About 64,334 times a year, I gain a question from ours community regarding cleaning UGG boots. I don’t have a pair myself, and also I don’t have any type of plans on purchase any, for this reason I’ve never ever really tackled this question. However, ns can’t overlook the cries the our wonderful Clean My room community, so right here goes!

UGGs room a fashion icon. As soon as thought to be a happen fad; ns admittedly caved and also bought the ‘budget’ pair of pale pink ones indigenous Payless as soon as I to be a starving student to be a part of this fad. However, they’ve plainly cemented their place in female fashion indefinitely. They space warm, comfortable and many women can not go without your beloved UGGs because that one single winter (or summer, I’ve watched it).

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The caveat through UGG boots is their suede exterior. While lock look wonderful, they room not the many compatible with winter conditions; often times, mud, snow and also salt deserve to wreak destruction on the boots, leaving lock looking worn and old. This is ironic, no? A winter boot the is not good to undertake in snowy, salty and also muddy conditions? Hm. I digress…

Anywho, to regain UGG boots to their initial beauty, some vital steps must be taken. Further, ongoing maintenance is crucial! UGG boots can last you a long time so long as you give them the TLC lock deserve. Save in mind, part pairs will certainly be damaged beyond repair and despite your restorative efforts, lock won’t look any better. This circles back to the point around ongoing maintenance!


Handling Stains

Treat stains prior to you perform a basic clean the the boot. It is encourage that once you eliminate stains, you relocate on come clean the whole boot (or else you’ll have locations that look at patchy).

Oil & Grease Stains

Step 1 – take it a piece of white chalk and also gently ‘color’ end the grease or oil stain. If you don’t have white chalk, usage a pinch the cornstarch and also sprinkle that over peak the stain, climate gently pat it down.

Step 2 – Let that sit overnight – this flour is absorbent and can ‘suck up’ oil and grease.

Step 3 – In the morning, dust it turn off gently, use a clean paintbrush if you have one and also the stains must be gone.

Step 4 – You have the right to then clean the boots as usual (see below).  it is important to note that warm sets oil and grease stains, so be an extremely careful no to get boots too warm (this even method in vehicles) if you have actually a stain you want to obtain rid of.

Dirt & Salt Stains

Step 1 – Brush the boots in one direction (ideally top-to-bottom) to remove any surface dirt and grime. Choose up a specialty suede brush to carry out this. You can get them at any shoe keep or shoes repair shop.

Step 2– If you have a ‘matted’ or shining stain, you deserve to use a pencil eraser to ‘spot rub’ that out, being gentle together you go. Particular suede brushes come v this little rubber piece on the brush already. Some civilization even use a carbide strip (which is an extremely fine grit sandpaper, choose super duper good grit). This is her call and depends on just how risky you desire to get. It can work yet if you are too vigorous you’ll ruin the leather. This can only be done on suede, and not soft leathers.

Step 3 – Wet the secluded stain area through some water. Girlfriend don’t desire to soak the entirety boot, simply the area through the stain (to avoid spreading). It permits the animal leather to be able to accept the stain treatment. Let the water sink in because that a couple of moments before moving on. Store in mind that too lot water deserve to deform the form of the boots so be careful.

Step 4 – use a suede stain cleaner and follow the directions. Usually, you add a dab of cleaner to the sponge, wet it and also rub the stained area in a circular motion. It needs a damp (soft) sponge. Alternatively, you have the right to use a 1:1 mixture of water and plain white vinegar as a stain remover and also apply it with the sponge. This is not ‘UGG approved’ however does work, the contact is yours to make.

Step 5 – wash stained area off through clean water and also a clean sponge.

Water Spots

A little-known an enig to removing water point out is to obstacle the water point out stained area versus another part of the suede. Gentle rubbing like this generally gets the water stains right out!

UGG boots Cleaning

Now that you’ve rid the boots of stains, you have the right to move on to the actual cleaning. Lay out a bath towel to work on (it will get messy) and also have a clean water source close by.

