Most think that every NFL player needs to pat in university to do it right into the league.

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While the is typically the case, there room notable instances of players the skipped the classroom prior to reaching the pros. Right here are 10 renowned NFL players who didn"t play in college.

NFL players who skipped college

#10 - Vince Papale, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Disney do a movie around Papale"s story referred to as "Invincible" and also stars mark Wahlberg. Papale was a part-time bartender once he gained an opportunity to try out for the Philadelphia Eagles. His career began in 1976 and played in the NFL until 1978. At that time, Papale play in 41 games. Vince Papale is 75.

#9 - Lawrence Okoye, DE, mountain Francisco 49ers

We have actually signed DE Shelby Harris and waived DE Lawrence Okoye.DETAILS >>

— new York jets (

Lawrence Okoye never played in college, however made it to the san Francisco 49ers for a short stay. He never saw the field yet did bounce about a few practice squads until 2017 prior to he was washed out of the league. Lawrence Okoye will turn 30 this year.

#8 - Antonio Gates, TE, mountain Diego Chargers

While Antonio gateways did attend college, he just played basketball. Maybe the best NFL player to never ever play soccer in college, gateways played indigenous 2003 to 2018 together a chop end. He racked increase 236 appearances, end 11000 job yards, 116 touchdowns, and 955 catches. Antonio entrances will rotate 41 this year.

#7 - beam Seals, DE, Tampa just Buccaneers

Buccaneers player to have actually an interception and a fumble restore return because that a touchdown since Ray Seals in 1993.The Buccaneers command the Jaguars 25-0 at halftime.

— ESPN Stats & information (

One the the an ext famous players, ray Seals never played football in college but somehow snuck his means into the NFL. He played because that the Tampa just Buccaneers native 1989 come 1993 as a protective end and a sleep tackle.

He later played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1994 to 1995. He didn"t watch the ar in 1996 but played 14 gamings for the Carolina Panthers before retiring at 32 years old. Ray Seals will turn 56 later this year.

#6 - Saverio Rocca, P, Philadelphia Eagles

According to, Saverio Rocca played a version of soccer in Australia before migrating to the joined States. He play his rookie season in ~ 34.

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He go on to punt for the Philadelphia Eagles and also the Washington Redskins prior to retiring in 2013. Saverio Rocca will rotate 48 later on this year.