The headdress is just one of the many wanted rare items in pet Jam. The no mystery that many Jammers are looking for them, but the concern is how do you acquire one? an initial let’s begin with the background of the headdress so us can figure out just how rare they are.

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Original pet Jam rare Headdress

Headdresses an initial appeared in animal Jam back in November 2010 to celebrate the Feast the Thanks. Lock were available for members throughout November 2010 & 2011 and then were discontinued. The original pet Jam headdresses are the rarest because they have been discontinued for numerous years.

When lock were first released, the headdresses were no rare yet in 2015 all of the original colors were marked as rare items. You have the right to see below that the original headdresses walk not have actually the “rare” tag once viewing them because that sale.


There are 8 different colors that the original animal Jam headdress:

Blue & GrayOrange & WhiteBlack & GreenRed & TanMagenta & GreenGreen & GrayLight PinkPurple & Pink


Fast forward to today and also these initial rare headdresses are some of the hardest items to find in pet Jam. See an ext about how to obtain them below.

Rare items Monday Headdress

In fall 2012, the headdress returned to pet Jam on a rare item Monday. The rare Item Monday headdress is white and also purple in color. These to be only easily accessible for one day so they were even harder to gain than the original.


The rare Item Monday headdresses were only accessible for members come buy and cost 650 gems. This was before diamonds also existed in the game.

This headdress came back an extremely briefly together a prize for the forgotten Desert adventure but that has due to the fact that been removed.

Headdresses Discontinued

After the release of these headdresses, they were every discontinued. The makes every one of them rare, no issue what color. Part colors might be considered an ext rare than others, however they are all an overwhelming to find.

AJHQ has responded to comments on the everyday Explorer asking for the return of rarely headdresses. Your answer is the headdresses room permanently discontinued. But don’t worry, there room still means to get one.

How to acquire a rarely Headdress in pet Jam

Even though the headdress is permanently discontinued, you deserve to still discover them roughly Jamaa. Few of them have traded hands with plenty of Jammers while others have been organized onto because that years. Right here are some ways to obtain a rarely headdress.

Trade for a rarely Headdress

This is most likely the best method to get a headdress but it will certainly take some time. Very first you need to find another Jammer who has actually a headdress and is willing to profession it. You can comment here listed below if friend are looking for a rare headdress or you have actually one come trade.


After you find someone who desires to trade their headdress, you have to agree on a trade. The value of each rare headdress deserve to vary a lot depending on who you room dealing with. Make sure you agree on a trade that is fair and that you space both happy about.

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Once the trade is complete, you’ll have actually your headdress! now wear it roughly Jamaa v pride and be sure to show every one of your buddies.

Rare items Monday

I know that AJHQ has actually said headdresses room permanently discontinued yet you never ever know. Mine advice would certainly be to store an eye top top the rarely Item Monday items because there’s a opportunity there will certainly be an additional headdress part day. Or if you acquire your hand on another an excellent RIM item, you could shot trading it for a headdress too!


Rare Headdress Codes

Lots that Jammers ask around codes for the rarely headdresses. It would certainly be great if there to be codes to obtain a rarely headdress for complimentary but unfortunately I have never heard of any. Plus if there to be codes because that the rarely headdresses, it would make them much less rare!

You’re better off trying to trade for a rare headdress but if there ever before are any type of codes for them, I’ll perform them here. You re welcome go ahead and use the comments section to species trades with other Jammers. An excellent luck!