This Sims 4 guide to the cowplant is going to teach you every single thing you need to know about the cowplant death and how it all works, including how to grow a cowplant, and how to kill someone with a cowplant!

Cowplants are one of the most interesting and mysterious additions to The Sims 4 and can be an awesome way to kill of sims you dislike. The cowplant can be one of the hardest plants to find and be able to plant in The Sims 4, but I’m here to help you figure out how to do it easily.

Let’s jump right into our ultimate guide to the cowplant death in the sims 4!

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How to Grow a Cowplant

Before you can start growing a cowplant you have to find the semi-elusive cowplant berry. You can find the berry in a number of ways, each of which presents its own challenges. You can find the cowplant berry from exploring space, fishing, or digging for treasure.

You can also harvest a cowplant berry if you’re able to graft a snapdragon with a dragonfruit! If you don’t yet have a dragon fruit, you can graft a snapdragon and a strawberry together to create one.

Once you’ve found or harvested a cowplant berry you can plant it in the ground or in a large planter box just like you would any other plant in the sims 4.

You are totally able to grow a cowplant at any gardening level, but it usually best if you have a bit of a higher level before you try. You may experience an annoying instance of it failing to germinate if you don’t have a bit of skill.

How to Cheat To Get a Cowplant

If you don’t want to wait to graft plants and hope for the best, or search for a cowplant, you can find a cowplant in the debug mode of build/buy mode in the sims 4.

What is Debug Mode?

Debug mode is a hidden area in build/buy where you can access all sorts of in-game items that you aren’t able to get in the traditional build/buy. In addition to having the elusive cowplant, you can find things like empty cups and bowls, pots and pans, and so much more.

How to Access Debug Mode

Accessing debug mode is as easy as PIE! All you need to do is follow this simple three step process:

1. Hit Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the cheat dialogue box

2. Type in testingcheats true and hit enter

3. Type in bb.showhiddenobjects and hit enter

If you’re trying to exit the cheat dialogue box, hit esc on your keyboard. Once you’ve gone through the above process, type cowplant into the search bar on the left of the build/buy screen.

When you do this, the cowplant will be in its first stages of life and will take a few days for it to grow to a full cowplant.

Death by Cowplant

Once your cowplant is fully grown, it’s time to finally get rid of that sim you hate.

You must feed your cowplant every 12 hours and if you don’t the cowplant is going to try and eat your sims by teasing them with a delicious looking cake that hangs from it’s mouth.

When the cowplant sticks out his tongue (made of cake, hehe) it’s time to either feed your cowplant, or eat the cake.

If your sims eats the cake there is a 50% chance that your sim will die, however, in most of my personal experience it takes a second try to get them to die. If your sim isn’t eaten by the cowplant they will be spit back out on to the ground and be covered in goo.

If you aren’t as lucky, your sim will take their last breath inside the cowplant. The grim reaper will appear and take your sim away and leave a tomstone for you to mourn the death.

Cowplant Essence

After your cowplant eats a sim (if they die, or if they survive) the cowplant will produce milk. If a sim manages to survive being eaten by the cowplant, the milk will match the emotional state of your sim when they were eaten. This means if your sim was embarassed at the time, the milk will produce an embarassed emotional state for whoever drinks the milk.

If your sim is killed by your cowplant, the cowplant produces an Essence of Life that your sim can drink. If your sim drinks this it can add a few extra days of life for your sim and it will give them a happiness moodlet.

Keeping Your Cowplant Alive

As we discussed, you should be feeding your cowplant every 12 hours or else it will pop the cake out of its mouth. If you want to keep your cowplant and don’t want to kill your sim, be sure to feed your cowplant within 12 hours of it showing you the cake tongue or else your cowplant will die! But hey, you can always use debug to get a new one!


Aundrea Clarkon November 19, 2020 at 5:59 pm

How do you bring the cowplant back from the dead on Xbox One?


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Hopeon June 1, 2021 at 3:00 pm

Mine died and I literally went to edit mode and moved the planter it was in… came back to life