Without really thinking about it, I\"ve to work Lydia as my steward in Lakeview; yet now ns don\"t have a housecarl in Breezehome anymore. I\"d like to fire her and replace her v some other follower and also let she head earlier home.

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(I recognize that i don\"t need a housecarl in every house but it\"s bugging me the my one home is currently \"unguarded\".)

I can\"t discover any way to have a steward action down or it is in replaced; there\"s no dialog option to ask her to resign and I can\"t seem to ask any other follower to do the job. To be I lacking something?


The Dismiss Steward mod enables you come dismiss stewards. I admit I haven\"t tried it yet but if girlfriend really desire Lydia fired, i recommend make a save, downloading the mod, and giving it a try. Simply make sure that you have a save from prior to you set up the mod simply in situation something catastrophic happens.



There is yet one method and its to slay her, she cant go back to breezehome due to the fact that her home has been readjusted to your various other house, if you death her, you have the right to recruit brand-new stewards in ~ her, yet if there is a way to return she there, ns dont know of it.



The just option to replace a steward is to death them or disabling them, then bring one more follower to your house and ask them to it is in a steward. The is a mod dubbed Dismiss Steward Mod which permits the alternative to dismiss your steward and get an additional follower in your house to end up being a steward. These are the only possible ways to replace a steward if you require to.

You can just disable her, climate whenever, lug her ago with < player.placeatme XXXXXX > XXXXX is she coduse her code

YES! It is totally possible (if you\"re playing the computer version).

I had actually the same problem, so ns experimented with some console commands and managed to gain Lydia dismissed together my Steward, and also made she return as my housecarl in ~ Breezehome. Here\"s how:

Take all your an important items from her, becuase she will shed them after ~ this is done.Kill LydiaOpen the console, click she body so she is selected ( she ID is 000a2c94 )

Write the following regulates in the console, and also between every command, close and also re-open the console so she has actually time come reset properly (just as a security measure).

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And you\"re done! You understand it\"s functioning by talking to her, and also she has the initial 3 talk choices as when she is your housecarl in Breezehome. Come really, yes, really make sure it works, take trip to breezehome, wait 24 hours, and also she will certainly be standing alongside her bed as your housecarl once again.