You’re every dolled up for that special dinner date or for that party at your house. You look prefer a million bucks. You’re just putting the finishing touch of her mascara that pulls the entirety look together favor nothing else.

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Yikes. You simply dropped the wand onto your shirt and your carpet – it looks choose a nightmare come clean up. What execute you perform now?

I’ve excellent this more times 보다 I can count, i’m admittedly an skilled on clumsy assembly accidents.

But friend don’t must imagine this. If you’re desperately looking increase “how to remove mascara from clothes,” you’re most likely in this instance right now.

Take a deep breath and don’t panic. I’ve got you covered on removing any kind of mascara stain from any type of kind that surface.

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3 The finest Fix for Dried Mascara Stains

The quick Fix come Mascara Stains ~ above Clothes


This method is quick, easy, and also effective. All you need are some an easy supplies from your makeup kit.

What perform you need?

Clean document towelToothpickMakeup wipesLaundry detergent

Steps to follow

First, pick off any type of excess mascara native the towel with a spoon or toothpick.Place the stained area between a clean file towel and also a assembly wipe.Gently press the makeup wipe top top the back of the stain. Make certain that you apply just enough pressure for the mascara to dissolve.Once a component of the stain is moved onto the file towel, replace it v a brand-new sheet.Repeat the procedure until all the mascara is transferred out that the cloth.Wash the stained spot v liquid wash detergent and warm water.

What apparel can you usage this for?

You have the right to use the makeup wipe technique for shirts, scarves, dresses, etc. – any type of fabric that is thin sufficient for the makeup remover native the wipe to soak through to the various other side.

You require something a tad bit more heavy-duty because that thicker fabrics like carpets, upholstery, and also sweaters.

Get Mascara off Of The Carpet

Did you accidentally drop your mascara wand onto the floor? Is there currently a nasty black stain on the carpet in prior of her dressing table?

Luckily, there’s an easy way to address this makeup emergency.

What execute you need?

Ammonia – 1 tablespoonWarm water – 2 cupsLiquid dish soapSponge or paper towel

What carry out you have to do?

Prepare a equipment of ammonia in 1 cup of water.Using a sponge or file towel, dab the stained area with the solution. Make certain not come wet the spot also much; friend don’t want the stain to soak with to the other side.Keep dabbing until the file towel has actually picked up every the mascara.Rinse the spot through a solution of dish soap and also lukewarm water, rubbing gently in a circular motion.

From experience, ns recommend using the ammonia trick for heavy and thick fabrics prefer hessian fabric or thick polyester.

What if you have actually a silk or wool carpet the is too fragile for the ammonia treatment?

Don’t worry; yes a settle for that too.

What execute you need?

White vinegar – 1-2 teaspoonsWarm water – 2 cupsSponge or file towelLaundry detergent or dish soap

What to do?

Like in the ammonia method, prepare a solution of the vinegar in 1 cup of warmth water.Gently blot the dark stain v the equipment using a sponge.Pick increase the dissolved mascara frequently with a clean document towel till the stain visibly lightens.Rinse with detergent and warm water. Your lovely carpet is good as brand-new again!

The finest Fix for Dried Mascara Stains

It is bound to happen – sometimes, you’re just too exhausted to remove your makeup before hitting the bed. The following thing friend know, your pillowcase is every smeared with dried mascara.

How carry out you deal with this mess?

Unfortunately, because the satin has dried, the waxy component in the mascara would have hardened. So to be able to remove that from the cloth, you have to treat it first.


What do you need?

Laundry detergentMild bleach – 1 tablespoonWater

What to do?

Mix the bleach in 2 cup of water. Make sure to use the right type of bleach because that the fabric. Chlorine bleach commonly works for white or light clothes, when oxy bleach is the ideal for fancy fabrics.Soak the towel in this bleach solution for at least 3-4 hours. I recommend leaving that overnight.Now that the mascara in the stain is soft and malleable, you deserve to use the assembly wipe technique to pick it off.Launder the fabric in hot water once the smear is totally removed.

Dealing with Waterproof Mascara? These tips Will job-related Like Magic

Removing the stain

Waterproof mascara is a blessing for maintaining your makeup flawless for hrs on end. It doesn’t budge because that the totality day, and also you don’t have to worry about any annoying smudges.

What’s the downside?

This smudge-proof residential property of long-lasting mascaras method that the is double more challenging to obtain off if friend accidentally smear that on your clothes. Luckily, I have the simplest solutions that job-related on removing even the many stubborn mascara stains.

What carry out you need?

Stain remover solutionOld toothbrushLaundry detergent

What come do?

Treat the stained area through a generous amount of stain remover. Let the sit because that 25-30 minutes. The stain removing equipment breaks down the waxy substances in the mascara and makes the dark smear pliable.Gently scrub at the stain v an old toothbrush. The brush’s bristles should only choose up the softened mascara – don’t spread it around the stain and make it larger.Keep wiping away the product top top a record towel so that the bristles room clean every time they touch the cloth.Once the stain watch lighter, to wash the towel in warm water v extra laundry detergent.

There you have actually it – your spoilt pillowcase or cushion covering doesn’t present a solitary trace of the pesky mascara anymore.

Alternately, you can swap the end stain remover for laundry detergent wipes for thicker fabrics. Make sure to check the wipe top top a tiny patch on the cloth before using on the stain.

An i can not qualify Winner – Hairspray

Using hairspray to deal with a mascara accident on her favorite shirt? It sounds incredible, however I swear through this trick.

What do you need?

A party of continual hairsprayThick paper towelsCold water

Steps to follow

Generously spray the hairspray directly onto the mascara stain.Wait because that the hairspray come harden. If it takes more than 5-10 minutes, go in with another layer.Dampen a clean document towel through some cold water.Gently scrub in ~ the hardened stain with the wet part. This will certainly take out the hairspray in addition to the mascara in 2-3 scrubbings.Launder in a consistent wash cycle.

Note: execute a spot test on one inconspicuous component of the garment to make sure that the hairspray does not discolor the fabric.

And it’s as simple as that! that knew that your constant ol’ bottle of hairspray would pertained to rescue in this do the efforts time?

Some advice To psychic When handling Mascara Stains

NEVER placed the fabric in a heat-drying cycle ~ washing it. The warmth will make any kind of remaining mascara collection permanently in the fabric, and trust me; you perform not desire to attend to that.

Work fast– the sooner friend can acquire the mascara off the fabric, the much less time it has to cause a nasty stain. As soon as waterproof mascara set hard, the stain is one annoyance come handle.

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Finally, check the kind of mascara before you try to remove it. The waterproof kinds space immune to any kind of water-based clean hacks.

Mascara is an essential part that your day-to-day makeup routine. And also now friend know just how to address any unfortunate accidents. Therefore don’t issue – go ahead and also glam up those lashes!