We’ve posted a indict on how to front calls on an iPhone, therefore we thought we’d share how to carry out it with various other phone companies as well including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and also Sprint.

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We’ve posted a accuse on how to front calls on an iPhone, so we believed we’d share exactly how to carry out it through all mobile phones and set it up making use of Carrier password at the transport level vs. At the device level. Here’s a perform of carrier Codes because that the 4 top united state mobile phone carriers.

Set up speak to Forwarding using Mobile carrier Codes

This technique involves punching in a code on your phone’s dial pad. The codes detailed are accurate as that June 2016. Because that details on additional codes, including speak to forward once busy or no answer call forwarding, please view the detailed instructions web links I’ve provided under every carrier.


Enable – Dial **21*PhoneNumber#Disable – ##21#


Enable – Dial *72 followed by the phone numberDisable – *73

For Sprint

Enable – Dial *72 adhered to by the call numberDisable – *720

For AT&T

Enable – Dial **21*, adhered to by the 10-digit number you wish to front the call to, climate dial#. Because that example, **21*1235556789# forwards your contact to 123.555.6789.To disable, Dial #21#.


Phone forwarding is simple to collection up on any phone, also if you don’t have built-in support for your device. I set up forwarding on my mobile phone call with simply a pair of steps, and also after testing it (on Sprint), it functions excellent. My cell phone didn’t also ring; every one of my calls simply went straight to, well, everything number i want.


Frank K

I simply did this the other day on mine HTC Hero and also used*28 + Area password + 7-Digit-Number to activateand it’s *38 to de-activate . Works good except the you can’t foward text messages.

Great tip Frank. And yeah, I’ve not uncovered a method yet to forward TXT messages. That’s the only downside to throwing mine phone into my cabinet every night. ;)

Google Voice forwards message messages, sorta. It can’t perform media texts, no photos or videos, however it have the right to do sounds.

Only problem with Google Voice is that you have actually to offer everyone her Google Voice number because that it to work. Generally they already have your regular number. Of course, you can just call everyone the your number changed and have actually them speak to your GVoice.

Is over there a method I forward my calls come my house from my iphone phone (already enabled) remotely? i live in the hills and have NO cell service. I have to drive 7 – 9 miles before I obtain a signal – negative me – ns know. I just drive into “town” a few times a week. I never ever remember to front calls before heading up. I desire to contact in on mine land heat #2, usage my passcode, and also forward the call to heat #1 here at home? Cannot get to the app from here…. Or probably from my computer? any kind of ideas? ns think that is set up this method so the stalkers can not forward my calls come their house in the hills….any principles other 보다 tie a ribbon approximately my finger with an alarm that hits me in the head when driving – or short article a authorize on the public roadway at the bottom the says: Don’t forget to front calls! – Trish

You might get one of the ar based services world use to track their kids. Then set a geo fence a mile or so prior to you recognize you’re going to lose signal. As soon as you gain the notification that you’ve crossed the boundary, pull over and also forward the phone. And you’d gain notified ~ above the way back out as well.


animis what perform u mean ? Sorry i don’t monitor u on the google voice forwarding…


ShockershWell, if girlfriend receive all of your calls via her Google Voice number – yes it is pretty an easy to forward them indigenous to any phone girlfriend want since that is the only way to obtain Google Voice calls.

And, Google Voice will foward all text messages to your phone unless you rotate off that attribute on the google.com/voice page.

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Hi there. I have a Samsung galaxy.on a Fido plan. I am needing to call forward to mine home. However cannot. Any type of ideals.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that i can’t find and wondered if there is a way to front my calls come my various other cell phone?


Is over there a way to forward just one number

Teresa Cooper

I would choose to know exactly how I deserve to just front calls & text for ONE number in one cell over to an additional cell?

My captell phone v Time Warner will certainly let me not only forward calls native it to my mobile (Galaxy S5 through Sprint) but will also ring both phones therefore I have the right to pick up one of two people one. Have the right to my Galaxy be set up to carry out the same thing?

Hello , can you aid me ? I typically forward calls to my mobile , yet recently I can not perform it .my office telephone is AT&TI don’t recognize why ? I’m therefore worry. Please aid me

So you’re do the efforts to forward calls native your workdesk phone to your mobile phone? have you inspect with her Telcom team at work?