximately 5 minutes. Then usage a damp rag to clean the surface to view if the pond polish had any reaction with the floor. If yes any form of damage caused by the pond polish, skip this method.If the nail polish scaled through without causing any harm to your floor, you can proceed with the procedure.Apply the pond polish remover come the wood floor by pouring one teaspoon of pond polish remover onto a clean rag and scrubbing the long-term marker with the saturation rag.Allow the pond polish to sit on the stain because that at the very least 3-5 minutes, then dampen a clean rag with some water and scrub the area v the wet rag. When scrubbing the stain, you must use circular motions and also a firm yet gentle pressure till you lift the stain.If the stain still persists, you have the right to repeat the process.

Dry Erase Marker

You can obtain dry erase mite at stationery and craft stores and also just draw over the previous permanent marker stain v the dried marker. You desire to completely cover the whole marker stain v the dry eraser and permit it to sit for one minute, then usage a dry, clean rag to wipe the stained area.The irreversible stain marker should come off together you wipe turn off the dry eraser. If only component of the permanent marker stain came off, friend can constantly repeat the process or shot another stain remover method.

Magic Eraser

You can actually manipulate a magic eraser come remove long-term marker stains. Just take the magic eraser out from the packaging and also dip it into a bucket of water or operation it under the insanity and totally saturate it v water and also Wring out the overabundance water.Use the wet magic eraser to gently however firmly scrub the stained area in circular motions.Keep scrubbing it rotates the stain is lifted, and also this can take a while. Keep scrubbing, re-wetting, and also wring out the eraser together needed.Use a clean, dry rag to wipe off any kind of moisture residue that has been left top top the floor and permit the floor to dry properly.


WD-40 is additionally a product you want to test on one inconspicuous area to watch its reaction prior to using on the stained area.Just spray the WD-40 top top a small hidden area and permit it come sit for approximately 5 minutes and use a clean wet rag to remove the WD-40 before spraying stain remover ~ above the area to remove any kind of greasy residue. Use a wet sponge to wipe increase the stain remover.Check the end the area for any unpleasant reaction the WD-40 could have caused and also discontinue the use, if any, but go ahead if over there isn’t any.Simply apply the WD-40 directly onto the long-term marker stain and permit it to sit for 3 to 5 minutes.You can likewise apply the WD-40 v a towel by spraying the product depend the cloth and also scrubbing the floor v it.Use a wet cloth to eliminate the WD-40 indigenous the floor surface, and if the stains aren’t completely gone, you have the right to repeat the process.Once you accomplish your wanted results, spray the area through a stain remover come remove any type of greasy residue that can have to be left behind by the WD-40. To remove the stain remover, wipe the area v a clean cloth. Friend still must run over the area with a dry fabric to choose up any type of remaining humidity after the stain remover is clear all off.

Replacing The Board

This is the last resort as soon as other stain remover process have showed futile. Replacing a plank is really labor-intensive and needs a little bit of experience.So try to discover out the expense of rental a professional and also compare that with exactly how much it would certainly take girlfriend to carry out it yourself.If there isn’t lot difference, that is encourage you let experts handle it. But if you room feeling “crafty” and also would choose to embark on the home innovation project yourself, here’s how to change a stained board.What friend Needsawutility knifechiselpry barmeasuring tapenail gunrubber malletReplacement boardshop vac or broom and also dustpanStep 1Measure the depth that the stained plank and set your circular observed to cut 1/16 inch deeper than the measured depth the the board; most boards room usually not an ext than ¾ inch thick.Also, use the experienced to cut 1 line under the length of the floorboard. Avoiding the experienced just prior to you reach the finish of the stained board. Then relocate the experienced over one inch and also cut a 2nd line prefer the first. Always stopping before you reach the end of the stained board.Step 2 Use a utility knife to very closely score each finish of the stained board. You must make certain you perform not score the surrounding, undamaged boardsThen ar a chisel in one of the score lines in ~ a 30° angle and also gently madness the chisel follow me the score line through a hammer. Repeat the same process on the various other scored line.Step 3Pry the plank off making use of a pry bar, by Inserting a pry bar into the gap at one end of the stained board and also then it press down come lift increase the stained board. You lift up the board with your hand.Use a shop vac or broom and dustpan to clean any kind of dust and also debris that can be created.Step 4Measure the length and width of the stained board through a measure up tape and also Use these dimensions to recognize the size of the replacement board and also cut the replacement board to the ideal length and width.Step 5Place the replacement board into the floor and also tap it into place with a rubber mallet. Girlfriend can also make usage of a nail gun come insert one finish nail into each end of the board to make certain the replacement board is completely flush v the floor.

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Step 6If you provided nails, you can cover the pond holes with wood putty and also a putty knife. Girlfriend will also need to use a 220-grit sandpaper to sand the instead of board follow me the grain when it dries. Usage a wet rag come remove any generated dust.Apply a stain that matches the remainder of the floor to the instead of board v a rag, then Remove any kind of excess stain through a clean rag. Enable the stain to dry.Finally, use some varnish come the floor and also some finish. You may need to use up to 3 coats the oil-based finish or 4 coats of water-based finish, sanding in between each coat v 220-grit sandpaper.Read: just how to refinish woo floor