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When it pertains to luggage disasters, we are no stranger come them.

One month into our year-and-a-half long trip I uncovered that my bag had actually a rather sizable hole wherein the seams had actually come undone in the side. We then come up through a rather robust backpack repair that lasted because that the rest of the trip.

Shortly thereafter, we discovered out that my five-year-old backpack was falling apart even more– this time with an ext holes and also a handle which refused to walk down.

We necessary to decide whether to buy a brand-new bag on the road, stimulate a brand-new piece the luggage online and get it yielded to united state by mail, or try a luggage handle repair just to endure.

We made decision to try one an ext fix, and wanted come share our an approach for what we did to assist if girlfriend wind increase in a similar situation to united state on your following trip abroad.

Holes and a grounding Suitcase Handle


Unfortunately, we had to go v this an approach several times over the food of our travels together our manage would proceed to fail end the duration of a couple of weeks, so that is not the finest fix the end there.

The trouble we came into was the the tape would obtain compacted or dislodged in ~ the handle and also would eventually stop making call again.

Naturally, that acquired old fairly fast.

Cue deal with number two.

Our 2nd fix because that this was no to cram the tape increase in the take care of itself yet rather pave it about the plastic piece on the long tube situated within the support bar. It"ll likely acquire dislodged a bit, yet not virtually as much as loose tape that is piled within the handle.

But why are we mentioning the first fix if the second one is a much better choice?  You"ll probably need both come ensure constant contact have the right to be made.

As the room is minimal inside the handle space, girlfriend only have actually so many alternatives for whereby the filler can go. By pour it until it is full the void near the button and also securing tape top top the handle, the chances of the tape acquiring out of place should it is in minimized.

For the remainder of our trip, over almost a year later, this fix held- but the rest of our bag continued to fall apart from there.

By the End, We had actually a broken Piece that Luggage

These fixes room not permanent, and also by the end of our trip we knew we had (and if you"re reading this from a search on this topic, likely you too have) a broken piece the luggage.

Although this resolve lasted for plenty of months, and may do the very same for you too, the only thing you can do come truly deal with it is to buy a brand-new bag native sites choose Amazon.

We finished up going v the American Tourister as our replacement suitcase and also have no been disappointed due to the fact that then, back if us were armed with a bigger budget we more than likely would"ve purchase the an ext robust Samsonite or other hard shell suitcases instead to avoid any kind of future towel tears like we had in our very first repair.

So if girlfriend tried out this fix, or have another issue you just cannot repair, you might be detect yourselves in a instance where the ideal outcome is to protect against stressing out and start looking right into that brand-new bag you"ve to be dreaming of end the past few weeks.

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In the grand scheme of things, stressing over the boy details like this is no worth it.

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