What You’ll Need

a suede brushsuede cleaner (ideally UGG cleaner) or a equivalent brand, or a homemade mixture (see below)suede conditioner and also protectornewsprint/paper towelsoft spongecotton cloth

Step 1 – Brush the entire boot, from top to bottom, v a suede brush. This soft the nap, loosens any type of dirt and also prepares it for the cleaning process. If you execute not have any nap (i.e. Mongolian lamb Skin), perform not brush, go to action 2.

Step 2 – Moisten the exterior boot with clean, cool water. You deserve to use a clean soft sponge or cotton fabric to perform this. Friend don’t desire to soak it, but you perform want come wet the entire surface so the it have the right to accept the product.

Step 3 – Rinse her sponge, and don’t wring it the end entirely, leaving it around 20% wet. Squeeze part suede cleaner (ideally the UGG product) or an alternate cleaner (the vinegar and water mix above) ~ above the sponge.

Step 4 – job-related the product right into the boot exterior, starting at the top and also working your way to the bottom. Together the sponge becomes dirty, rinse and repeat action 3. The way, you space not re-depositing dirt right into the leather. Spend time functioning on dirtier areas. Remember no to push too hard, leather deserve to be destroyed by vigorous motion, so it is in extra gentle.

Step 5 – You have actually two options. Either you have the right to clean off your sponge and also wipe the product off through your clean sponge, rinsing it frequently until all product and also dirty water room gone, or you have the right to run the exterior boots under cool water to eliminate product. Don’t carry out this because that a long period of time. Water can damages leather.

Step 6 – ingredient the boots with record towel or crumpled up magazine or newsprint. You want to stuff it therefore that once the boot dries, it will certainly ‘form’ nicely as opposed to shedding its shape. Leave the boots to dry for 24-48 hours. Prior to stuffing, you can add a silica gel load to the bottom of each boot to aid with moisture removal. Execute not leaving the boots in the sun, close to any kind of heat register, fireplace or furnace. Warm warps leather and will leave your boots misshapen.

Step 7 – Remove document and voila, your boots space clean! friend may find they fit more snug than usual. That’s ok, you just need come wear them and let lock re-form to your feet. Two more things to do though.

Step 8 – Brush (if suede) through a suede brush to even out the nap. Girlfriend may uncover the boots watch matted, and this will solve that.

Step 9 – Spray through a protective suede spray and conditioner and let the boots dry, usually 12-24 hrs is recommended.

You asked for comprehensive, you obtained comprehensive.

The Wooly Par

If the wooly upper part of the boots (i.e the part that sticks the end at the top) has debris recorded in it, what you have the right to do is comb that out with a plastic wide-tooth comb. Host the boots upside down and also comb for this reason that any kind of debris falls out of the boot, as opposed come in it.


If her boot has an uncomfortable smell, you have the right to sprinkle in a heaping tablespoon the baking soda right into each boot, close the peak of the boot up v your hand and also shake it really well. Leaving this to sit overnight and also in the morning, tip the boot upside down to empty out the baking soda. This is a great way to save boots odor clean.

General No-No’s

Make sure you don’t:

Dry clean your UGGsWash in a washing machine, dried in a dryerDry by a warm sourceGet too wet or soakPress too hard, ever, andWorry if the boots lose shape when wet, they will re-form as soon as drying.

A warning:

Like any fine garment, sheepskin is delicate and also not all stains have the right to be prevented or removed. With ideal care and also cleaning, you deserve to expect your footwear to last longer, yet we in no method guarantee that it will remove all stains NOR stop stains native occurring.

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Specialty product care for fancy Sheepskin, fancy Suede, and also ALL Leathers:

My referral is to wipe this gently, in one direction, with a soft and also clean cotton cloth sprayed v a tiny bit that water. Anything rather will destroy them. This is what the folks in ~ UGG need to say:

Cleaning instructions for classic Metallics, Paisley, Mosaic, Embroidered Boots, Croc, Floral, sweater Knit, Specialty Suede :

Do no rubDo not use any kind of cleaning productDo not use a brushYou may use UGG Australia Protector product

That’s the comprehensive UGG cleaning & treatment guide.