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It functions or we deal with it free.™

We don"t make that promise lightly. We recognize that behind every Windproof Lighter sent out for fix is an owner depending upon our promise to gain it ago in functioning order. Even if it is a Windproof Lighter is 5 years, 25 years, or 50 year old, it will certainly serve as a dependable source of flame because that years come come - we guarantee it! 

Before sending out your Windproof Lighter; possibly the adhering to will help:

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Warranty & Instructions 

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Check the Windproof Lighter accuse on routine maintenance (wick, flint, and lighter fluid.)

Use real Fuel, Wicks, & Flints






If you discover your Windproof Lighter tho does not duty properly, you re welcome follow the repair procedures below: 

Please carry out not effort to do repairs yourself together it can damage the lighter past repair.

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The lighter end up is not extended under our guarantee.


1. Prepare To Ship:

Remove the within lighting device (the insert) from the lighter case.Allow every lighter liquid to evaporate for 2 days. Replace within unit in lighter case.*Note: Lighter within units space not repaired. Normal repair procedure is to replace the initial inside unit v a brand brand-new inside unit. The initial will not be changed unless declared on the repair form. 


If you space unable to send the lighter insert v your lighter case, a lighter insert is not automatically installed. Please specify this ~ above the repair kind and a brand brand-new inside unit will certainly be installed.


2. Packaging her Windproof Lighter:

We cannot monitor or prevent damages to multiple items sent for repair.

Package completed repair type along with your lighter in a sturdy box or padded envelope.


3. Send It:

Send your package to the fix Clinic through a tracking number and insurance.

Customers in the USA: fix Clinic 1932 drive Bradford, PA 16701 

For Customers exterior the USA:

You are crucial to us! that is why we have actually exclusive to represent in nearly every country. carry out not send her windproof lighter come the U.S.A. You re welcome go to your country"s website or call your nearest distributor. Need help? usage our International Distributor List.

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Customize it!
Customize it!

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