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Luke Gilkerson has a BA in ideology and religious Studies and also an MA in Religion. That is the writer of Coming Clean: Overcoming Lust with Biblical Accountability and The Talk: 7 lessons to present Your son to Biblical Sexuality. Luke and also his wife Trisha blog at

There room multiple means to circumvent commitment Eyes accountability software, no the the very least of i beg your pardon is come go down to the neighborhood library and use its computer systems instead of her own. Those who room bent ~ above getting about a fence inevitably find a way.

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From time to time we hear from came to customers that they can have found a way to circumvent ours software. Occasionally customers find what they think will be a loophole, only to later uncover that your Accountability Partners are notified around their circumvention attempts. Communications from our members have likewise helped us to refine exactly how our services work. Previous loopholes have actually been closed. Gates have to be shut.

But one of the points that renders accountability software various is that it presupposes some level of an individual and relational accountability. Accountability software is especially designed because that those individuals and families who space making a appointment to use the net differently. By using it they space saying, “Yes, screen my web access. I desire you to get a continuous report of every the locations I walk online. I desire to be held to task worrying what ns do and where i go ~ above the Internet.”

If girlfriend are came to you or others will certainly circumvent covenant Eyes, allow me point out several encouragements:

1. If you uncover a possible an approach of circumvention, phone call us.

Our software application is design in community, v input indigenous literally hundreds of thousands the comments. Speak up and also share her thoughts through us. We room all working together to do the net safer.

2. Recognize that the easiest circumvention method is the most obvious one: find one more Internet-enabled device.

Good parents and also Accountability partner should know this and also have steps put in place to save this from gift a temptation.

3. Know that most of the usual potential loopholes have already been closed.

We’ve had actually 13 year to boost our services, and we rarely hear around something brand new.

4. Temptations come circumvent covenant Eyes (technological or otherwise) have to be component of your accountability conversations.

Perhaps you’re a component of the 0.01% of human being who think you understand your means around a computer system enough come cheat any type of system. Probably you yes, really are. Don’t permit that prevent you indigenous finding airtight accountability. Speak to those who host you accountable. If you really desire web accountability, be proactive and also come increase with creative solutions together.

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Share her thoughts with us! What are techniques you and also your Accountability Partners use to close any type of gaps in her accountability measures? you re welcome share her thoughts below.